Download Free HiviewHD For PC For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

HiviewHD For PC is a CMS Wizard. Here, in this post, we are giving a comprehensive analysis of this app. We have also given the links to this application for Windows OSMac OS, and Android OS. You will find here these links in a download button format.

You have to click the link to get this CMS Application. These files are zipped. You have to unzip them before using them for installation. The complete Hiview installation process has also been shared here. It is given here in an illustrative form for Windows.

By studying them and following a similar pattern you can easily do it for Macintosh PC. The CMS Wizard is very handy to make us more secure. There is no substitute for it when you have to monitor multiple devices from any remote location.

What Is A CMS Wizard & How Is It Useful?

The full form of the CMS is the “Content Management System.” It manages and publishes web pages. The CMS Wizard can search, edit, store, retrieve, index, format, publish, etc. It means that a CMS is powerful software that can do multiple things. 

A CMS Software for CCTV monitoring can add many devices at a time. It can attach devices from far away places. Every Surveillance software is full of security features. It can record activities, playback, take snaps, etc. It also gives you better night vision, high-quality imaging, real-time telecasting, etc. 

The CMS files are very often in a compressed file format. You have to uncompress them to load them on PCs.  

What Is An HiviewHD Software For PC?

It is Company that belongs to Asking Co. Ltd. It is specially designed to give better surveillance quality. There are many products manufactured by this company. Its products are quality-wise good and unparalleled. 

HiviewHD For PC 13

The HiviewHD app is a powerful Wizard. It is available in a squeezed file format. you have to uncompress it before installation. We have given here the complete downloading and installation process for Windows OS.

This app is secured, so there is no security breach. If you want to learn the installation process then go through the entire installation process. The diagrams are given to make it more user-friendly.

Features & Functions Of HiviewHD Application

This HiviewHD Wizard App has several quality functions. It helps us in doing different operations by sitting in our office. The features are the lifeline of any object. When we know features completely then we can use this device accurately. Otherwise, we will underuse the app.

Following are some of its main features given here.

  • HiviewHD For PC 11It provides us with live views. There is no time lag.  
  • Gives live streaming. The app has functions that auto-correct network issues to provide seamless data for continuous play
  • The application provides us with functions to operate PTZ devices from remote locations. 
  • We can pan, tilt, and zoom the device by sitting in our offices. 
  • This top-class Wizard provides the most simply operated application for every user. 
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. you can see clear images in the darkness of the night. We can recognize faces, trace activities, and take measures of them
  • It can record, playback, and take snaps from anyplace
  • It can discover sound and motion with the help of sensors.
  • The two-way audio provides users with the facility to speak with somebody on the device side.  
  • This feature is also used to frighten a suspect by yelling at him or raising alarms
  • This app is intelligent and wise. It pushes messages, and plays alarms once sensing one thing suspicious
  • The resolution of the app is high. It provides clear photos
  • The Sensors are sharp and active in making us more secure. It pushes messages and raises alarms, realizing anything suspect.

Download HiviewHD For Windows OS

It is given here in a download button format. The link is given. The file is zipped. It is given in an encrypted form. You have to extricate it before going for installation. For the installation part, we have given here the demonstration of doing it. Each step is explained with a diagram.

You can understand it from there. It is done for Windows OS. The installation part is mainly covered in three steps.        

These three steps are the following. Step-1 is the Installation of the file, step-2 is the Login of the app, and Step-3 is the Adding of the device and monitoring of cameras.

Download HiviewHD App For Mac OS

This app is given for Macintosh OS. To load it on the Mac OS a download button is given. You can download it by clicking the button. the file is available in a zipped file format. Extract it to get the file and load it on your PC.

The installation method is given for Windows for proper understanding. By following the same pattern you can do it for Mac also. 

Download HiviewHD Application For Android OS

HiviewHD For PC 12

It is given here for the Android OS Application. You will get here the link for this app in a download button format. Click the link to yield it. This application is available at the google play store. Loading and installing it on the smartphone is not difficult at all.

When you go for the installation, you’ve to log in to the app & add the camera. For that, you have to have an email ID. Login to that id, scan the QR code and navigate through the functions for getting the device connected with the app. When they are added, cameras will appear on your mobile display and monitoring begins.

Install HiviewHD Software For Windows OS

Here, we are going to demonstrate to you the installation process of this application for Windows OS. The file is in a compressed file format. You have to decompress the file. Then after that, you will go for installing the app. It is given here in three steps.

The first step is the installation of the app. The second step is about logging in to the app. The third step is about adding the device and monitoring cameras.

Step-1 Installation Of The App

We have to click the “setup file” of the application. The following window will open.

HiView Installation 1

It will be asking you to select the destination location. The location you can set as per your choice. After that press the next button.

HiView Installation 2

In this window, it will ask you to select the folder location. A folder location is a place where you want to keep that folder that has ‘HiviewHD files’. Select the folder and press the next button.

HiView Installation 3

On this page, the software is asking you to do the additional task by selecting the desktop icon, and quick launch icon. You can select both, any one of them, or neither. It depends on your requirement. We are selecting the desktop icon here. Click the next button to move on.

HiView Installation 4

Here, the window is giving you all the information you have selected and asks you if you are satisfied or want any change. If you want to change something press the back button or press the ‘Install’ button.

HiView Installation 5

It will start installing the application. it takes only a few seconds to complete the installation. After it, a message will highlight that the installation is done.

HiView Installation 6

This way the first step of the installation part is over. We will move to the second step.

Step-2 Lo In The Application

After the installation of the app, an icon appears on the desktop. Double-click the icon, and the following page appears.

HiView Login 7

By default, the username is “admin” and the password is “blank(No Password).” You can create a password of your choice. Now press the login button. It will take you to the Homepage of the software.

HiView Login 8

This way we log in to it. We will go for adding the device to begin monitoring.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

For it to do, we go to the homepage of the application and click ‘Group Device Management’. It will ask us to add the device. Click it and the following page will open.

Hiview Adding Device 9

Fill in the details, it is asking you. After that click the ‘Add’ button.

The device will be added and the following window will open.

Hiview Adding Device 10

You can add as many devices as possible by following the same methodology.

The monitoring begins.


The HiviewHD for Windows OS and the HiviewHD for Mac OS have been described here. We have given the link to install, explained the app to understand, detailed the app to operate, and installed the app to learn for you. We have also given you the download button for Android OS.

The Hiview software is given here for the client’s easiness. Please share and comment on the post.

Thank You. 

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