TVT IP camera connect using TVT IP tool. Free download TVT IP tool

How to use TVT IP tool for TVT IP Camera? TVT provides a good IP tool called TVT IP tool. Using this tool you change the default IP TVT camera.

This is a free tool that you can use it to the setup of the TVT IP camera. Before starting how to use the TVT IP tool, you should know about the TVT IP camera. TVT IP camera (short for IP-CAM) is designed for high-performance CCTV solutions.

TVT  It adopts state of the art video processing chips. It utilizes most advanced technologies, such as video encoding and decoding technology, complies with the TCP/IP protocol, SoC, etc to ensure this system more stable and reliable.

TVT IP camera is widely used in banks, telecommunication systems, electricity power departments, law systems, factories, storehouses, uptowns, etc. In addition, it is also an ideal
the choice for surveillance sites with middle or high risks.

Download TVT IP Tool

TVT IP camera default IP address

The default IP address of this camera is

TVT camera default Username

The default username is “admin”.

TVT Camera default password

The default password is “123456”.

Step 1. Download TVT IP Tool

Before taking any step you should have to install IP camera tool. Download from the above-given link. This is a secure way to download IP tool. The setup size is 14MB, so it does not take time. After downloading, Double click on the setup and install it on your computer. Now move to the next step.

Step 2. Open IP tool

Make sure the PC and IP-Cam are connected to the LAN and the IP-Tool is installed on the PC.  Double click the IP-Tool icon on the desktop to run this software as shown below.

TVT IP tool

Step 3. Modify IP address 

Modify the IP address. The default IP address of this camera is Click the information of the camera listed in the above table to show the network information on the right hand. Modify the IP address and gateway of the camera and make sure its network address is in the same local network segment as the computers. Please modify the IP address of your device according to the practical situation

TVT IP tool Download Walky talky

For example, the IP address of your computer is So the IP address of the camera shall be changed to 192.168.1.X. After modification, please input the password of the administrator and click the “Modify” button to modify the setting.

Step 4. Open IP Camera

Double click the IP address and then the system will pop up the IE browser to connect IP-CAM. IE browser will auto download the Active X control. After downloading, a login window will pop up as shown below. Input the username and password to log in.

TVT Camera login

The default username is “admin”; the default password is “123456”.

Step 5. Finalize

After putting the IP address, IE asks to install an ActiveX component. How to install ActiveX. Install it. Now put the username and password and a press login button. All done, you got the live preview of the camera.

TVT ip camera tool

We hope you got some information about how to use TVT IP camera tool. If you have any questions or suggestions please mention in the comment box.

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  1. My tvt camera doesnt shown in the camera list of the ip tool. You dont mention any solutions to this scenario and I wonder, Am I the first one to face this problem globaly? I dont know how to solve this, i have connected my camera and reset it but nothing is show at the list so as to modify.

    1. DEAR JOHN,

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