TIGERSECU TS-5MP-60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Home Camera

TIGERSECU TS-5MP-60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera is the best outdoor camera in its category. This TIGERSECU super HD 4 in 1 outdoor security camera is unique in the sense that it is compatible with all formats of DVR. It has a switch system that shifts it to 4 different types of security DVRs including HD-TVI, AHD, CVI, and CVBS 960H D1 analogue DVRs easily and effectively.

With this remarkable feature TIGERSECU, TS-5MP-60B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera protects your home or business at all times with a high-definition surveillance system. 

For the last 20 years, TIGERSECU has been providing its services in the security world successfully. It has sprawled its wings to different parts of the globe from the base country China, only because of its best quality products.

The Buying Guide For Purchasing An Outdoor CCTV Camera For Home


When you buy an outdoor cctv camera for home then your sole intention is to get protection. For that, you need to know some factors regarding CCTV purchase. It will help you in selecting a product very close to your need.

Resolution-  Resolution is the primary thing to check in a camera. It tells about picture quality. When the resolution is high, the picture quality is good, and when the resolution is low, the picture quality is dull. A video resolution of 1080P super HD is supposed to be a very good resolution. 

When the resolution is low then video footage will not be clear and you will not be able to recognize faces easily. So the resolution in any good camera must be of good quality.

Night-Vision Of The Camera- Night vision mode is a must for any good quality cctv camera. If the camera has no night vision facility then it will function only in day mode. When the darkness of the night engulfs, the camera will not capture. Cameras are for security purposes only, and many untoward activities happen at night. If the camera has no night vision then it will fail to capture those images and videos. Thus it defeats the very purpose of security.

Built-in Sensor In The Camera-  Very often a good quality camera is also assisted with sensors. The main function of the sensor is to detect the threat through motion and voice. When any fishy activity or sound is detected, it sends an alert on the registered mail and mobile device. In this way, the user gets prompts to prepare in advance for any protective action.

Microphone In The Camera-  When cameras are laced with microphones, then they also record sounds and conversations. It is very useful when you have installed the camera at a prime location. You can listen to the conversation and make a point through it. Though the chances are there that, an opportunist can misuse the camera, by placing it in a private place. 

Range Of The Camera-  Mainly cameras capture clearly up to a distance of 25mtrs. Some high vision costly cameras even see beyond that. But the cameras we use for our home security can see between 20mtrs-30mtrs, which is enough for home purposes.

Warranty And After Sales Service- While purchasing the CCTV camera, it is important to know the guaranty and warranty of the product. If it develops any problem within the warranty period, how the warranty is going to be covered.

Know exactly, if the product will be replaced or it will only be repaired. If it is an on-call service or you have to go to the service centre. The more you know these details the better you are in the position to make a purchasing decision. When the services are top class, products are rocking. 

The best outdoor CCTV camera must have the above features.


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Know About TIGERSECU TS-5MP-60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

TIGERSECU 5MP outdoor camera is an HD camera with a 4 in 1 camera switch that makes it functional to HD, CVI, TVI, and Analogue DVRs. It is also compatible with high definition 5MP DVRs (2560 x 1920 pixels) by Swann, Lorex, Samsung, Night Owl, Q-See, Annke, etc.

This 5MP camera gives clear radiant images of 25601920 pixels when you use it with a 5MP DVR. When you use it with 1080P DVR still it gives you an image of 12801920 pixels. 

TIGERSECU 5MP camera has a metal casing that keeps it safe against tough weather. It is also waterproof for perfect outdoor use. Its night vision also works great up to approx. 30 feet. You can order this camera online mode or can visit a cctv camera showroom for purchase.

It is priced at $49.99, which is very apt for these kinds of products. The warranty and after-sales service of the TIGERSECU are very satisfactory.


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Advantages Of TIGERSECU-5MP 60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

Tigersecu 5MP HD camera has many benefits.

  • It is compatible with all kinds of DVRs. You can install it at HD, CVI, TVI, and Analogue DVRs.
  • Night Vision is very good. You can easily recognize anything in the vicinity of 10mtrs even when outside is pitch dark.
  • It is among IP66 rated cameras, specially built to withstand rain, heat, storm, and snow.
  • The company has service centres and collection centres at many locations to give the best services to clients and properly cover the warranty.
  • The company gives you lifetime support for its products. So you can repair it after many years of purchase.
  • It is very easy to install and operate. So, any family member can operate it easily.

