HiP2P Client Software Download Free For Windows 10 & MAC

HiP2P Client Software Download Free: Get here the HiP2P Client Software 6.5 download free link. Download link for Windows and Mac operating system for free of cost. This software is available for laptop and Mac OS helps to connect the HiP2P CCTV cameras. This CMS provides very good features for watching CCTV cameras on the computer.

Download Free For Windows

Download For MAC

We provide you with the free link of this CMS Client for Windows and Mac operating system here. The file will be in compressed format, decompress the file using file compression tool. Then follow the installation procedure provided below in this article for correct installation on your computer and Mac PC.

HiP2P Client Software Download Free For Windows 10 & MAC

Get here the link of this CMS for computer and Mac OS free. The download is free for Windows and Mac operating system. This software enables us to connect the Dericam’s CCTV cameras set up easily.

HiP2P Client Software Download

Get the download file here in compressed format, use a file compression tool to decompress the software. Read the installation procedure provided below in the article carefully to avoid any kind of installation and device connecting errors.

What is HiP2P Client Software?

HiP2P Software is a CMS which helps us to connect and control the Dericam CCTV cameras. This is designed and developed by the Shenzhen Dericam Technology Company.

Explore the Features

Let us now explore in detail about this software. Features help us to learn more about the CMS function and performance that can be availed by it. Features are an insight which tells us about what functions can be performed on application. Learn the features given below here:-

  • Live streaming on any network.
  • Easy Setup
  • User friendly
  • Capture snapshots.
  • Record live streaming.
  • Remote Access.

About the Shenzhen Dericam Technology Company

Shenzhen Dericam Technology Company was established in 2010, interested in advancing, manufacturing, and marketing IP cameras and storage devices for home security solutions. Currently, Dericam is exported in America, Australia, Netherlands, France, Poland, and other countries and regions. Dericam primarily focuses on research, development, and innovation.

The company strive for changes and improvements to satisfy the demands of customers. Dericam will always Innovate the technology as well as the quality of the products, that leads everybody can experience the joy of the convenience of new technology anywhere in the world. Dericam is a registered company with its trademark registered in China, Europe, and the US. All the products are CE&FCC certified. The company cooperates for mutual development and benefits.

HiP2P Software for Windows

We provide you with the free link of this for Windows OS. Get the software for Windows by clicking on the download link provided below.

The downloaded file of software for the computer is in compressed format, decompress the file using a file compression tool. Get the link for free, read the instruction to install the CMS on Windows and Mac.

Download Free

Download for Mac

The Shenzhen Dericam Technology Company is providing this for Mac clients. The organisation has taken care of Mac operating system users by providing them for Mac.

Click the link given below for the Mac operating system. Read the installation instruction carefully to install the for Mac user clients.

Download For MAC

Download for Android

The Android users can download and install the HiP2P Software for android as well to connect there Dericam CCTV cameras setup. The organisation is providing an application for android user clients, to help them connect CCTV cameras on their android smartphone.

Download For Android

Installation Procedure of this CMS Client

Get the download file. The file for Mac and laptop is in compressed format, use a file compression tool to decompress the software file.

First Procedure – Download and Installation

After extracting the file, open the file and double-click on the to start the installation. A window will appear to select the language, in my case I Choose “English” then click on the “Next” button.

The installation wizard
The installation wizard

The installation wizard window will appear on the screen, click on the “Next” button to proceed further for installation.

The installation wizard
The installation wizard

Now choose the destination folder by clicking on the “Change” button to install file on your PC or leave it as default. Then click on the “Next” button.

Choose destination folder of HiP2P Client Security for Windows
Choose destination folder of HiP2P Client Security

Your installation is ready just click on the “Install” button.

Start the installation of HiP2P Client Security for Windows
Start the installation

After the installation is complete, start the on Windows and Mac OS on your PC.

The Home Screen of HiP2P Client Security for Windows
The Home Screen
Second Procedure – Connect devices on for Windows and Mac OS

Start the CMS and windows firewall alert will appear on the screen select all the options and then click on the “Allow access” button. Now click on the “icon” as shown below in the image. The login panel will appear on the screen, enter the username and password then click on the “Ok” button.

Login into the HiP2P Client Security for Windows
Login into the screen

The device manager window will appear on the screen, select the checkbox of “Region” then click on the “Add area” button.

Add area on HiP2P Client Security for Mac
Add area on HiP2P Client Security for Mac

A new panel window will appear on the screen enter the area name of your choice then click “OK” button now the device is shown below Region.

HiP2P Client Security for Mac
Name the area

Then click on the “Input UID” to add UID for the device. A new panel will appear on the screen enter the UID, name of device, username and password then click on the “OK” button.

