P6SPro for PC Download for Windows and MAC Free CMS

This post details about the P6Pro CCTV Application. It is a security surveillance Software that connects CCTV devices for remote monitoring. Here, you will find the download, installation and configuration of this p6SPro CMS App.

The installation and configuration for Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC OS are demonstrated. You can also configure it for MAC. Step-by-step configuration of this CMS for Windows.

It is a video transmission CMS which depends on P2P innovation. It is accessible to download for free on Android mobile.

This application supports various devices, for example, NVR, DVR, IPC, and so on. Utilizing this application you can see the live film of cams in HD quality. It is basic and simple to utilize. All it requires is working web access.

This is a typical CCTV camera brand for making IP cameras, independent cameras, DVRs, and NVRs. They give a wide range of answers to the CCTV security system.

This P6Spro for PC CMS is one of the applications given by this organization to video the board of security cameras. By utilizing this product you can likewise see the account of your CCTV.

So download the setup file of the software for watching and dealing with your security cameras on your computer.

P6SPro CMS App is Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC OS

This company has an acceptable CCTV maker and gives all sorts of answers to their clients. This CMS is the answer for the PC clients that can interface cameras on PC.

This software gave the answer for just Windows 7/8/10 clients and there is no product accessible for MAC clients. Yet, there is a method by which you can run your cameras on your MAC too.

Here we will talk about the two sorts of answers for Windows clients and for the MAC clients. For Windows clients there is a connection accessible for downloading the CMS and for the MAC clients we are going to tell how they can interface their cameras on a computer.

P6SPro CMS (Windows)

In the event that you need to watch your cameras on your PC, at that point you need to download the application from the given connection underneath.

There is only one link available for Windows 7/8/10/11. For the MAC clients, the company has not provided any solution. Download the CMS as per your requirements.


For MAC clients, no product is accessible for associating cameras on the system. This is because the organization is not giving any answers to MAC clients. On the off chance that you need to interface your cameras on your MAC, at that point we are going to tell you how might you do this.

We utilize a product program considered emulator and run the specific mobile application on the MAC. Thus, read the post cautiously and you will get the answer for MAC.

What is the P6SPro App?

This is the video monitoring CMS for the security cameras on your system. This product has some great highlights for dealing with your CCTV cameras on your PC additionally permits you to interface different devices like IP cameras, NVR, and so on.

By utilizing this product you would be able to utilize different aspects of your CCTV cameras like PTZ control, network arrangement, Image design, and so forth.

This software is the official CMS given by the manufacturer and it is extremely helpful for individuals who need to see their CCTV  on their computer (Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC PC).

Use of IP Pro for Windows and MAC

The principle utilization of the software is viewing your security cameras in a remote area however this is additionally helpful for dealing with setting up CCTV camera arrangement on your PC like playback, PTZ control, organize setting, and so forth.

By utilizing this product you can likewise deal with different devices like IP cameras, get-to control, NVR, and so forth. The principal reason for this product is interfacing with your CCTV  on your Windows and MAC PC.

Main Features of this application

There are some awesome highlights in this DVR CMS software. By utilizing this product you are not just ready to screen your cameras on your computer yet additionally you can also deal with your cameras in various perspectives like playback, camera pictures of the executives, organize the executives, and so on. So we should examine the feature highlights of this product.

  • Live Monitoring.
  • Automatic search of the IP addresses of the devices.
  • you can access the recorded files on your computer.
  • Cloud login Options.
  • Password modifications.
  • Application User the management.
  • Include, erase, or alter devices.
  • Configure the CCTV Camera Image like splendour, and shading.
  • Event recording Search.
  • Make and erase Users.
  • Movements capture.

Configuration for Windows

Here we will talk about the two techniques for interfacing your cameras on your PC or computer. In the primary technique, we are going to utilize the official application which is called the CMS application, and in the subsequent strategy, we are going to utilize the emulator for interfacing the P6SPro mobile application on your PC.

The two setups of this app are straightforward and dependable however we incline toward the principal strategy because in this technique you can likewise deal with your security cameras on your computer. So how about we start with the strategy?

1. Method (Using CMS)

In this strategy, we utilize the official application given by the company. To utilize this strategy you need to download the CMS from the connection accessible above. In the wake of downloading the setup, separate it and spare it on your PC. Presently follow the straightforward method given below.

1. STEP # Installation of this software

Open the organizer where you put the CMS. Right-click on the setup file and you will find an alternative named “Run as Administrator“. Snap on that and the system will approach you for the authorization of establishment. Snap on the Yes. Presently the installation procedure will be begun.

Installation of the software
Installation of the software

Now a new window comes to you, here you just need to click on the Install button.

Installation of this CMS
Installation of this CMS

After that you can the installation process will begin. Wait here for some time until the installation procedure is finish.

Finish the Installation of this CMS
Finish the Installation of this CMS

Now click on the Finish button and the software is ready to run on your system. You can find the icon on your desktop. So jump to your desktop and double-click on the icon of the software.

2. STEP # Login to the software.

Login to this CMS
Login to this CMS

Now a login screen will come in front of you. Here you need to log in to the software. Here you can find three login options for Windows.

You can choose one of them. If you do not have a cloud ID, make one by clicking the “Join Us” button. After login to the CMS for Windows, you can see the main screen of the CMS where you can find all the added devices.

3. STEP # Adding the Device to this application

Now go to the “Features” options and under this option, you can find the option named “Device Manager“. Click on that option and then you will get a window where you can add your device.

Adding the Device into the software
Adding the Device to the software

On this window click on the “Add” button and then put all information asked by the CMS then click on the “Add” button.

Devices into this program
Devices in this program

Now your device will be on the CMS.

4. STEP # Live View on this CMS for Windows

Presently simply click on the Preview tab on the upper menu. Presently you can see your device name under the name on your correct board. Double-tap on the device name and under the device name you can see the camera name. Snap the on-camera name and you will see your camera.

2. Method # Installation for MAC and Windows by using the Bluestacks

In this technique, we are going to utilize an emulator for running the portable application on your PC. A third-party product which permits you to run a working framework into another working framework.

For instance, you need to utilize your mobile application depending on the Android OS on your Windows working framework then we utilize an arbiter software called an emulator.

By utilizing this sort of emulator you can run your mobile application into the Windows on MAC OS. So follow the basic advances offered underneath to interface your security cameras on your PC.

  • Right off the bat Download the Blustacks from this given connection.
  • After establishment, you will discover the symbol for the Bluestacks on your PC.
  • Double-tap on that alternate way.
  • Presently you can see the Bluestacks is running on your MAC or Windows.
  • Presently, go to the “My App” choice on the Blustacks.
  • Next thing you will the window requesting the sign in or join.
  • Sign in with your current Gmail record or Apple account.
  • After signing into the My Application, scan for the app.
  • Introduce the application on your Bluestacks.
  • Run for MAC or Windows on the Bluestack.
  • Presently include your CCTV cameras in the application.
  • After finishing all the means, presently you can watch your security cameras on your PC.


This is extraordinary compared to another CMS for observing your CCTV on your PC in a remote area. This product has excellent choices for dealing with your cameras on your computer. The best piece of this, you can utilize it on your Windows 7/8/10/11 or on your MAC.

Here we examined the two techniques for having your security cameras on your PC. The two techniques are tried and functioning admirably however the main strategy is increasingly dependable because in this technique we utilized the official software given by the company.

So this is about the P6SPro App. We trust this data will accommodate to you. If you have any questions or proposals please don’t hesitate to keep in touch with us in the remark box. Many thanks to you for visiting us. Have a decent day.

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