Download Free Ushacam For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Ushacam For Windows is an application that assists us with screening cameras on PCs. Here, in this article, we will give everything about this CMS Wizard and figure out a viable method for making it valuable for our PC. Here, we have given everything about this CMS wizard.

It is outstandingly useful for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. With its help, we can screen any gadget from any far-off region. This application is given in a squeezed format. You have to extract it to load and install it on your computers.

To run it on your PCs, you have to go through the installation process we have given here. The Ushcam Application is a brilliant application with smart elements. It supports sensors and two-way audio.

What Is A CMS Wizard And How Does It Function?

The CMS is an application that is planned to screen cameras on PCs. It is the abbreviation of Content Management System(CMS). A CMS Software can record, alter, store, and recollect information. 

Let’s suppose that you have 6 factory units. You have an office at a different place where you want to monitor these units. Every factory unit has 10 cameras connected with an NVR. It means in those 6 factories, there are a total of 60 cams integrated.

You have to monitor these 60 cams from the office. It can be possible only with the help of CMS software. You can see these cams on a single screen. They can be remotely accessed anywhere. This is the specialty of this CMS wizard. 

What Is Ushacam For Windows App?

This CMS application is designed and promoted by Zviewtech Industries. The organization has a fruitful history of several years. The organization is well known for CCTV Surveillance apps. Its features and functions are recent and latest.

It is great for security and monitoring. This CMS application is given here in a compressed download button structure. You need to extricate the file before loading and installing it. 

Presently you can run it on your PC. It is available for Windows OS and Android OS. It gives translucent picture quality and astonishing characteristics.

Features and Functions Of Ushacam For PC

This Software APP has remarkable components. Its features give it a special position. It is important to know these attributes. Then only we can optimally use this device.

  • Ushacam For Windows 13The application gives live-view
  • There is no delay in the activity. It means there is no time-lag
  • You will get a continuous relay of activities and record videos
  • It has the best resolution. The picture quality given by this application is sharp. It gives clear pictures.
  • The application keeps two-way audio. It is an awesome innovation for complete security.
  • With its assistance, you can talk with the person on the device side. This function similarly empowers you to frighten off intruders by shouting at them.
  • The App maintains “Sensors” Technology. 
  • These sensors resemble the human psyche. They can detect movements and sounds.
  • Right now, when the cam sees any movement and sound, it sends message pop-ups to you. 
  • It alerts you by sending messages and ringing alarms whenever sense anything suspicious.
  • You can set pre-set sensitive zones to save them from violators. 
  • These are exceptionally sensitive areas that you want to screen narrowly. The second anybody enters these zones, clients get push messages and alert message triggers. This way it cautions you before an incident happens.
  • It can save recordings and information for you. It helps you in playing playbacks. 
  • This application helps you in connecting to the gadget from any distant area. 
  • You can easily access cameras on the screen. It can be made online and tracked from any place. 

Download Ushacam For Windows Software 

Here, you will get ventures for this application to play on Windows OS. It is given here in a crushed form. As a matter of firm importance, you need to decompress the file to make it run on your PC. It is given in the form of a download button.

Click the button and get it. You will find here the all-out illustration of the installation process. It is assisted with images and diagrams for easy assimilation. Click the link to get the Wizard.

Download Ushacam For Mac OS

Here, the organization has not given this application for Macintosh PC. But if you still want to monitor cams via this application on Mac, then go for the following methodology. 

Download Windows over Mac OS with the assistance of Bluestacks software. There are other Android emulators also available that can help you with Android OS over Mac OS. This way you can easily surveillance areas from Mac PC.

Download Ushacam For Android OS

Ushacam For Windows 12

To run the CMS on your Android smartphone, you have to click the download button given for it. The app is also available on the google play store. For that, you need to look for the Ushacam application. 

After downloading it and installing it, you have to add the device. For that, you have to scan the QR Code. Scan it and follow the instructions. The device will be connected and monitoring begins easily.

Installation Of Ushacam For Windows OS

To install it on the Windows PC, you have to click the link button given. It is given in an encrypted file format. Decompress it and load it. The installation process and monitoring of gadgets are given here in three easy steps.

In the first step installation process is demonstrated. In the second step login process is defined. In the third step, adding of the device and monitoring of cameras are illustrated.

Step-1 Installation Of The Software

To install the software we begin with the setup file. Double click the file. It will lead you to this page.

Ushacam For Windows 1

The app will ask you to read the license agreement before loading it. When you are confirmed with the app, click the circle “I accept the terms” and press the next button.

Ushacam For Windows 2

On this page, you have to select the path of the folder and the location of the folder itself. Select the path and the folder location. After that press the install button. The following window opens.

Ushacam For Windows 3

The installation begins immediately. The content empties in the allocated folder. When it is completely installed, it notifies you.

Ushacam For Windows 4

Press the finish button. This way this installation process needs to carry out. The process finishes here. Now, we will go to the next step. The next step is the login into the App.

Step-2 Log In Of The Application

To log in to the software, you have to double-click the icon. The following window opens.

Ushacam For Windows 5

Here, it is asking you to create a username and a password. The password must be strong. It is a combination of upper case, lower case, numerical, special characters, etc.

Ushacam For Windows 6

Create the username and the password. After that fill in and press the login button.

Ushacam For Windows 7

Here, three basic questions are given. Answer them. These questions and answers are useful when you forget the password.

Ushacam For Windows 8

This way we log in to the software.

Ushacam For Windows 9

After logging in, it takes us to the Homepage of the Wizard.

Step-3 Adding The Device & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device, open the homepage of the app. Here, click the column ‘Maintenance & Management. After that press “+Add Device”. The following window opens.

Ushacam For Windows 10

Fill in these details asked for. After that press the Edit button. The device will be connected and you can easily monitor the cameras.

Ushacam For Windows 11

This way device is added. By following the same methodology, you can add many devices. Monitor your property.


Ushacam has been explained and installed here. The features of the software are described thoroughly to give a good amount of idea about the app. The installation process is given. Every step of the installation process is covered with images.

We have tried to make this article very user-friendly.

Please share your queries regarding the app, if you find any problems. We feel proud in serving you.

Thank You.

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