Enter UID on HiP2P Client Security for Mac
Enter UID on HiP2P Client Security for Mac
Third Procedure – Live view from CCTV cameras 

Now go back to the Preview option by clicking on the camera icon, right-click on the device then click on the connected devices option.

Start the connected device 
Start the connected device

Here is the screenshot of live view on Windows OS.

Live view of cameras
Live view of cameras


We have discussed in great length about the HiP2P Client Software Download Free  for our readers as well as customers. Get the file for your PC free of cost here.

This CMS is for Windows and Mac provide a wide variety of features and functions for its users. The CMS is easy to use, user friendly and provides a recording of live sessions from the camera. You can access your Dericam CCTV cameras from remote locations as well.

This is designed and developed by the Shenzhen Dericam Technology Company. The Company is situated in China, with its branches in USA, UK, Canada and European Countries. The company deals in a wide range of security solutions for home and office premises.

This article regarding the “HiP2P Client Software Download Free For Windows 10 & MAC” information is helpful for Dericam CCTV cameras users. For more queries regarding the client CMS, you can contact us by commenting in the comment section of this article.

99 thoughts on “HiP2P Client Software Download Free For Windows 10 & MAC”

  1. Dear Arsh, thank you for your articles!
    Do you know why I cannot connect Dericam PTZ camera over the Internet using HiP2P client software? I can connect to it only on local network.

      • Hi Arsh, great article.
        Have you/anyone, noticed when this app is running, the PC will NOT go to sleep? When not in use.
        Do you know a workaround?

        • If the “Hip2P client software” prevents your PC from sleeping when not in use, try these workarounds:

          Check power settings and adjust them to allow sleep mode.
          Look for power management settings within the app and configure them properly.
          Close the app when not actively monitoring cameras.
          Update the software to the latest version.
          Contact the software’s support team for assistance if the issue persists.

  2. Dear Arsh,
    This is a great tutorial !
    Would you have any solution how to remotely access Security Camera? As now Adobe Flash Player is blocked through all browsers, I can only access my Security Camera either from cellphone CamHi App remotely or only locally via HiP2P App.
    This is so irresponsible by Adobe and Others. We purchased our products, Security Cameras, so we can access them remotely. Now they killed it without offering alternative solutions how to acces them remotely. That is just so irresponsible !
    But there is no contact information nor anything mention about maybe firmware update to move from Adobe Flash Player that seem to be coded into the camera to e.g. HTML5.
    I am only wondering how Android App CamHi is still able to get remotely to the camera. Who knows maybe even this will go away.

      • Hello Arsh,
        I am having trouble getting cameras to switch over to WiFi after I get them working fine on the Ethernet cable. I have other cameras on the system on WiFi but when trying to add these new ones it is giving me trouble. I am using the HIP2P IP Camera CMS software. I have a feeling I am missing something easy. Thanks, Joe

        • Hi joe, If it is connected with ethernet but not with it means sure you are missing something, In that case you should troubleshoot what you are missing. So check a few things.
          1. try to check the bandwidth of Wifi.
          2. Check the adapter option in both ethernet and wifi, maybe you have a different setting. one is running on obtaining IP and another one is on Static.

          • Hello Arsh,
            My router has both 2G and 5G – the four existing cameras simply connect up top 2G when I removed the Ethernet cable – my cameras on work on 2G TP-C537T CCTV IP Cameras. I also did look at the router settings and I am no expert on that part, but they do seem to be set right.
            I don’t understand how the first four all connect fine over the years and now when I try to add more, they won’t connect through the WiFi – probably something simple but I can’t find it!
            Any more help would be appreciated

  3. Dear Arsh,
    That means I would need to install HIP2P on any device, tablet, for remote access. Are there any better alternatives for remote access ?
    In the past for remote access all you needed was a Link, Username and Password

    • Ok I understand but to do this you need a technical professional who can forward the ports of your DVR/NVR/Camera over static IP. Then you can access it with a link.

  4. HI?
    Thanks for your good article.
    I’d like to know if i can use another software with this kind of camera ?
    Do you know if this camera uses is own cloud or if we can use another one ?

  5. Hi, I downloaded HiP2P Software for Windows and it’s only in chineese, how can I install software in english?

    • Uninstall the software once and then reinstall it. It will ask for the language or you can also change it with the setting menu of the software

      • Cool…. but english could be used as default when selecting language, or each language selection written in the destination language. I had to use translator to find the English word in those Chinese symbols.

        • Install this software on another PC, on that PC default language is english. From that you have an idea how this software select language.

