Free Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration 2020 [Updated]

Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration: Here we are going to demonstrate Hikvision cloud storage configuration. So first let me tell you about cloud storage, cloud storage is the storage of remote computer where you can store your data. The main main advantage of cloud storage is that you can secure your precious data on the remote computer and you can easily access you data when you need. So lets starts about Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration.

What is Hikvision Cloud Storage?

Hikvision cloud storage is the external storage on the remote computer like google drive or one drive where your DVR or NVR can push the recording files using internet. To do Hikvision cloud storage configuration you have to connect your DVR or NVR to the internet and follow the steps below and then you are able to save your recording on cloud storage.

Why we require a Hikvision Cloud Storage?

There are two main reason to store your recording on the cloud computer. The first reason is for security. Suppose a thief come to your premises and destroy your DVR or NVR so in this case you can not able to see the recording but when it is connected to cloud storage then you can access the recorded file even the hard disk is destroyed.

The second reason of Hikvision Cloud storage configuration is you can save the recording capacity of your hard disk. You can record the footage even your DVR and NVR do not have a hard disk.

What types of a record store in Hikvision cloud storage?

Hikvision is a big company in CCTV industry but there are some drawbacks with this , you can put only the images stores of the security camera, it is not  compatible with video recording. But other brands like TVT gives your complete video recording on cloud storage . The benefits  with the Hikvision is, We are able to push the camera’s snapshot on the Google drive. So then we need a google drive account in order to Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration.

Free Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration

You can use the following server for Hikvision cloud storage configuration.

  1. Google drive
  2. One Drive
  3. Dropbox
  4. How to use FTP server for Hikvision

Here we are going to discuss about Google drive. You can also configure Hikvision cloud storage by other two server using the same method.

Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration

STEP 1 # sign up into the google drive

Just open the given link above and sign in using your existing google account. Here you can see your all your cloud storage files. You can also upload a file or folder directly. The android and iphone App also available so you can watch your saved file on your mobile also.

STEP 2 # Open Your DVR/NVR on the computer

In the second step you have to open your device on your computer screen using the local IP address. After that, login into the device using your username and the password.

hikvision cloud storage configuration

STEP 2 # Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration

Now open the “Configuration” tab and open the “Storage

hikvision cloud storage configuration

Then go to the “Storage management” and enable the “Cloud Storage“. Select the “Cloud Type” where you want Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration.

hikvision cloud storage configuration
Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration

Now click on the  “Get” button and sign in using your Google drive. It will ask you for the permission. Just give the permission for Hikvision cloud storage configuration.

STEP 3 # Test the server


Go to “Network” and the click on “Advance Setting“. Here fill the information as follow

Server’s Address : Your Email Address

SMTP Server :

SMTP port : 25

Authentication : your email username and email password.

Just Click on the Test button and if test succeed then save it.


Now we all done about Hikvision Cloud Storage Configuration. Open your Google Drive and then you are able to see your recorded file on the drive.

hikvision cloud storage configuration

So this is all about Hikvision Cloud Storage Server . If you have any question or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.

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