How to Install CCTV Camera – “CCTV camera installation” guide (2018)

CCTV camera installation: Here we are going to discuss how to install CCTV camera. Before the start of the installation, you have to plan some points. The main point of the CCTV installation is designed as a blueprint. It is very tough to watch each and every point of your home so select some of those main points from where you can keep eyes and catch the activities.

The second necessary point is to select the right camera for your premises. There are so many types of CCTV camera available on the market and you have to choose the right type of CCTV camera. Instead of CCTV camera type you also choose right CCTV camera brand. So let’s start how to install CCTV camera.

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What is CCTV camera?

A CCTV camera is a type of video camera which is used to monitor or capture the defined area with the help of monitor. A CCTV camera commonly used for security purpose but it also uses for experimental things like the observation of a plant. Nowadays the CCTV system is globally used and it is a main component of the security. In developed countries, CCTV all over like in a mall, In a hospital, In an industry, In a school everywhere. The main benefit of a CCTV camera is you can record the footage and save it. It is very helpful for evidence point of view.

Types of CCTV camera.

You can categories the CCTV camera type as follow. For detail you may read this.CCTV camera Types

1. Analogue Camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

2. HD Camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

3. IP camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

4. Wifi Camera

  • Dome Camera(Indoor camera)
  • Bullet Camera(Outdoor camera)
  • PTZ camera(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)

How to Install CCTV camera

There are mainly three methods to install CCTV camera.

  1. Install HD/Analogue Camera
  2. IP camera installation
  3. Install Wifi Camera 

So start with the beginning

Install HD/Analogue Camera 

cctv camera installation

For the installation of an analogue or HD camera, you have to get the following accessories.

  1. CCTV cameras
  2. A DVR
  3. CCTV cable
  4. A power supply for camera
  5. BNC connectors
  6. DC connectors
  7. A monitor or TV(with VGA or HDMI port for HD camera)
  8. A Toolbox
  9. A Drill machine
  10. Some screw and saddles

Step 1.

Choose the right place to put the DVR and power supply for the camera. Remember place should be near to the monitor unit if you are going to use HDMI cable for display. Because HMDI cable only supports up to 20meters. So keep this in your mind before do the wiring. Now suppose you have eight cameras to install. In the first step laying the CCTV wire for each camera from DVR to the camera.

Step 2. 

how to install cctv camera

After the completion of the wiring. Drill all the camera to their place and tighten it with the help of the screws. Now it is time to tighten the connectors to the camera side. You have two connectors to make. One is BNC and another on is DC pin. BNC pin is for the video transmission and DC is for the power for the camera. In the BNC pin, you got two wires one for video and another for groud. Connect the core of CCTV wire with the positive wire of BNC and ground wire with the negative of BNC. In a similar way in DC connect positive with red wire and negative with black wire. The image is shown below.

Step 3.

Now move to the DVR side. Here you have to tight one BNC pin to the wire as in step 2. Now put the others wire into the power supply. The power supply has two terminals one is positive and another one is negative. In positive terminal tight the red wire and in negative use the black wire.

cctv camera installation

Step 4.

Now connect all the BNC pins to the DVR and power up the DVR and power supply. Now you are able to view your camera to the screen. Connect your monitor to the DVR with HDMI/VGA cable. Make sure all the connections are proper and tight. All the devices are powered up.

how to install cctv camera

Step 5.

It is time to set the views of the camera. You have to make some setting form the camera side. When cameras on the screen then it gives the views on real time. So you have to adjust the views by some tilt or pan the cameras.

cctv camera installation


IP camera installation

how to install cctv camera

Installation of IP camera is different from the HD or analogue installation. For IP camera installation you have to some knowledge of computer network. If you know how to connect two computer via a LAN wire then it is very easy to connect IP cameras with NVR. So let’s start how to install CCTV camera IP.

Prerequisite of installation of IP camera.

  1. LAN (cat 6 or cat 5 cables)
  2. rj45 connectors
  3. A switch(according to the number of cameras)
  4. A power supply (If cameras are non-PEO)
  5. A computer
  6. Basic knowledge of the computer

Step 1. Set the IP address of NVR

Just power up your NVR and set an IP address according to your existing router or network. Suppose the IP address of the router is then this IP will be the gateway for your NVR and the IP should be like 192.168.0.XXX. To know what is your router IP just go to the CMD on your computer and type “ipconfig” and hit enter. Now it shows you all the information about the network. If there is no any existing network then you should set an IP address to the NVR as per your choice.

cctv camera installation

Step 2 Set the IP address to the cameras

After setting the IP of the NVR. You have to change the IP addresses to the IP cameras according to the NVR IP address. Suppose the IP of the NVR is then the series of IP of the camera must be Also, remember that all cameras have different IP addresses. Just take an example, IP of the NVR is and you have 2 cameras then IP of cameras will be and

In order to change the IP address of cameras, you can use the IP tool provided by the camera manufacturer. For TVT you can read this Connect IP camera.

TVT IP tool

Step 3 Hang all cameras and Put NVR to their place

Once you set all the configuration of IP addresses. Put all cameras at their points. Laying a cat 6 cable from NVR to each camera and tight rj45 connectors.

Step 4 Add cameras into NVR

Go to the ADD Camera option into the NVR and here you can find the IPs of all your cameras. Just click on ADD button and add the cameras into the NVR.

how to connect TVT IP camera

Note: Option name should be different according to the manufacturing company of the NVR.

Step 5 Set the views

Now, all the cameras at your monitor and now you can set the views of the cameras according to your need. Just give a final touch to the system and it’s about how to install CCTV camera using IP system.

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Install Wifi Camera 

This is the third way to how to install CCTV camera.

There are two kinds of wifi camera available on the market. One is which works with the NVR and second one standalone camera. Here we discuss how to install CCTV camera wifi which is stand alone. This kind of camera can directly work on your mobile device via the internet.

Prerequisite of installation of WIFI camera.

  1. Wifi camera
  2. Android or ISO device
  3. Working internet with wifi
  4. basic knowledge of internet

Step 1. Find the user manual

The configuration of the wifi camera totally depends on the manufacturing company of the camera. There is no fixed method for all the wifi camera. So you have to read the user manual how to install wifi CCTV camera. Just read the user manual carefully.

Step 2. Download the respective Application

You have to get an application provided by the company. Just find the proper application according to your mobile device and download and install into your phone.

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Step 3. Configure the Application

Follow the instruction provided by the company and configure the application. Generally, the application asks for a barcode which is situated in the wifi camera. Just scan it and you are able to view your camera into your mobile

Step 4. Setup the Recording

cctv storage calculator formula

Now it is time to set the recording parameter according to your need. Generally wifi camera support for an SD memory card or an FTP account provided by the company. Just put an SD card into your camera or put the FTP detail using your mobile application setting parameters.

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Step 5. Set the view

Now it is almost done. You just have to put the camera in a place from where you can view your desired area. So find a good place and put your camera and set the proper view.

It is all done. Now you can enjoy the live monitoring from your wifi camera to your mobile phone in the real-time and also record the activities.

So this is all about how to install CCTV camera. We hope this article is helpful to yours. If you have any query or suggestion please write to us in the comment box below.

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