AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera For Smart Home

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AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera is a product of Amiccom Technology Ltd. The company is founded in 1990, and since then it has been providing good quality products in security management and time management. The reliability, performance, quality, and affordability of the company products are very heartening. 


AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 14This 4MP cam has a very clear resolution & night image. It is easy to install, that is why it is very customer-friendly. You can make a two-way communication through it, get notifications when your device finds anything fishy in your camera zone. It is IP66 waterproof compatible and multi user friendly. It is available at $62.16 in Walmart and $55.99 at the Happy Shopping Platform.  

Buying Guide For A Standalone Camera

IP Protocols– Make sure that your camera is supporting ONVIF or RTSP protocols. It will ensure the compatibility of your device with other devices. 

Power-over-Ethernet- Instead of running a separate power cable and ethernet cable to each camera, the Power-over-Ethernet feature allows you to transmit power over the data cable itself. It is hugely convenient as you can use ethernet cable runs for a longer distance.

Waterproofing– It may be worth adding an extra layer of sealant around the camera to provide extra protection. So ensure about your product that it is IP65, IP66, etc. protected.

Resolution– When dealing with IP cameras, the resolution is measured in pixels. A device with 4Mp is far better than a device with 3MP. 

Night-Vision– For viewing the cam at night, IR Lights, Spotlights, or Floodlights are attached with the device. These days Starlight cams and EXIR LEDs are more in the norm as their night-vision mode is stronger.

Storage Capacity– Most IP cams these days have an SD card slot available for them. Recording on the Cloud is a very good option. Though it is a bit costly, the recording is safe in the cloud. 

Wireless– Check that your device is wifi enabled, and if it is wire-free then even better. 

Sensors– A device that is motion and sound sensor-enabled is the need of the time. If it has an anti-deterrent facility attached with it, then even better.

Warranty– Warranty & after-sales service tells about the company and its policy. If they are good then the user is tension-free.

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AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 15


  • Full HD and 1080P resolution
  • Clear night-vision coverage
  • Two-way audio
  • Motion Detection
  • WiFi-enabled
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Multi-users access
  • SD card & the Cloud recording
  • Compatible with iOS & Android

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 1Disadvantages

  • Doesn’t support 5Ghz wifi
  • SD card is not included in the pack



AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 12

  • Camera 1pcs
  • Mounting Bracket 1pcs
  • USB Cable 1pcs
  • Plastic Anchors
  • Installation Screws
  • User Manual

Design Of AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera

Z-5 is a cylindrical-shaped camera. It is white. Its dimensions are 4.3 x 3.5 x 5 cubic inches. It weighs around 14.4 ounces. On the front side of the cam, there are 24 LEDs, 1 sensor point, and a lens of 3.6mm. 

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 9On the tale-end side of the device, there is a slot for an SD card. There is an antenna attached to it for the better reception of the wifi signal.

Features Of AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera

It has all the features which any smart IP camera requires.

FHD 1080P & Night Vision– High-resolution images in 1080p resolution, and combined a 3.6mm wide lens to cover more spaces even in the pitch dark with a night vision distance up to 32ft. With image processing technology, provide you crisp and clear videos up to 1920*1080 and make your view 

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 4Two-Way Audio AMICCOM outside wireless cameras security allows you to communicate with welcomed guests, and a deterrent alarm can get rid of unwanted guests. Responsive and advanced microphone with a built-in anti-noise filter for a clear 2-way Audio experience. Store all of your 24/7 recorded security surveillance footage for further verification. 

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 5Motion Detection– Motion marking technology can effectively detect and outline motion in the real-time stream and playback video mode. And motion detection maximum up to 65 feet. operating systems support iOS8.0 and Android5.0 or later add a MicroSD card (up to 128GB) for local storage. Super capacity, super value to enjoy! it is like a watchdog is keeping your house safe all the time. when an emergency happens, so we can calmly view the video of the camera.

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 2Wifi Enabled– AMICCOM wireless outdoor security camera works perfectly when connected 2.4GHz wifi (2.4GHz wifi network only, not for 5.0GHz).

