TVT CCTV: The award winning CCTV Camera Company

TVT CCTV Company is ready for winning over best growing India’s security system market.

TVT CCTV Company is a 13-year-old Chinese CCTV equipment manufacturer is ready to grab one of the biggest growth markets. In last year TVT CCTV Company has changed its market strategy, they make three national distributors for selling products in India, which are as follows




1.Tikmany Telesystems  Pvt. Ltd, Kolkatta

2.Hamsa India

  • D-133 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I  New Delhi-110020, India
  • Phone- 011-41756969

3. TVT CCTV India

TVT CCTV product is already selling in Indian market but not in the way that any multinational company is selling. There is no doubt about its product quality. TVT has a great experience in chip level and video compression solution. TVT sold their product in almost over 100 countries. In 2016 TVT listed in SME board, Shenzen with stock code: 002835. The only Good reputed company can afford this you can check online with mention code. For Convince I will compare SME board Report,

Stock CodeStock NameListing DateMarket CapitalNegotiable CapitalIndustry
002236DAHUA INC2008-05-202,898,756,1301,835,429,357Manufacturing

TVT CCTV analysis

As you see only these companies are registered on SME Board, Shenzhen. As a project, you found that TVT CCTV camera setup on European border for custom checkpoint and many other places.

TVT is the first manufacturer to launch TVI solution. It is only providers which have both TVI and AHD Solution. TVT has more than 1000 employees who will work in a very good hierarchy which you will be seen in an image


The very important thing and the best part of the company is that TVT has a very good and innovative R&D department, the structure is given below


Like other company, TVT has very good channels partner like Huawei, Panasonic, Hisilicon, Sony, next Chip, Aptina and many more(see in below image).


TVT CCTV has nearly a production of 200k Cameras and around 100k of the recorder. The company has quality assurance cycle and TVT has a good compatibility with almost all worlds’ leading VMS provider like,

  1. Hikvision
  2. Dahua
  3. Onvif
  4. Exacq
  5. Nuuo
  6. Onsii
  7. MileStone
  8. QNAP Security
  9. SureViews Systems
  10. DigiFort
  11. VivoTek
  12. Surveon
  13. Axxon

Now as far as TVT support and service is concerned, there are many article and blog you can find on the internet, Soon you get firmware and flash file also. I also add my article for TVT CCTV camera configuration and setup.

So from above article, you understand well that how big company is TVT CCTV, so if you are Security system integrator, be ready for the change in the market and training yourself for TVT CCTV.  If you have any query or suggestion please write us in the comment box.

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