How to Download XRecorder on Android TV and Record Screen

XRecorder supports users in capturing screen records and video records. In different personal and professional fields, we require screen and video recordings. For that, we look for Screen and Video Recorders.

There are many recorders available in the market. Though they all have similar features, they differ in quality and recording capacity.

The Screen Recorder- XRecorder is the pioneer among recorders. It is easy to use and known for its good performance. We have given here the download button to get the Xrecorder APK and its orientation file to record videos in landscape mode.

The APK Download is a smooth process. You can easily understand and comprehend it.

The XRecorder Download Steps are clearly illustrated here. The step-by-step guidance will teach you how to download, install, and operate this XRecorder App on an Android TV.

What is an XRecorder App?

APP NameXRecorder App
APP Size36 MB
APP VersionVersion
Android App Required5.0 and Up
App LinkDownload XRecorder App

The XRecorder is a screen recorder and video recorder. It is designed and offered by InShot Incorporation. This app was first introduced in 2019 and since then it has been updated regularly.

Whether you believe it or not, it has more than 10 million users all over the globe.

The XRecorder Software captures clean and smooth screen videos. It takes screenshots easily. The app floats on other applications and screens record everything.

You can also record video calls and videos that can’t be downloaded and play live games.

Key Features of the XRecorder Android App

There are many features of this app. We are giving here the most used and key features.

  • This recorder captures the screen and can take a clear Screenshot
  • You can record games, play them on your phone
  • It is a very smooth internal audio recording. There is no noise
  • Captures various facial expressions and reactions freely with multiple camera switch
  • You can enhance video recording quality while using the features
  • Edit videos, trim, remove the middle part, add music and speed control
  • Capture screen videos in real time and get the best view.
  • There is no limit to the length of the recording. There is no watermark on your recording.
  • The feature is given to keep the recorded data on SD cards or other external storage devices.
  • It records in full HD with audio

Xrecorder APK Download & Orientation App

Here, get the XRecorder Mod APK Download button. Click it to get the screen recorder. The download button is given for the Orientation App also. The Orientation Software is given to convert the screen from portrait mode to landscape mode and vice versa.

The complete installation process is displayed below. Images and descriptions are shared here below. XRecorder MOD APK is the premium version of the software.

How to Download and Install the XRecorder App on an Android TV?

The illustration is given to showcase the download and installation. The demonstration also guides you on converting videos from portrait to landscape on an Android TV.

It further guides you to record videos and make the XRecorder Android App float over other apps.

Step 1- Download & Installation of the XRecorder App

To download and install the Xrecorder application on an Android TV, you have to follow the following way.

1- You can download the Xrecorder App and the Orientation App and take them on a Pen drive.

2- You can open the browser of the Android TV and download the Xrecorder APK.

Here, we have already downloaded apps and stored the data on a pen drive.

To download the Xrecorder app, open the Android TV and insert the Pen drive on the slot.

Android TV Screen

Go to the settings option and open your downloaded application.

Click the XRecorder App

Now, click the screen recorder app to open and install it.

When you open it, the following screen appears.

The storage device is ready to use

The app is set to install.

The file manager page appears on the screen. Open the file manager page.

File manager page appears on the screen

Click the settings option and allow the screen recorder app to download and install on an Android TV.

Enable the file manager to permit the app

Allow the XRecorder to install.

The app is loading on the screen.

App file installation in progress

When the installation is finished, you get a new window on the screen.

This window declares that the installation process of the XRecorder app is complete.

App installed successfully

This way, we will install the XRecorder app on an Android TV.

Step 2- Convert the Screen from Portrait to Landscape Mode

When we open the screen recorder, it opens in landscape mode on the Android TV. You can convert the screen from landscape to portrait and vice versa.

For that, you have to take the help of the Orientation App.

Xrecorder App on the screen

We have already downloaded it and stored it in the pen drive.

Set orientation files for orientation

Press open the Orientation Software file.

Install this Orientation app by clicking the encircled install button.

install the orientation app

When it is properly installed on the Android TV, you get the next page.

Orientation App installed successfully

The page denotes that the application file is installed successfully.

Convert between landscape and portrait modes

Now, you can convert between the landscape to portrait and portrait to landscape modes.

The next step is to screen-record videos.

Step 3- Record the Screen on an Android TV

When you open the XRecorder, you get the following page. It is the homepage of the application.

Enable the floating app

Enable the floating option on the screen.

Click the record option below.

Click the recording on

It begins to record the screen.

Watch the recording

This way you can record, pause and play the recorded file.

Step 4- Make the App Float over other Apps on an Android TV

It is important that your app floats on the screen so that you can record the screen when other apps are functioning,

For that go to the settings option mentioned on the screen and press the App button.

Go to settings on the Android screen and click the App button

The list of all the installed apps opens on the screen.

click the Special App Access Mode

Go to the special app access option and open it.

You get this page.

Let the XRecorder app display over other apps

Click the display over other apps option and click it.

All the apps appear on the screen. Select the app which you want to float over other apps. Here in our case, we have to float the XRecorder application.

Set the Xrecorder app as the floating app

Select it and this way it will float over other software.

Now you can play any video, video call or game and record the screen easily.


The XRecorder APK and the XRecorder Download are shared here. The download buttons are given here for the XRecorder and Orientation Software. Click them to get them.

The complete installation and operation procedures are illustrated in the post. Images and descriptions are mentioned for easy comprehension of the process.

Kindly share your queries and suggestions in the comment section. You are valuable to us. We will respond to every query.

Thank You.

What is XRecorder?

it is a screen record. It can record video, audio, games and video calls. The application can record videos at any length.

Is XRecorder free to use?

Yes, it is free to download and use. Though some of its special features and premium versions are chargeable. Xrecorder Mod APK is the premium version of the app.

How do I start recording with XRecorder?

You have to install the app and then open the homepage of the application. There, click the Recording option and the recording of the screen will begin.

Can XRecorder record internal audio?

Yes, it can record internal audio as well. But for that feature to function, we require Android 10 and above devices.

Where are my recordings saved?

Mainly recordings are saved in the storage folder named ‘XRecorder.’ You can find it within the Movies or Videos directory.

Can I edit videos in XRecorder?

Yes, XRecorder includes basic editing tools such as trimming, adding music, and applying filters to recorded videos.

Is XRecorder available for iOS devices?

No, this application is not given for iOS. You are required to search for a similar featured app.

Does XRecorder include a watermark on recordings?

No, there is no watermark on the recorded videos.

Can I use XRecorder to record live streams?

Yes, you can record data in live streams. You can screen record from platforms like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

Are there any privacy concerns with using XRecorder?

Users should be aware of the permissions granted to the app. It’s essential to download XRecorder from trusted sources to avoid potential security risks.

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