Download Free JAWA For Windows 8/10/11 & MAC OS

Get more information related to the CMS JAWA for Windows OS user clients. The article here renders the software for free to download and install on Windows PC to link as well as access the CCTV camera surveillance along with others with detailed information and knowledge related to the application.

The increasing security concern has provided that security surveillance companies are innovating and developing new technology and products to meet the changing demands of the global market. And many other organizations, as well as software developers, rendered much other software for the Onvif-supported cameras.

Learn More About The JAWA

Get more details in the article about the CMS software’s installation along with other information related to the application and its functions. The article provides details related to the system requirement of the application to install and connect the surveillance camera on a PC or smartphone without any technical issues being encountered.

We ensured to render every knowledge about the application with elaboration and explanation. The article is prepared to meet the needs as well as help the user clients in the installation and setup of the CMS. We have also rendered the installation procedure with image illustrations for our readers and users.

What is JAWA CMS Software?

JAWA App Logo
JAWA App Logo

This application enables the user to integrate the CCTV cameras to access and control them through a PC or smartphone without any technical knowledge being required. The app is available for free to install and set up on a Windows, Android, or iOS smartphone. The software provides the best user interface for CCTV camera clients.

Functions Provide In The JAWA Application 

Learn the information provided about the functions to help the users of CCTV cameras in operating as well as controlling their surveillance cameras through a PC or mobile phone. We have ensured to explain every detail about the features of the CMS below for the readers to learn and understand the commands and actions performed by the app. The functions are as follows in the list below:

  • Get access to real-time video surveillance in HD quality.
  • Playback recorded videos from remote devices.
  • Capture image snapshot.
  • Provide alarm alert function.
  • Users can zoom in and out in the video as well as the image.
  • Record video manually on live video and playback video interface.
  • Search the recorded video in the album.
  • App provides PTZ control.

Details About Minimum System Requirement of The App

This is section provides the most vital information about the software i.e., about the minimum system requirement to help the clients in linking their CCTV camera to the most suitable PC or a smartphone for avoiding any technical issues. We have rendered below the information about the requirements as follows:

  • Supported OS: Windows 7 SP1 (64-Bit), Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 (64-Bit), Android 4.4 & iOS 8.0.
  • CPU Processors: Intel Core i3 / AMD Ryzen R3 / Android Octacore / Apple A13 Bionic.
  • RAM: 3 GB for PCs / 2 GB for Smartphones.
  • Memory Requirement: 34 MB for PC / 42 MB for Android / 143 MB for iOS.

The information rendered here will help and assist the clients to install the JAWA application on the right device that meets the system requirement parameters as well as the operating system specifications. This information will be helpful for the user in setting up this app without any difficulty.

Download The Software for Windows 8/10/11 OS Free

Get the download the application for the clients to connect and operate their CCTV surveillance set up on the software and get live video streaming for keeping surveillance on their premises with the help of this application without any difficulty. The download link is provided below in the article for free to install and set up.

Remember, we provide the download file in compressed format. Therefore, use WinRAR to decompress the download file of the software before employing the installing wizard set up on the PC. The article is also integrated with the installation guide for Windows OS user clients to install and run the app without any obstacles. We request to read the installation process of the CMS client carefully provide below.

App To Install Free For Smartphone (Android / iOS)

We provide here the link to install and set up the application on the Android and iOS operating systems to connect and operate the client’s surveillance camera on their smartphones. With the application, the user can keep surveillance from remote locations as well. The download links are rendered below for Android and iPhone users to install the app.

The company has provided updates as well with new features and fixed bugs for the user to access live video surveillance from the CCTV cameras. The application is simple and has better user interface to operate the application to control the remote devices. Get the app from the link provided above for free to install.

Is JAWA CMS Software Available For Mac OS?

No, The software developers have not developed any application for macOS user clients. The developers have also not provided any update regarding the future release of the app for Mac OS clients. We recommend macOS user clients to either install Windows OS on their Macintosh or download and set up the Android emulator for example Bluestacks to access the cameras live on the Mac PC. With Bluestacks the Mac OS user can run the Android application of the CMS client easily on their PC.

Process To Install The JAWA For Windows OS

Here follow the steps along with the guiding images for installing and setting up the application software on the PC. Read the process carefully mentioned below for proceeding to the installation of the CMS clients. As we mentioned earlier, the user is required first to decompress the file of the software and then open the extracted folder and proceed by double-clicking on the app’s installer file.

1st Step – Setting Up The Application on The PC

The setup wizard window of the CMS software will appear on the screen, click on the “Next” button.

Installation wizard of the app
The installation wizard of the app

Now select the local drive to save the files of the software on the PC by clicking on the “Browse” button or leave it to default and click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Select the drive to store files
Select the drive to store files

The installation of the software will start on the PC, wait for the process to complete.

Progress of the installing the JAWA app
Progress of installing the JAWA app

After completing the installation click on the “Finish” button to start the installation.

Finish the installation of the JAWA app
Finish the installation of the JAWA app

The software will start on the PC and the login window will appear on the screen. Enter the registered username (email ID / Phone number) and password to log in. But remember the user can only register and add devices to the app through the JAWA mobile application only. Therefore, follow the steps to register and add the devices to the application.

Login window on the PC.
Login window on the PC.

2nd Step – Register & Sign in to the app

The application will open on the mobile phone, click on the “Sign Up” option.

Sign up on the mobile phone
Sign up on the mobile phone

Enter the email ID and password and click on the option “Send Code” to get the code on the email address. Enter the code and click on the option “Register Immediately”

Create username and password with email ID
Create username and password with email ID

Then sign in using the email ID and password and click on the “Sign In” button.

Sign in to the app on the mobile
Sign in to the app on the mobile

3rd Step – Add The Devices To JAWA CMS

The app will open on the mobile, click on the “Add Device” to proceed to the process.

Proceed to add camera
Proceed to add a camera

Follow the instruction mentioned on the screen of the mobile and click on the “Connecting My Camera” option.

Start connecting the device
Start connecting the device

Then plug in the power cord of the device start the device and wait for the device to prompt voice message “Power-On” then click on the “The tone has been heard” button.

Follow the installation procedure displayed on the mobile
Follow the installation procedure displayed on the mobile

Then connect the camera to the WiFi by selecting the WiFi and enter the WiFi password and then click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Connect the CCTV camera to WiFi
Connect the CCTV camera to the WiFi

Live Video Streaming on The App For PC

Then users can go to their PC and open the software and log in with their email ID / Phone number and access and operate the CCTV cameras on the PC.

Live video streaming from CCTV camera on JAWA for PC users.


The article explains and elaborates on the subject of Download Free JAWA For Windows 8/10/11 OS for CCTV camera users to help and assist them in connecting and operating their surveillance system easily on the application for live video streaming to ensure better security and safety. We prepared the article to discuss the different vital aspects of the software in detail.

We rendered beneficial information about the app to the users to provide them with knowledge about the CMS client’s functions and features along with the installation process. The article also renders information about the system requirement details to help the clients in selecting the most suitable operating systems and devices for installing the app.

Apart from the requirement and specification of the software we have also rendered the process of installing the CMS software with image illustrations for the Windows OS. Unfortunately, there is no app available for macOS user clients to access the CCTV camera. The user can either access their devices on the application by installing the Windows OS on the Macintosh PC or installing Bluestacks, an Android emulator to run the Android app of the CMS.

We hope the article has provided the information related to the JAWA CMS software setup and installation. For any issues or problems encountered contact us in the comment section below of the article.

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