Install Xiaomi Camera Viewer App For PC CMS On Win 8 & Mac

Xiaomi Camera Viewer App For PC is a CCTV CMS wizard. This application provides you with remote access to CCTV Devices. 

The Xiaomi Camera Viewer App For PC gives you remote access to monitor cameras on Windows PC. This article will guide you to install this application on Windows. Its features and functions are given in full length. 

Download For PC Windows OS

The download button is also given. The button contains the Xiaomi Viewer App For PC software is given here. Click the button to get this application. It is used to monitor locations covered by CCTVs.   

The installation process is illustrated here in the most lucid ways. The procedure is divided into three parts. 

In part one, the installation of the application is described. They are narrated with figures and captions. 

In the second step, it is demonstrated to sign in to the application. 

In the third step, you will find the device addition process.     

What Is The Purpose Of A CMS Software

The main aim of CMS software is to give its users the freedom to view, edit, publish, index, review, etc. the data to conclude an analysis.

In our case, we use this software to watch our locations for security and observation purposes. 

We install the application and then sign in to connect the device for monitoring. 

This CMS software is designed in such a way that it gives its users multi-facet options to operate the device.

What Is The Use Of The Xiaomi Camera Viewer App For PC? 

It is a powerful security surveillance app. It is used to monitor CCTV cameras on Windows devices from anywhere. 

You have to install it on your Windows operating system device and you are free to use it.

It doesn’t compel you to view it from any particular location. You are free to watch your people and places from anywhere.

It is rated 4+ and more than 15000 users have downloaded it. 

You can monitor your offices, garages, houses, front doors, shops, etc. from remote areas with its help. 

Features & Functions Of Xiaomi Camera Viewer CMS

The features are important to understand properly. When you know them, you try to use them. There are many functions and characteristics of this application. 

We are giving you here a few very important uses of them which are useful in our day-to-day monitoring.

  • logo 26It provides the data in real time.
  • There are no time laps. The activity happening time and the relaying time have no variation 
  • The advanced feature gives you real-time data even in low-network areas
  • The app supports sensors. You can easily assess the threat
  • It alerts you from dangers. The sensor can sense the audio and motion
  • You can mark dangerous zones with this CMS software’s help. When anyone enters those areas, it gives you alert messages and calls
  • The two-way audio support is extremely useful
  • You can pass any idea, converse with someone and instruct them.
  • You can also alert users of any threat by yelling at the suspect
  •  You can operate devices from remote areas with its help
  • The PTZ cameras can be zoomed-in, tilted and panned with the support of this application
  • You can conserve data and record it on the cloud servers and device spaces
  • You can also playback from remote areas

Install Xiaomi Viewer App For PC Software On Windows OS 

This application is described the installation process for Windows OS. It is given in detail. The procedure is illustrated in three different steps. 

The application setup file is given for Windows in the form of a download button. Press the button to get the CMS installed on your PC.

It is demonstrated in three steps in the next section of the article below. 

Download For PC Windows OS

Install Xiaomi Camera Viewer App For PC Software On Mac OS

This software does not apply to Mac OS. The software doesn’t support it. So you can’t monitor it on a Macintosh PC.

However, if you want to monitor the Xiaomi cam on it, you have to take the help of Android Emulators

Emulators make Android files compatible with other operating systems. BlueStacks is one such Emulator. Install it on a Mac system and then search the app on BlueStacks play store and then install it on the PC.

Install Xiaomi Software, Sign-in, & Add The Device For Monitoring

Here, you will see the three-step procedure to install, log in, and add the device. 

Step-1 Install The CMS On Windows

We need to have the application setup file. It is given here in the form of a download button. Click the button and get it to download on Windows PC.

The setup file is in a compressed mode. Decompress it to run on the Windows PC.

When you open it, you get the following window.

set the folder location 1

This is the first page of the software. You have to select the folder location on your PC. Once you have decided on the location, press the next button.

This page will show up.

select features to install 2

It is for selecting the additional features of the application.

Select the features you want to install. If you want to install a desktop shortcut, tick the box. After that, press the next button.

You get on this page.

the App is ready to install 3

This window shows the path and folder location. The installation process is ready now. Press the button to load files. Click the Install button now.

This page appears.

file is loading 4

When the software is properly installed, you will get a notification window regarding that.

app installed successfully 5

This way, the installation process is finished.

Step 1 is complete now. We move to the next step. This step is about the log-in part.

Step-2 Log In To The CMS Software

To log in to this app, you have to open the installed software. You get this window.

Privacy policy paage 6

This is the privacy policy page. You have to click the Agree button and proceed.

When you have accepted and agreed, you get the following page.

sign in to the app 7

You have to log in to for adding a device. You can only sign in if you have registered the username and password.

To register them, press the ‘Sign Up button. The following window will open for you.

sign up to the app 8

You can register with a mail id or with a phone number. Press the next button. The application will send a verification mail to your inbox. Confirm it to register the mail id.

set password for signing in 9

Set a strong password of your choice. After that, press the next button.

signin now 10

Now sign in to the app. You will be able to log in.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor From Remote Locations

After the login process, we reach the next stage. At this point, we have to add the device. The addition of the device to the app is a must for remote monitoring.

This page opens on the screen.

add the device 11 It is asking you to select your device. Plug in your device and give power to it. After that connect it to a WiFi network.

You will be able to see your device in the device list. Select the cam and then press it. The instructions will guide you to monitor the device on a Windows screen.

monitor your location 12

This way, you will install, sign in and add the device. You can add Xiaomi multiple cameras for monitoring.


You have found here the 3 steps process for the Xiaomi Camera Viewer App For PC application. The download button to download this software is given. Click to install. The comprehensive device application process is shown up.

Not a single step is skipped. It is very user-friendly. Any layman can install and monitor from any location.

If you find any queries regarding this installation procedure, login step, or device addition, please share them with us in the comment section. We will handle them and respond to you.

We feel proud in serving you.

Thank You.

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