Disadvantages Of TIGERSECU-5MP 60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

Though its merits are many, still it has a few demerits.

  • It has no microphone attached to the camera, so an external microphone is required to record the voice.
  • The camera is not wireless.


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Design Of TIGERSECU-5MP 60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

Tigersecu 5MP camera is cylindrical in shape. It is white in colour with a rugged metal body. It weighs 13.6 ounces and has a camera dimension of 733 cubic inches. It is designed in such a way with heavy-duty IP66 keeps it intact in stormy, windy, rainy, hot, and snowy weather. 

You can fix it anywhere at a wall, roof, soffit, or ceiling. Its white colour matches the background of the house.

Features Of TIGERSECU-5MP 60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

It has an image sensor 1/2.7” progressive scan CMOS 5035, 4mm fixed lens, 36PCS IR LED, and IR cut filters. Because of it, it gives a very sharp picture image and a great image when there is complete darkness. It gives you a clear image of 20-30 meters of visibility.

Ultra high-definition 5MP security camera capable of generating crystal clear 2560 x 1920 pixels (5 megapixels) video when used with a 5MP DVR, and 1280 x 1920 pixels when used with a 1080P DVR.

The camera is compatible with all kinds of DVRs. You can run the camera on an AHD, Analogue, CVI, and TVI DVRs. It means whatever DVR you have you can add this camera with that DVR.

The camera can be connected hard-wired with the DVR.

You can also connect an external microphone with the camera, to receive voice recordings of that particular location.

The camera set includes one wired 5MP 4-in-1 security camera, 3 screws, and a quick start guide. Power supply and coaxial video cables are sold separately. 

How To Install TIGERSECU-5MP 60B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

To install it, you screw the camera at the required location, then wire connects it with the DVR. TIGERSECU has a special software. You have to install the app on your mobile and then add the camera. You will get several instructions and navigate through to view the camera online. This way you are vigilant 24hours.


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Performance Of The TIGERSECU-5MP 60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

Since it is compatible with hybrid DVR, it works tremendously well. It is easy to install and simple to use, so customer demands it.

There are 36 IRs in the camera, so night-vision is simply superb. You can easily identify any activity in the pitch dark situation. It switches very smoothly from day mode to night mode.  

The durability of the camera is very high and lifetime company support of the product makes it more pronounced.

User’s Review Of The TIGERSECU-5MP 60 B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera

There are different reviews from different clients. As per review in their own terms

  • Eric from America says that “I bought this camera because I thought I would be able to get a detailed picture of faces. Could not see the face clearly as expected. I am adding to my review. I started a return on this camera however I decided to keep them and update my review. The camera has a nice wide-angle view and the night vision is superb although I was expecting a more detailed view of faces during the daytime I was also expecting to pinch and zoom from my phone and get a clear view of license plates, that did not happen. All in all, I probably was expecting too much nevertheless tech support is very responsive. I will now update to 4 stars.

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  • The Nevinator from the US says that “Great camera. I bought this to upgrade from a 1080p camera I already had. Although it is better, the 5MP camera is much clearer in live view, I don’t see a tremendous difference on recorded video. The 5MP camera has a wider field of view so this one shows about an 80’ wide area at a distance of 40’. Perfect for my particular application.”
  • Some other remarks are like- Works as advertised, Great night vision, Great picture in daylight. have since ordered another camera and will buy more in the future, Also customer service is great, you ask the answer.
  • Best camera I ever bought. Great night vision. Going to replace all my cameras with this model.
  • I must have got a bad camera, the picture was good the first day but the second day the picture was tearing Intermittingly so I sent it back and got a different brand from Amazon.

Should I Buy This Camera

Best CCTV cameras are many and TIGERSECU 5MP-60 B01 is one among them.

Yes, in its category this is the best camera. It has good resolution, good night-vision, and camera switch to shift to any of the 4 modes of DVRs, namely Analogue, HD, CVI, and TVI.

It is designed in such a way to suit all weather conditions.

It covers one year warranty and lifetime support for repairing and maintenance.


TIGERSECU-5MP 60B01 Super HD Outdoor Security Camera is an excellent choice for outdoor installation. It gives you full coverage and a clear image. When you see video footage of the camera in day and night time, then you will feel happy to see the images. Resolution is high, quality is good, and company support is great.


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