Download Free PnPCam For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

PnPCam For Windows is a CMS application. This Wizard is used to access cameras from any location. If you are not present at the site or you have multiple locations to monitor, then PnPCam For Windows will keep you in touch with your sites. 

Download For PC Windows OS

The PnPCam For Windows is designed and manufactured by a Chinese counterpart PnP cam. It has CCTV Cameras & NVRs apart from other security surveillance products.

This article will provide you with the download link of the PnPCam For Windows App. The app file is given in a compressed file form. You have to unsqueeze it to download and install it on PCs. It will also show you the features and advantages of this application. 

You will also get the installation process of this software on a Windows PC. The complete illustration of the installation methodology is demonstrated here. The process is supported by images and narrations.      

It is defined in three steps. These steps are designed to make the process easier for users. The first step is for installing the app. The second step guides you to log in to the application file. The third and last step is given to show you the device addition process.

What Is PnPCam For Windows CMS Wizard?

It is a software application that is used to connect cameras for PCs. You can get your devices from any place. Thus, this application helps you monitor your sites from anywhere.

The PnPCam For Windows is designed and marketed by a Chinese company. The PnP organization also manufactures CCTV products. 

This PnPCam For Windows app has more than 1 lakh uploads successfully since its inception in July 2018. This application is also applicable for Android software with Android version 2.3 and above. It has a rating of 3+ which is an above-average rating.

It gives its users many advantages. You can listen to someone on the device side, convey any message to them and operate the CCTV-installed devices from any place. 

app image on the play store 25Features & Attributes Of PnPCam For PC

This Wizard has many functions and characteristics. You will get here some of the more useful features. Know them to use it better. 

  • logo of the image 26This product gives a live telecast of every action.
  • You get the footage and images in real-time
  • There is no time lag between video capturing and relaying
  •  You can access the device from any place
  • The devices can be operated from far away places with the support of this app
  • It can connect devices by scanning the QR Code or you can manually add the devices
  • This file supports PTZ cameras. You can pan, tilt and zoom the gadget from anywhere
  • It supports two-way communication. You can speak, listen and watch
  • The sensors are powerful. It can assess movement and sound. If anything suspicious occurs, it sends you alert messages and alarms you.
  • You can check playbacks from your place and take pics with its help.
  • It supports cloud server recordings. You have to subscribe to the plan. 

Download PnPCam For Windows OS

The download button is given below. Click it and get this file. The application file is in a compressed form. Decompress it to load it on Windows PC. 

The installation process up to monitoring is illustrated in three distinct steps. The steps are the installation process, log-in process, and device addition process. 

After the installation, you can use multiple functions and get monitoring from any remote location. It empowers you and equips you.

Download For PC Windows OS

Download PnPCam For Mac OS  

  This application is not given for the Mac operating system. It is only given for Windows. But, if you have to load this file on Mac and monitor it on Macintosh PC, you have to download BlueStacks Android Emulator

It is a gaming application file that enables you to install any Android file on the Mac operating system.

Install, Log In & Add The Device To Monitor PnPCam For Windows PC   

When we go to install this file on Windows PC, we have to click the application button. After extracting the application file. After that, the software opens. We will show here the step-by-step analysis to install and monitor this app.

Step-1 Install PnPCam For Windows

To install it, open the setup file. This page emerges.

select the language of the app 1

It is the first page of the software. Select the language and then press the OK button. The next page will emerge.

give path and location to the folder 2

Here you have to give a path to the loading files. Select the path and the folder. Press the next button to proceed.

select the menu folder 3

This page is about shortcut files to the start menu. You have to browse a location in the folder. Make sure, the folder you are suggesting is empty. It has no other files in it. Press the next button.

application file is ready to small 4

This file shows that the app is ready to install. If you have to make any changes in the path or the folder then you can still make them by clicking the back button.

If you are satisfied with your selections, press the Install button. The app will begin to load.

file is installing 5

The file is loading its contents. The installation is an easy and simple process. It will finish in a wink and the file will send us a message.

app installed successfully 6

This window appears. It clearly shows that the installation process is finished. This way step one is complete. We have installed the software on Windows OS.

Now, we will go to the second step. It is about logging in to the software.

Step-2 Log In To The Software

To log in to the app, you have to open the installed file. When you open it, this page will appear on the screen.

login page appears 7

It is the login page. You have to furnish the account and password to sign in.

If you are using this software for the first time, you have to create an account and password first. Press the Register button. When you press it the next page opens.

create account name and password 8

Create an account and password. The criteria to create them are given. Read the first and then go for creating them. After that, press the  OK button. The next page appears.

It is the login page. Log in with the generated account and password.

login with the registered id and password 9

Give the account and password details. Then press the Login button. This way you will be able to log in to the file.

We will proceed to the third and final step. It is the device addition and monitoring step.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

To add the file and monitor, we have to log in to the software. It will open the homepage of the application.

homepage of the file 10

This is the homepage. You will see on the homepage, that there is a tab given. it is about the ‘Add camera’ option. Press the tab to get to the next step.

When you press this tab, then you reach a page that has device addition features.

add camera by furnishing device information 11

Here, you see the page. You have to give the device a unique Id and password here. Mention them. The UID is unique to every device.

When you put in them and press the next button, the app searches this UID device and connects with it. When it is connected to the file, you get cameras on the Windows screen.

cameras appear on the PC screen 12

The device connects to it and cameras show up on the screen. The monitoring begins with the app from remote areas.


The post has thoroughly covered PnPCam For Windows files. You have got here the download button. When you clicked it, you got the app. The features and functions were also narrated extensively.

the installation process is detailed frame by frame. It gives users the installation procedure. The procedure is broken into three steps. The installation step, the log-in step, and the device addition step.

If you have any concerns regarding the app, installation, log in or device addition, raise them in the comment box. We will study them, work on them and try to give you a proper reply regarding them. You are valuable to us.

Thank You.

2 thoughts on “Download Free PnPCam For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS”

  1. I’ve downloaded and installed the software to my new Windows 11. When I tried to “Add Camera”, the software see my camera UID and then requested me to modify the camera password. Then after a while an error message of “Unable to connect to the camera” appear. Please advise.
    W Cheng

    1. Hi, W cheng,
      To get rid of this problem, there is two option.
      1. wait for the update
      2. try to change the password, as it was previously. Next time when you installed it in Windows 11, please do not modify the password.

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