Best Surveillance Camera For Small Business In 2021

Increasing concern about the security of the business by the corporate sector is also creating a major demand for surveillance solutions and products. We have provided the best surveillance camera for small business enterprises. This article has been dedicated to the small business enterprises which are looking for an affordable and secure video surveillance system with advanced features. 

We are dedicated to providing the best security camera for the business’s security solutions. These products have amazing functions and characteristics to meet the security demands of the small business. The article is here to help our readers and clients to select the best security surveillance system for their small business.

Best Surveillance Camera for Small Business in 2021

The article has been detailed here with the information related to the product’s purchase price as well as pros and cons. We have selected the best security devices for small business enterprises. These products have a variety of features and characteristics which help the employers to monitor their office premises without any installation hindrances.

Below we have listed some of the best video surveillance products for small business enterprises with detailed information about the product along with pros and cons, price, and the purchase link.

1. Blink Outdoor Security Camera

Blink provides a better solution for business for the outdoor surveillance system in the market. It has incredible 1080P Full HD video quality resolution with 110-degree wide coverage for surveillance. This security cam can also be accessed without any difficulty from Amazon’s Alexa without downloading any application on the mobile phone.

Available on Amazon at – $424.98/-

Blink Security System
Blink Security System

Characteristics & Features:

  • Motion Detection – With the help of motion sensors receive an alert in real-time on the mobile app.
  • Storage – The clients are empowered to store their data on cloud storage or via synchronizing on the USB drive.
  • Integration – Integrate with Amazon’s Alexa to access the camera without any mobile app.
  • Talkback Audio – Communicate by the in-built microphone and speaker with the person on camera and vice versa.
  • Vision – Get better coverage for surveillance with a 110-degree wide-lens view.
  • Connection Type – Connect the Blink Cam using 4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n.
  • Night Vision – The infrared night vision provides brighter and clear video in the dark or night.



Ø  Installation and set up process is easier.

Ø  Video quality is also good.

Ø  The camera provides clear video quality.

Ø  Cloud storage is expensive and requires a subscription.

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2. Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Google Nest Cam IQ outdoor provides 1080P FHD video resolution with 24/7 video surveillance. With an in-built microphone and speaker, communicate with the visitor without any difficulty. With a 130-degree wide-angle view get a better surveillance coverage area. Along with the amazing video resolution, the product also provides inexpensive cloud storage as well for its clients.

Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor
Google Nest Cam IQ Outdoor

Available on Amazon at – $14.99/-

Functions & Characteristics:

  • Weatherproof – The cam is designed and developed to work in any climate whether it is sunny or raining.
  • Motion & Sound detection – The product is equipped with highly advanced sound detection as well as motion detection sensors.
  • Night Vision – The camera is also equipped with night vision to provide clear video surveillance.
  • Nest Aware – With Nest Aware get 60 days of recorded video.
  • Vision – With the 130-degree wide-angle view get better surveillance coverage.
  • Resolution – Get 1080P full HD video resolution to get a clear view day and night.
  • Talkback Facility – It is also equipped with an in-built speaker and camera to communicate without any difficulty.



Ø  Day and Night mode video quality is good.

Ø  Cheap cloud storage plans with longer video storage.

Ø  Motion sensors work without any false alarm.

Ø  Audio quality is also echoed free.

Ø  Micro SD card is not supported.

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3. Arlo Pro 3 Surveillance Security System

Arlo Pro 3 also stand in the rank of the best security cam for business as it renders an amazing 2K HDR resolution for video surveillance. Arlo Pro 3 also renders a colorful video in night vision, With two-way audio function, communicate with the person on the camera and vice versa.

Available on Amazon at – $291.99/-

Arlo Pro 3 Surveillance System
Arlo Pro 3 Surveillance System

Characteristics & Features:

  • Resolution – It renders an amazing 1080P video resolution.
  • Night Vision – Get colorful video instead of black and white video for surveillance in night mode.
  • Vision Area – With a 160-degree wide-angle get a better area of coverage for surveillance.
  • Integration – Access the camera without any need to download and install the app on mobile.
  • Two-way Audio – In-built microphone, as well as speaker, assist and help the clients to communicate as well.
  • Spotlight – With the help of an in-built spotlight drive away any intruder.
  • Storage Option – Cloud storage provides a better storage facility for the recorded data.
  • Smart Tracking System – With the help of a smart tracking system keeps track of moving objects detected by the motion sensor.



Ø  Installation as well as the setup process is simple and easy.

Ø  Colour night vision video quality is great as well as unique from other cameras.

Ø  Resolution of the video day and night is good.

Ø  The security device has a spotlight.