          • If you are using the Chinese version of the HiP2P Client Software and encountering issues, it may be helpful to reach out to the software’s support team or user community for assistance with your specific version. They can provide guidance tailored to the Chinese version’s interface and settings. Additionally, ensure that you have the correct device information, such as the serial number and verification code, as they are essential for adding your device to the software.

  6. hi
    i connected sucssfully but there is no image ( black screen ) on the windows software !
    on the ios app works good but on the computer i get black screen
    how i can solve the black screen problem

  7. I have installed and re-installed. Every time I try to connect, it says “password error” and I know the password for now is “admin” as I access the camera thru other computers.
    please advise
    using V6.5 1.1.

  8. Hi Arsh,

    Thanks for the program, all work very well.
    Only think i need help to is how i can Re-arrange the camera list, so they come in order.
    Now my list is jumping like Camera 1, Camera 5, Camera 3, Camera 2?

    Regards Nicolai

  9. Hi I can’t understand why since when I’ve changed password by app then I can’t see images by desktop because your software doesn’t accept (or recognize) new password.

  10. Hola sabes uso el programa me parece genial, pero, se me presento un problema, adquiri 2 camaras nuevas BOAVISION pero no puedo agregarlas, me aparece pero me pedi contraseña, la ingreso, pero no me funciona

  11. Hi Arsh , my camera worked fine last year, now I can’t get pictures remotely , I tried a new sim but no different, works fine when connected to the camera wifi but nothing remotely

  12. impossible to connect on dericam cams
    with the versione it’s impossible to connect. With ipad or iphone i can view the cams, please update!

  13. No customer support. My alarm wave file keeps playing. No way to stop it. All functions are working normal. No alarms are triggering.

    HIP2P IP Camera software v6.5.1.9

  14. Any suggestion how to set up presets? What is “Goto”, “Set” and “Del”? Buttons have different names in WIN application and Android app?

  15. This is, without exception… the single worst piece of software I have ever used in my life and I’ve been a developer for over 30 years. It is a horrible interface and about as intuitive as talking to a crow. Pure junk.

  16. How can I start recording?
    On the screen where you see an online right button I click on start recording nothing happens
    Is it possible to set the location of the recordings?
    In windows 10

  17. Hello. I try to connect my camera pcs115 direct to me note. In the previous version of the program (5) I could do this (as far as I remember). But now I can only add the camera to the list (even through automatic search – and UID), but I can’t connect it. I get an error – the camera is not connected

  18. Any new update? Your version is too old….i have already version and also is releasea a new version, i cant find it…when do you update this with new release?

  19. Software is demanding a password. I used the blank password on setup and everything was fine, but now the blank password no longer works and I didn’t set a new one. I’ve tried reinstalling but it apparently keeps whatever password it thinks it has in a location I can’t find. How do I get past this?

  20. Never mind. The solution to the password problem was to reinstall into a new directory. Everything worked fine after that.

  21. Hello, unfortunately the latest version HERE is downloading in chinese and also the software itself is in chinese. Is there an english version somewhere?

  22. Hip2p geinstalleerd. Hip2p is connect en online met cameras maar krijg geen beeld op installatie windows 11. Ook niet als ik Hip2p laat opstarten met windows 7. Firewall en virusscanner blokkeren niets.

  23. Hi, the image quality is low on the P2P client software when I view the cameras on my PC. How do I switch it to HD mode like on the iphone app I use?

    • It totally depend on Network bandwidth: Ensure that your PC has a stable and high-speed network connection. Low network bandwidth can affect the image quality when streaming from the cameras. If possible, connect your PC to the network via Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi to ensure a more stable and reliable connection.

  24. been using for years. It’s great software for Windows. Is there a linux version or anyone been able to get it work under linux?

  25. CLIENT P2P6.5.5.3 ………….. W10 camera connected ok but I don’t see video in the display that receives the name of the camera correctly … but the video can only be seen in motion detection …..why can’t you see it also in the preview display ? room connected regularly…thanks dell rugged 7414

    • If you can’t see the video in the preview display of the HiP2P Client Software on your Dell Rugged 7414 running Windows 10, but you can see it in motion detection, it may be due to a few reasons:
      Check display settings in HiP2P Client Software.
      Verify the video stream configuration.
      Ensure network bandwidth is sufficient.
      Confirm camera compatibility.
      Update camera firmware.
      Update HiP2P Client Software and Windows.
      Check firewall and antivirus settings.
      Update graphics driver.
      Review camera settings for restrictions.
      Contact HiP2P Client Software or camera manufacturer support if the issue persists.

  26. Any new update? Your version is too old….i have already version and also is releasea a new version, i can’t find it…when do you update this with new release? Thank you in advance.


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