Download VMMS lite For PC Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac

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We will discuss here VMMS lite For PC software. It is an application from Dahua Industries. This application can connect many devices from this app and show them on a single screen. The benefit of this software is that you can view all your locations and sites from faraway areas.

Download For PC Windows OS

Download For Mac OS

You can easily remotely access these cameras. It is possible only because of the availability of this CMS Wizard. We have given here the download link for Windows, Android, and Mac operating systems. The link file is a zipped file.

You have to unzip them to install them. This article also comprises a full illustration of the installation and monitoring process. Three steps make it possible. The first step is the installation process. The second step is for logging in to the device. The third step is for adding devices and monitoring the site.

What Is A CMS Wizard?  

The acronym for Content Management System is CMS. It is software that can associate many devices with it. The CMS is software that can edit the data, record, transfer, index, and playback.

It can take snaps for you. You can preserve the data on the cloud server. It supports all these features. The CMS Wizard can show your connected devices from distant locations. 

How Is CCTV CMS Useful?   

It is extremely useful as it gives a relay to more than 100 cameras at a time in any location. You are the owner of 10 sites and you want to view these places from your location.

These 10 sites under normal circumstances can be viewed on different monitor screens and at those places where they are installed.

The CMS Wizard connects these various devices which are at different locations and shows them on any remote location. It makes monitoring and supervision easier. You don’t require to monitor them on different screens or devices. 

More Information Regarding VMMS Lite App  

VMMS lite For PC 26

The VMMS Lite application is from Dahua Technology. It is a very renowned CCTV Surveillance company. It allows you to view cameras and manage, a software company that assists Dahua. It deals in a wide range of CCTV cameras and NVRs/DVRs. 

The company is located in China. Its products are available in every part of the globe. The services and brand value are unmatched. Its products are durable. They can be installed anywhere outdoors, indoors, in offices, fields, roads, homes, etc.

This app is the very latest CMS. It can show you more than 256 cameras on a single screen. You can transfer the message through it and can detect suspicious activities.

Features & Functions Of VMMS lite For PC

Here, you will get many advantageous features and attributes of this device. Know them to use them for operating the app.

  • VMMS lite For PC 27You can connect many devices with the app and manage them
  • The app detects and feeds live view
  • You can get a real-time view of activities without any time lag
  • The app auto-corrects data in the low network areas and provides you seamless video relay
  • It takes footage and snaps for you
  • It supports the two-way audio
  • You can communicate through the app with the person on the device’s end
  • You can also chase away a suspect or intruder by horrifying them
  • The app supports sensor technology
  • It can detect motion and audio. Thus saving you from any doubtful thing
  • The settings for sensitive areas are very pertinent. Whenever anyone enters there, it triggers alarms and pushes messages to you
  • Thus it keeps your safety intact

Install VMMS Lite For Windows OS

Here, you will get a download button that keeps the file of the app. To get it you have to click the button. The file is in a compressed format. Decompress it to load on the Computer. We have also given here the complete installation process for Windows.

The process is spruced up with diagrams and images. The installation method, logging in to the app, and the addition of the devices for monitoring are illustrated here. It will guide you to the best understanding. Get the link from here.

Download For PC Windows OS

Install VMMS Lite For Mac OS

To load it for Mac is possible. The app is given below. Click the link to get it. Install on Apple PC is similar to Windows installation. You can get a hint from there. You can get the application file for Mac OS by pressing the download button. Extract the file for installation.

Download For Mac OS

Install VMMS Lite For Android OS

VMMS lite For PC 25

To install it, click the link given below. The app is also given on the google play store. Install it and after that add the camera for viewing. You can add the gadget by scanning the QR code. It will be added with some instructions. Get them.

Download For Android Smartphones

Install & Monitor VMMS App Windows OS 

The file is given in the download button. Decompress the file and run the application setup file. The entire process is covered in three steps. The first step is installation. The second step is for logging in to the device. The third and last step is the addition of the device for monitoring. 

Step-1 Install The Software

Press the setup file. When you press it, the setup file begins to launch itself.  It opens the following page.

select thea language 1

The app is asking you to select the language. Here we have chosen the English language. After that press the next button. This page will appear on the screen.

select the menu to install 2

We have to select here the menu to install. Select them by ticking the boxes. After that press the next button. This page will appear on the screen.

installation path 3

On this page, we will select the path of the folder and the folder itself. Keep in mind that the folder must not contain any other application. Press the install button. The moment we press it, the content begins to download.

content is installing 4

It loads the various selected options. The entire content is installed in the selected folder one by one. After that, the app is installed fully. The new window page mentions the statement in a new window.

app is loaded successfully 5

This window acknowledges that the app is downloaded on the folder. Press the finish button.

This way step number one is complete. We have installed the app. We will go to the second step. It is about logging into the app.

Step-2 Log Into The Application

To log in, you have to double-click the installed app’s icon. The new window will open.

create a password 6

This page indicates that you have to create a password here. Make a strong password by using the combination of alphabet, numerical, character, lower case, and upper case.

put in the password 7

After creating the password mention them in the respective columns and press the next button. The password is created now.

Remember for password protection 8

This page appears. There are three basic questions given here. Answer them and keep the answer in mind. It will be proved useful at the time when you forget the password. Press the finish button.

device is logged in 9

Now we will reach the page where we have to log in.

The username is admin and the password is what you have just created.

Press the login button. You will reach the homepage of the application.

Homepage of the application 10.

It is the homepage of the software. There is a menu available in front of you. This way the login process is finished.

Step-3 Device Addition & Monitoring

To add the device, you have to open the homepage of the application. Go to the “+” option which is on the top of the page. This page will appear on the screen.

Device adding 11

Fill in the device name, the IP address, the port, the username and the password. After that press the add button. The device connects with the software.

device added to app & cameras run on the screen 12

This way the cameras connected with this device appear on the screen.

We can connect many devices with it by following the same methodology.


The Application VMMS is explained here. The link for the VMMS file is given here separately for Windows, Android, and Mac OS. We have also mentioned here the installation process in an illustrative way. The advantages of the app are also given here.

We have given these things to make it useful for users. If you find any issues loading the file or installing the app, please mention queries in the comment section. We will find the solution to make that happen for you.

Thank You.

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