Free Download Sannce Vision for Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Sannce Vision for Windows is software that is used to vigil various sites from any remote location. In this article, you will find the download links for this app. It is given here for Windows and Android OS. If you want to view devices on Macintosh PC then how can that be possible?

Because the link for Sannce CMS is not given for Apple PC. We have given here the files in a download button form. The file is in a compressed file folder. You have to decompress it to load on the PC.

Here, you will also find the complete downloading and installation process. The process is given in a very demonstrative form. Every step has been covered with diagrams and images. 

CCTV CMS Wizard Is Very Popular

The CMS Applications for CCTV monitoring are very popular. It is more influential for high-net-worth clients. Those users who have multiple sites and they want to monitor them from their Office have to resort to Wizard. Suppose you have a chain of factories.

You have installed CCTV Applications on 5 of them. You want to supervise these sites from your office. The CCTV CMS App will come in handy. An app can connect many devices. It can edit the data, keep the information, index them, record activities, take snaps, run playbacks, and restore the backup. 

Thus it functions plethora of activities. That is why it an indispensable for security surveillance purposes. It gives you mental peace by broadening your vision and saves time for you. As you have not to be physically present at every place.

Know More About Sannce Vision For PC 

Sannce Vision for Windows 16

This software is manufactured and marketed by SANNCE Industries. It is an American company. Its products are available in European Union countries also. It has a long reach. The brand value is high and services are satisfactory.

The company deals in every type of security surveillance CCTV cameras and recorders. It has also a solid range of accessories. The durability and reliability of products are well known. 

The design of this software is such that it can track records, pass information, give us live views, and back up the data. It is smart as it encompasses many prominent functions. It allows you to operate many functions from any remote location.

The relay is seamless. It maintains the continuity of the video play. It has sensors attached to it. It can communicate with you more easily.

Features & Functions Of Sannce Vision Application

This app has many smart functions. You will get them here. These attributes are so enthralling. You have to know them to use them in your functions. The better you know, the better you can use it. 

  • Sannce Vision for Windows 15The software relays live videos
  • There is no time-lag
  • You can connect more than 16 devices at a time from it
  • When you have to monitor the recording, you can view them in a combination of 4 channels
  • The app connects devices by scanning the QR Code or connecting the device number
  • It is very useful when the network quality is low. As it auto-corrects data in low network areas
  • It supports the two-way audio
  • It can communicate with the person on the device side
  • This function is also helpful in chasing away threats and suspects. When you see an intruder, you can raise alarms by shouting at him
  • The software supports sensor
  • It can sense many activities through motion and audio
  • You can also pre-define sensitive zones for suspects. Whenever any person enters those zones, you get alarms and messages 
  • It saves you from a security threat
  • The application can operate PTZ cameras from their location
  • You can tilt it, pan it or even zoom it

Download Sannce Vision For Windows

If you want to load it, then you have to click the download button. It is given below. Click it to get the file. It is given in a compressed file format. You have to decompress it before loading it on the PC. You will also find here a comprehensive explanation of the installation process.

It is laced with many diagrams and images. Any user can easily understand it. The installation process is suggested here in three steps. The first step is the installation. The second step is about the login to the app and the third step is for adding the device and monitoring cameras.  

Download Sannce Vision For Mac OS

The organization has not given this app link for Apple PC. But if you still want to view it on Macintosh PC, you have to undergo the following process. You have to take the help of cross-platform apps and Android emulators.

For that, you have to load Windows OS over this Mac operating system. You can also load Android OS. This way you can monitor the cameras on this PC.

Download Sannce App On Android OS

Sannce Vision for Windows 14

If you want to monitor the device on your Android smartphone, you have to click the link below. The app is also available on the google play store. Load it and install it. After that, you have to add the device.

For that scan the QR Code. The app will prompt you for certain more actions, you will be able to add the device and monitor cameras attached to it.

Install Sannce Vision For Windows

Install the app. You will have to open the application file. The file is in a compressed file form. Decompress the file and install it. Here, we are going to give it step by step. 

Step-1 Install The App

To install the app, click the setup file. It extricates the data and opens the following page

Sannce Vision for Windows 1

The app is asking to select the language. We have chosen the English language here.

Sannce Vision for Windows 2

The software greets us and asks us to close any other running program before going for the installation. Close all other windows and click the Next button.

Sannce Vision for Windows 3

Here, on this page, it is asking you to choose the path of the application. It is further asking us to select the folder where we want to load the content. Make sure that the same folder has no other file present in that folder. Press the next button.

Sannce Vision for Windows 4

It is guiding that the file is ready to install. It further clarifies the selection of our path and the folder. If you have to make any changes, press the back button and make them. If you are happy with everything, press the next button.

Sannce Vision for Windows 5

The installation process begins. It will empty all its contents in no time. It will also notify you when it will finish the installation part.

Sannce Vision for Windows 6

This page is indicating that the installation process is successful. Press the finish button. This way we install the software on Windows PC.

Now we will move to the next step. Here we will log in to the CMS.

Step-2 Log In to The CMS Wizard

In this step, we click to open the application icon. We have just installed the app. This page opens.

Sannce Vision for Windows 7

It is asking you to select the language for logging in. Select it and press the OK button.

Sannce Vision for Windows 8

The login page appears. You have to put the Username and the password of the software.

By default the

Username- super

Password – (no password given)

Fill in and press the login button. This page opens.

Sannce Vision for Windows 9

It is the Homepage of the app. This way we manage to log in to the Wizard.

The next and last step is adding the device and monitoring cameras.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

To add the gadget, you have to open the homepage. Go to the system option and click it.

Sannce Vision for Windows 9

When you click the system button, this page opens.

Sannce Vision for Windows 10

Here, go to the device manager option. Click it, the following window opens

Sannce Vision for Windows 11

Click the Add Area option. Add the area, name it, and press OK. After that, select the area option and click the ‘Add Device’ option. This page appears

Sannce Vision for Windows 12

Fill in the details of the device name, IP address, port, username, and password. After that press the OK button. The device is added. You can add other devices also. You have to repeat the same process for them.

Sannce Vision for Windows 13

This way we add the device and monitor cameras associated with that device.


The Sannce application link is given in this post. It is given for Windows and Androids. Click them to get them. The file is available in encrypted form. You have to extricate it before loading.

The installation process is extensively given. They are spruced up with images as well. Go through them to understand the process.

If you have any queries regarding the software, its installation, etc. please let us know. We will help you in solving the issue.

Thanking You.

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