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With advent of the latest technology the customers are expecting some new developments and innovation in the field of the surveillance industry.

There are multiple brands which provide a variety of functions and services to their users. But VsmaHome for PC is a unique CMS for the CCTV camera users.

This article is elaborated in detail to help the reader and users to connect their CCTV camera setup on the CMS.

Also we have detailed the information related to the software to help our clients to connect the security camera on the application without any problem.

Download VsmaHome For PC Free

In this article we have not only provided the free download link but also the facts related to the application as well. The software is available to download free for Windows and Mac operating system. We have provided the link to download the CMS below.

Application's Logo
Application’s Logo

Also there is a detail instruction related to the installation instruction to help the user clients download and install it on their PC. Read the installation instruction carefully provided below for error free installation.

What is VsmaHome?

It is developed the Shenzhen Mining Information Technology Company to help and assist their clients to connect Cloud IP Camera on PC. This is one of the best CMS software in the surveillance industry.

Download VsmaHome Application for Windows

The link to download the software for the Windows operating system users. Get the CMS to connect cloud IP cameras on your PC without any difficulty. The download link is provided below for Windows OS.

VsmaHome CMS for Mac OS

This section of the article provides the free download of the CMS for Mac OS user clients. Mac OS clients can now connect their devices on their Mac PC. The download link is provided below for Mac OS users.

VsmaHome App for Android

The company has also provided an app for smartphone users to help them connect their CCTV camera on Android App. The clients can download the app on their smartphone from the link provided below.

VsmaHome App for iPhone & iPad (iOS)

Get the application for the iPhone and iPad free of cost. The link to download the application is provided below in this section. Install the app now on the iOS smartphones.

Characteristics & Features of the Application

This section deals with the information related to the features and characteristics of the software to help the clients understand the functions of the app. The features are listed in detail for the readers to help them understand it.

Below we have listed the features of the application which are as follows:

  • Provides real-time surveillance to the users.
  • There is Remote PTZ control for the clients as well.
  • Provides remote video recording and playback.
  • Send real-time alert notification to the user.
  • The app also provide real-time intercom and amplification.

Details Related to Shenzhen Mining Information Technology Company

The Company is a security solutions and products manufacturer. It was established in China in the year 2016 and has a total annual revenue of USD 50 Million. The company has nearly clients over 150 countries around the continents.

System Requirement of the VsmaHome

It is important to know the system requirements of the application to understand what necessary criteria’s are needed to run the app on an operating system. The requirement help us to install the application at right system to run efficiently.

The software’s system requirement are also essential as well as vital to choose right operating system where the clients can install the app. The system requirement are as follow:

System Requirement for Windows and Mac

  • Operating system – Mac/Windows 7 or above is required.
  • Space – 142 MB free space is required on drive.
  • RAM – 3 GB or above.

System Requirement for Android

  • Android 5.0 or above is required.
  • Space –  72 MB of free space is required.
  • Version – v7.10.2.2010231545.

System Requirement for iPhone (iOS)

  • Requires an iOS 8.0 or above.
  • Space – 139 MB free space is required.
  • Version – 7.10.5.

Instruction of Installation

Here is the instruction to install the app on Windows and Mac OS. Just follow the guidelines to  install the software without any difficulty. First, download the file from the links provided above then extract them using the WinRAR. After extracting the file, open it and start the installatio wizard of the CMS by double-clicking on the installer file extension.

1. Installation Wizard

Here the installation wizard will open on the screen, click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Installation wizard
Installation wizard

Here the user must choose the installation path where the installation file will be stored. To choose the folder click on the “Browse” button. The user can leave it as default as well then click on the “Install” button.

Select the installation path
Select the installation path

The installation progress will be shown on the screen of your PC. Wait for the installation to compelete.

Installation in progress
Installation in progress

Now the installation process is complete the user must select and check the option “Run the VsmaHome” then click on the “Finish” button.

Finish the installation
Finish the installation
2. Signing In to the software

The software will open on the client’s PC, here a windows firewall alert will appear on the screen. Select all the option as shown in the image below. Then click on the “Allow access” button.

Allow access through Windows firewall
Allow access through Windows firewall

Here application’s Sign in screen will appear first, the user must create a username and password. To create username click on the Sign Up button. Then enter the username and password.
Username must unique and atleast 6 characters are required. The password should be atleast 8 characters long.

Create an account
Create an account

Now sign in to the created account on the CMS.

Sign in to the account
Sign in to the account

The home page of the application will appear on the screen of the user’s PC. Click on the “+” button as shown in the image below.

Home page of the CMS
Home page of the CMS
3. Add Devices on the application

Now a new panel will appear on the screen select the device which you want to add to the CMS.

Panel to select the device
Panel to select the device

Then application will ask for the serial number of the device that you want to connect, serial number of the device can be found on the device, just search for the QR code sticker on the device. After enter the serial number click on the “Next” button.

Enter the device ID
Enter the device ID

Now follow the instruction which will appear on the screen  as shown in the image below and then click on the “Next” button. 

Connect the adapter of the device
Connect the adapter of the device

Then wait for the device to get connected to the CMS automatically on the screen, and then enter username and password. Now enter the default password of the device “admin”.

Wait for the device to get connected on the app
Wait for the device to get connected on the app
4. Live view on the VsmaHome for Windows and Mac OS

Here is a sample live view of the VsmaHome for Windows and Mac OS.

VsmaHome for Windows
Sample live view on VsmaHome for Windows and Mac OS


The topic on Download VsmaHome For PC Free For Windows 10 & Mac OS is provided with the vital information for the user clients. The article also provide the link to download the application on the Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. The article has described many aspects of the software with in-depth knowledge regarding the functions of it.

The company has taken very good care of clients by providing the application for every popular platform so that it does not become difficult to manage and operate the security devices. The CMS is designed with simplicity and simple user interface for the user clients.

If user find any difficulty regarding this application they can comment their queries in section provided below. We hope that the article has covered every aspects of the CMS.

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    1. If you’re using the VSMA software on your PC to view your camera but are having trouble zooming in, here are some steps you can try:
      Mouse Scroll: Use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out.
      Zoom Controls: Look for zoom buttons in VSMA software.
      Right-Click Menu: Right-click camera feed for zoom options.
      Keyboard Shortcuts: Check for zoom shortcuts in software.
      Update Software: Ensure you have the latest VSMA version.
      Support: Contact VSMA support if zooming doesn’t work.

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