Ø  Very expensive plans for cloud storage.

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4. Ring Stick Cam With Solar Panel

The Ring Stick Cam is also on the list of the best business security system in the global CCTV market. The product also comes with the Ring solar panel to provide wire-free and longer battery life. It also renders an amazing FHD 1080P video resolution on camera. With the advanced motion sensor system reduce the false alarm alerts and differentiate between humans and non-human subject.

Available on Amazon at – $148.99/-

Ring Stick Up Cam With Solar Panel
Ring Stick Up Cam With Solar Panel

Characteristics & Features:

  • Video Capture Resolution – It renders a 1080P amazing crystal clear video in Full HD.
  • Privacy Mode – The client can switch off the surveillance with the mobile app providing complete privacy.
  • Vision Area –It renders a 110-degree view horizontally and 57-degree views vertically.
  • Two-way Audio –Communicate in real-time with the person standing on your door.
  • Advanced Motion Sensors – The security cam is equipped with an advanced AI motion sensor to help reduce the false alarm.
  • Alarm Siren –With the in-built siren drive away any intruder when any kind of such activity is detected.
  • Works With Alexa –With Echo Show 5 (Alexa) access as well as manage the camera.
  • Night Mode –With the infrared LED lights, get clear images and videos in the dark or night.
  • Cloud Storage –The user can store their recorded videos on cloud storage.
  • Versatile Power Option –Charge the device with a Ring Solar panel.



Ø  Motion sensors detect only humans and reduce false alerts.

Ø  Audio quality in two-way communication.

Ø  Siren works perfectly.

Ø  Video quality is also perfect as stated.

Ø  Micro SD card storage is not supported.

Ø  Internet connectivity issue is present.

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5. Reolink D800 4K UHD Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Reolink D800 is one of the best options for the security system for small businesses as it provides 4K UHD video resolution for recording and surveillance. The security surveillance cam works with an 8MP PoE Surveillance system and is IP66 rated for weather resistance. The product only works as the Add-on Camera for Reolink 8CH or 16CH NVR or Reolink Security Camera System.

Available on Amazon at – $588.99/-

Reolink D800 Security Surveillance System
Reolink D800 Security Surveillance System

Characteristics & Features:

  • Real-Time Motion Detection –The product has smart motion detection along with the option to schedule the time and zone of motion detection.
  • Resolution of Video Surveillance –It provides 4K UHD video resolution for crystal clear surveillance.
  • One-way Audio –With a built-in microphone listen to the sound the camera detects.
  • The buzzer in NVR –When motion is detected the camera sends alert
  • Area Coverage –The security cam has a 355-degree horizontal view and 140-degree vertical view along
  • Night Vision – With advanced 18 Pcs LED infrared night vision get 100 ft distance of the clear view in the night as well.
  • Storage Option –The data of recorded videos are stored on NVR’s hard disk.
  • Access From Remote Location –Access the device from a remote location using the mobile application.
  • IP66 Rating Weatherproof –It is IP66 rated for weatherproof technology to work efficiently in all type of weather.



Ø  Video quality day and night is amazing.

Ø  Able to store a large amount of video due to NVR storage.

Ø  The installation process is easy to compare to other cameras.

Ø  Schedule time and zone of motion detection.

Ø  The camera does not support Onvif and works only on Reolink NVR.

Ø  Talkback feature is not available.

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6. Zmodo Security Surveillance Camera

Zmodo is also included in the list of security solutions and products for small businesses as it has an amazing 65 ft distance of vision in the night mode. With the in-built alarm, the siren drives any intruder when the camera detects any intrusion. It is also certified with an IP65 rating for weather resistance to work in all types of climate.

Available on Amazon at – $56.99/-

Zmodo Wireless Security Surveillance
Zmodo Wireless Security Surveillance

Characteristics & Features:

  • Resolution Quality –Provides 1080P full HD resolution for clear quality of video surveillance.
  • Works on Alexa –Access the device on Alexa without any mobile application.
  • Alarm Siren –With the help of an in-built alarm siren drive away from an intruder.
  • Night Vision –Covers up to 65 ft of distance in night mode for video surveillance.
  • Storage –The clients can store the data on cloud storage only.
  • Access From Remote Location –Clients can access the cameras from a remote location as well.
  • IP65 Weatherproof –With the certification of IP65 rating security cam is weather resistant and work effectively in all types of climate.
  • Data Sharing – Share the data of recorded videos with others through the Android application.
  • AI Motion Detection –The cam records video of 15-second if a motion is detected by the device.



Ø  It renders good quality video in day and night mode.

Ø  Process of installation is simple and easy.