IP66 Compatible– AMICCOM IP66 professional outdoor wifi residential security camera withstands temperature ranges from -4°F to 122°F, which means this motion security camera is strong enough to work under rough weather like a storm and snowy weather. AMICCOM security outdoor camera will always put your safety first.

AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 2Multi-User Friendly– AMICCOM wireless security camera for the home can be bundled with several mobile devices, supporting up to 20 people watching live videos at the same time via APP.

Warranty– The company has a warranty of 2 years. It also gives you lifetime support on maintenance.

Easy To Install– The bracket to install the camera and mounting system is designed so user-friendly that any person can fix it easily.

Storage– There is a slot for an SD card. You can insert a card up to 128GB for recording.

How To Install? 

To install the product manually, first decide the place which you want to cover. Then mount the camera stand at that location and fix the cam with the help of anchors and screws given to you. 

Keep aware that your camera is in the wifi zone if you have to view it online.


AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 10


AMICCOM Z-5 New Standalone Outdoor Camera 11

Download the “AMICCOM App” from the Google play store. Add the cam by scanning the QR code of the cam. Follow the instruction and connect with your device. Now you are ready to access your device from any remote location.

Users’ Response For Z-5 New Cam

Batowtow from the US says about it, that

  • I previously ordered a diff model of Amiccom cam which I sent to my family in the Philippines. I want to be able to test it before I sent it to make sure it works great. Upon ordering another cam for my home, I saw that Amiccom has a newer version of the previous cam so I gave it a shot. This camera is compact and works well, videos were clear even at night and connected easily to my wifi, and has no issues.
  • I installed a 128GB micro USB to save the recordings, no need to pay a monthly subscription like a ring, etc to be able to access the video recording which was a plus. If you are looking for a great outdoor cam and don’t want to spend a lot of money and not pay a monthly subscription for cloud services, I suggest giving this camera a shot and you won’t be sorry.

Robert Chiefari says about the product that

  • Likes: Plugs in (no batteries to recharge). Nightvision, Great quality color daytime video. Video playback on the Jawa App is nice (need an SD card – see below).
  • Dislikes: The motion detection sensor/alarm is VERY sensitive (even on low settings) bugs, cats, and blowing bushes made this thing alarm 30-40 times the first night (I shut it off).
  • Installation: After trying for over an hour to bind the camera on one phone, I finally tried a 2nd phone, and reset the camera to finally get it to bind. Installed the camera outside in 3 mins.

Kevin suggests that

  • The device was all right for a little while and everything worked until the power went out due to a car accident someone hit the power pole and took out power for the next 12 blocks up and the power came back on finally and I tried resetting the cam but for some reason, it would not pick up our internet signal even tried resetting the modem and router by unplugging it and plugging it back in which worked fine because everything else reconnected back to the internet except for the camera. 
  • Of course and I would hit scan on the app and it would not show my 2.4 Wi-Fi bands so I tried inputting it manually and still nothing but it would still say internet connection established and with the green light rapidly still blinking which means it’s still trying to connect to your internet per: the directions. 
  • So I tried resetting the cam and then uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app and it still would not reconnect to the internet. It would still show on the app that the cam was offline and yes my phone was connected to my 2.4 Wi-Fi bands while trying to connect to the cam I must have had a piece. 
  • There must have had a piece that goes bad inside the cam that connects it to the internet signal, I would not recommend this cam because if your power goes out there may be a piece go bad inside your cam that will not connect to the internet. I ask that you use caution when it comes to buying this device that stays connected to the internet and running 24/7 if that’s what you’re planning on doing maybe just spend the extra money and get a better camera system.

Should I Buy It?

If you are looking for a cam that is low in cost and high in function then you can opt for it. If you have to monitor your courtyard or the front door and you simply want to see the happenings around and your area is not a very dangerous zone, then this cam is perfect for you. It will protect you and sensors will alarm you.


Any cam is installed for security and safety. Whether you are mounting it indoors or outdoor, it will equally perform better. It has all the modern functions to safeguard you. Though it is not a very sophisticated device still in the low price range this is a master cam.

The AMICCOM Z-5 review is to suggest to you the usability of the cam. I hope you would find the review useful. Please suggest us with your comments. Your remarks are very valuable to us. 

Thank You.

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