Download Paramont CMS For PC [For Window 8/10/11 & Mac]

Paramont CMS For PC is a unique software. It can associate many devices with it. The Best aspect of any CCTV CMS Application is that it gives its users authority to operate from any remote location. In this post, we are going to analyze the Paramont software.

We have given here its link buttons. It is given here for Mac, Android, and Windows OS. The link button is in a compressed file format. You have to decompress it for installation. The installation process is simple. You will find here in this chapter the full-blown installation demonstration.

It is demonstrated in 3 steps. The first step guides you in the installation of the app. The second step shows you the login of the application part. And in the third step, you will learn the adding of the device and monitoring part.  

How Is CMS Wizard Useful For CCTV Lovers? 

Any CMS is very handy for CCTV clients as it gives great freedom to monitor and supervise. If you have multiple sites and you want to monitor them from a remote place then a CMS application is of immense use. It connects many devices at a time and it is designed in such a way that it can relay all of them in real-time. 

The Wizard can store information, relay them, playback them and send them to any other device. Thus, it is very useful in these respects. The owner can save time and energy when they use it. It also saves the number of staff, because it works as a guard for you.

There is no substitute for it. The files are in a compressed format. So whenever you have to use it you have to decompress it. It is smart and intelligent.  

Know About Paramont CMS For PC

Paramont CMS For PC 16

It is an absolute masterpiece. The app is designed and developed by InVid Tech. It is a New-York based company in the USA. It manufactures medium-range CCTV Products and Security Surveillance Accessories.

There is a long list of IP cameras and HD cameras. Apart from it, there are many versions of DVRs and NVRs available in this company. You can have every accessory from CCTV Industry in this company.  

This CMS software which it has generated for security surveillance is top rated. It connects many devices and makes them accessible from any remote area. It makes the surveillance empowering. You are safe in its shelter.

Features & Functions Of Paramont Application

This app has many prominent features. These attributes add value to its users. When you know them, you use them for optimum use of the application. Let’s study the features of this Wizard. 

  • Paramont CMS For PC 15The app is powerful enough to fix minor bugs. Thus it is safe from virus threat
  • It can keep the backup of all the data
  •  It has sensors. It can sense many activities prior.
  • The motion and audio can be sensed by this CMS
  • Whenever it senses any threat, it sends messages and raises alarms
  • It can connect 20 devices at a time. You can add that many devices by scanning the QR Code
  • It relays a real-time preview of 16 cams at a time
  • It can take snaps, keep records, and playback videos
  • The app can easily operate any PTZ device from its location
  • It can pan, tilt and zoom the cam
  • The application supports two-way audio. It can send messages to the person on the device side
  • It is also useful when you see someone or something inappropriate on the camera side and you have to raise the alarm
  • It can show you the playback of the devices 4 at a time
  • It can remote configure many functions
  • You can adjust the recording

Download Paramont CMS For Windows OS

If you want to load and install the app on Windows then you have to click the link button. The link is given below. It is here in a crushed file format. you have to decompress it before installation. We have also covered here the full installation process.

It is given in three steps. Beginning from installation to log in to add the device. The installation process is filled with diagrams and images to make it more user-friendly. By merely looking at the images, you can do it yourself. 

Download Paramont For Mac OS

To load it for Apple PC, you have to extricate the file. The download button is given below. Click it to get it. The installation process is given for Windows. Apply a similar process for Macintosh PC, you can simply do it yourself. 

Download Paramont Application For Android OS

Paramont CMS For PC 14

To get it on Android OS, you have to get the link given below. Click it to get the link and load it on a PC. You can also get it from the google play store. After getting it, download it and install it.

After it, you have to log in to the app by signing in. Then add the device by scanning the QR Code. This way you have to install it on an Android smartphone. 

Install The Paramont CMS For Windows OS

To install it, you have to click the link button. The link is given in a compressed file format. you have to decompress it before loading. The installation process is given in three steps.

The first step is the installation of the application. The second step is for the login process. The third step is about adding the device and monitoring cameras 

Step-1 Install The App

To install the app you have to click the link. You will have to extricate it. After that, you will get the CMS setup file. When you click it, it shows you the following page.

Paramont CMS For PC 1

You have to select here the language of the application. When you choose it and press the OK button you get to this page.

Paramont CMS For PC 2

It hints to you that the app is preparing to install. The app begins to load and install. When initialization finishes this window opens.

Paramont CMS For PC 3

It is asking your permission to run it with an administrator account. Press the yes button.

Paramont CMS For PC 4

The license terms and conditions page opens. Go through the agreement terms and conditions. If you are satisfied with them, press the next button. This page will appear.

Paramont CMS For PC 5

Here, the app is asking you to select the path and the location of the folder. Browse through and give it a path and a folder. Keep in mind that the folder has no other application that already existed in it. Press the next button.

Paramont CMS For PC 6

The installation begins instantaneously. It takes almost 1 minute to load the content. When it has emptied all its contents, it will notify you with the message.

Paramont CMS For PC 7

Here is the message that the installation is complete. Press the finish button. This way you install this application on Windows PC.

We will move to the next step now. The next step is about logging in to the software.

Step-2 Log In The Software

To log in to the app, you have to double click the icon of the CMS. The following window opens.

Paramont CMS For PC 8

Here you have to mention the username and the password. By default, its username and password are the following.

Username- admin

Password – 123456

Mention it there.

Paramont CMS For PC 9

After putting them, press the login button. This page opens.

Paramont CMS For PC 10

This page is the homepage of the application. This way we log in to the software.

Step-3 Adding The device & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device, go to the homepage of the application and click the resource management column. It will direct you to this page.

Paramont CMS For PC 11

Here it is asking you to add the device. Click the Add button.

Paramont CMS For PC 12

Here, go to the manually add option. Fill in the serial number of the device to add that and then press the OK button.

This way the device will be added. You can add more devices to it by following the same way. When you press OK, the device will be added.

Paramont CMS For PC 13

The cameras attached to that device will appear on the screen.


The Paramont Software is discussed here. You will find the link to this app for Windows, Android, and Mac. The links are in an extricate file format. Extricate it to get the setup file. We have also shown here images of the installation process.

You can easily understand it. It guides users to load and install it on their PCs. If you have any queries regarding this application or any other app, please let us know.

Thank You. 

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