Ø  Covers a distance of 65 ft in night vision.

Ø  Micro SD card storage is not supported.

Ø  Does not provide two-way audio ability.

Check on Amazon

7. Swann Bullet Security System

Swann is one of the best options for small business enterprises to install. This device is equipped with heating and motion sensors as well as 1080P video quality for video surveillance. The security cam provides a view up to 100ft of distance in night mode as well.

Available on Amazon at – $311.99/-

Swann Security System
Swann Security System

Characteristics & Features:

  • Video Quality – It renders 1080P FHD video quality for video recording and surveillance.
  • Compatible with Alexa – The cameras can be accessed with Alexa, Google Assistant, etc.
  • Heat & Motion Sensors – With the heat and motion sensors get correct alerts on the system.
  • Smart Search – With this function finds the position of the movement of the particular object by marking it.
  • Coloured Night Vision – It also provides night vision in colorful resolution unlike the white and black.
  • Expandable Coverage Area – Expand the surveillance area by add 4 more (up to 8 security cam) for better surveillance.
  • Warning Light – The camera is equipped with a warning light as well.
  • Storage – Store the data on the DVR Hard disk on 1 TB.



Ø  Video quality in day and night mode is good.

Ø  The cameras are accessible with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Ø  Heat and motion sensors provide correct motion alerts.

Ø  It requires Wiring to install and run.

Ø  Two-way audio is not available.

Available for Sale on Amazon

8. Firstrend Wireless Security System

Firstrend is also an amazing new brand in the global CCTV market for small business enterprises. The product provides an amazing 1080P video quality for surveillance and has a certification of IP66 rating for weather resistance.

Available on Amazon at – $194.02/-

Firstrend Surveillance Security System
Firstrend Surveillance Security System

Characteristics & Features:

  • Video Resolution – 1080P Full HD video quality resolution for better video quality in surveillance.
  • IP66 Waterproof – The device is weather resistant and can stand all kinds of climate.
  • Connectivity – It supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n internet connection.
  • Night Vision – The camera provides a view up to 65 ft of distance with infrared LED in night vision.
  • Motion Detection – The camera is equipped with motion sensors to provide amazing motion detection alerts.
  • Storage – With NVR hard disk storage facility the client can store a large amount of video.
  • Expandable Coverage Area – Additional devices can be added to the NVR up to 8 devices in total.



Ø  Video quality is great.

Ø  Motion detection works correctly.

Ø  A better storage facility with a hard disk of max 4TB.

Ø  Does not have audio.

Ø  Requires exact location to configure.

Sale on Amazon

9. Night Owl Spotlight Wired Surveillance Security Camera

Night owl has been considered a better option for enhancing the security of the office premises. The camera is dedicated to providing 1080P video quality for surveillance along with an NVR storage option to help the client store a large number of videos. The product is also equipped with human detection along with motion sensors, which reduces the false alarm. The camera has a spotlight that turns on when any motion is detected.

Available on Amazon at – $299.99/-

Night Owl Security System
Night Owl Security System

Characteristics & Features:

  • Video Capture Quality – It provides 1080P video resolution for surveillance and video recording.
  • Integrated Spotlight – The camera comes with an in-built spotlight that turns on when any motion is detected by the camera.
  • Night Vision – It has an amazing night vision with a 100 ft distance view in colorful video quality.
  • Human Detection – The motion sensors in the devices are equipped with human detection technology to reduce false alarms.
  • Storage – Store the recorded video on the DVR’s Hard disk and it is replaceable as well as reusable (if older videos are deleted).
  • 2-Step Verification – The device is protected with 2-step verification and single Sign-In helps to prevent unauthorized access to the system.
  • Expandable – More cameras can be added to the 16CH DVR up to 16 cameras.



Ø  Video quality in day and night mode is good.

Ø  Colourful night vision.

Ø  Human detection reduces false alarm.

Ø  2-Step verification helps to provide better security.

Ø  Expandable to 16 camera setup.

Ø  Requires wiring to install.

Ø  Does not have audio.

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The article on the topic Best Surveillance Camera For Small Business in 2021” to assist and help them choose the best security solution for their small business enterprises. The products listed in this article have vivid details about their features and functions. The readers and clients can understand easily. We have provided the purchase link of the product as well.

This article will help our clients to select the best security option available for their office premises. The article is dedicated to providing every minute detail about the products’ characteristics in detail along with the price of the product.

In our opinion surveillance should not be limited to the wireless but also on the wired level as well because certain benefits are only available on the wired security camera such as NVR/DVR storage option with large storing capacity. We hope this article renders essential details about the topic. For any question or query please contact us in the comment section below of the article.

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