YoLuKe PTZ Camera Outdoor 5MP 20X Optical Zoom For Home

YoLuKe PTZ Camera is a Wi-Fi IP device that is highly recommended for its vast coverage. 

YoLuKe company is devoted to the development and sales of security products and computer peripheral products, such as security cameras and computer accessories. 

“YoLuke” had earned trademark certificates issued by the North American and European Union Trademark Offices respectively in 2016.

Its products are trusted by many customers the world over. The features incorporate almost every security issue. The YoLuKe PTZ Camera is wifi enabled, with a 5MP lens, 20x optical zooming, 360 degrees rotating, and auto-tracking.

The device is available for sale at Amazon, and YoLuKe stores. It is tagged at $289.99.

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YoLuKe PTZ Camera 6

Buying Guide For PtZ Cameras

It has the following features.

Panning & Tilting

All PTZ cameras can be moved horizontally or vertically. They are made to function that way to cover the maximum coverage area. 

When cameras move horizontally to cover the wider angle of the location then it is called as panning of the camera.

When they move vertically to cover the wider range then it is known as tilting of the camera.

Cameras can rotate horizontally up to 360 degrees and vertically up to 90 degrees. Though, the degrees of the movement vary from product to product.

Some latest good quality PTZ cameras can also be operated from a remote location with the help of the APP. Because of wider angle coverage, PTZ cameras are highly useful for sensitive locations that are big also.


PTZ cameras are special because they can be zoomed in and out manyfold. By zooming in the image you can trace even the minutest of the activities very clearly. 

You can zoom in on the image from 2x to 40x and even more. The better the resolution and image quality, the clearer the zoomed clip. The quality of the zoomed image depends on the quality of the varifocal lens and the setting of focal length.

Image Quality

People have become accustomed to HD (1280 x 720) and even full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution videos for digital PTZ cameras/recorders and online videos, and with TV quickly moving into the HDTV era, IP camera users have come to expect megapixel resolution images from their cameras. 

Price is also no longer an issue since the difference in cost between megapixels and SD (usually 720 x 480 or 720 x 576) IP cameras is relatively small.

Motion Sensors And Audio Sensors

The technology is improving day by day, making it much more effective at tracking objects of interest. It keeps the user safe from any kind of threat. 

Sensors are functional in such a way that they relay alarms or switch on floodlights or lights attached to the PTZ camera when they read something fishy. They also send you notifications on your mobile phones when observing suspicious activities.


Since PTZ cameras are used outdoors, weatherproofing is a must. Check whether your cameras have IP66, IP67, etc. level waterproofing at least.


Cameras have an inbuilt IR system. You have to check the quality of the night-vision. If night-vision is weak then it will capture dull images, face recognition would be difficult. The security purpose would be in peril.

Warranty And Services

Company support means warranty and after-sales service. It also means when you find any problem in installing and functioning then, the system is there behind you to support you in removing those issues.


Any PTZ camera must also be wireless and SD Card enabled so that you can use it as a standalone camera. By connecting it to any wifi network you can operate it from any remote location.

If it is wire-free then it is even better. When it is wire-free then there is no web of wire around it, and easy to operate.


Most cameras have an SD-Card slot that supports capacities up to 128GB. When you have this facility in your camera, then your camera is complete in its totality. It doesn’t require any external source like NVR/DVR to record the activities.

Cloud Recording

CCTV cloud storage is a comprehensive program that allows users to store camera-related footage remotely without worrying about storage capacity on-site.


YoLuKe PTZ Camera 5

Advantages Of The YoLuKe PTZ Camera

  • High-definition Picture Quality
  • Wide Viewing Angle
  • Remote Control and Motion Detection
  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with third-party software
  • Two Way Audio & Motion Siren
  • PTZ & Loop Recording
  • Waterproof
  • America Customer Support
  • SD card & Cloud-based Recording


  • There is no support for 5Ghz Wi-Fi
  • SD Card is not with the pack

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  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Camera
  • Wall Bracket
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 Troubleshooting Guide

YoLuKe PTZ Camera 4


The PTZ cam is white. Its shape is oval. The body is sturdy and metallic. On the front side of the cam, it contains IR cuts, a zooming lens, a high antenna, a one-piece rack for installation, and a built-in speaker. A microphone, a slot for an SD card, and a reset button are also attached. 


YoLuKe PTZ Camera 12The dimensions of the device are 11.42 x 9.06 x 6.69 inches, and the weight is 15.8 ounces.  

Features Of The YoLuKe PTZ Camera

The camera is very rich in features. The following are the specifications.

5MP & 20X optical zoom

YoLuke PTZ Camera Outdoor with 5MP lens, 20X optical zoom make sure the image quality doesn’t distort when zooming. The visible distance is up to 1,000ft during the day. The visible range at night is approximately 400ft.


YoLuKe PTZ Camera 7

Two Way Audio & Motion Siren

Built-in advanced microphone & speaker and with anti-noise technology reduce false positives for clear voice communication between the APP and camera. 

Alarm emails push, FTP service, send real-time activities to your email/mobile app in time.

YoLuKe PTZ Camera 8

PTZ & Loop Recording

Wi-Fi PTZ Camera Rotates 360° horizontally and 90° vertically. It does automatic patrolling, auto-tracking, supports auto-focus, and smooth and error-free transfer of images. Camera with a 128GB SD card slot, supports all-day motion detection recording and replay videos.

Waterproof & Third Party compatible

The IP66 rating weatherproof design leaves you free of worrying about rain and inclement weather. It gives you the safety to monitor your home outdoor or indoor. 

YoLuKe PTZ Camera 14

Compatible with 3 party software such as ispy, Milestone, and Blue Iris; also compatible with Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox browsers, Onvif protocol, etc.

American Customer Support

YoLuke cameras support free replacement within one year. We have online support for American engineering technology. Any questions after purchase, please contact us, American engineers, via Product guide files.


HD IR night vision with 6 pcs array infrared LEDs, automatic ICR filter, provides clear images up to 196 feet away, supports manual and automatic night vision switching.

YoLuKe PTZ Camera 10

High-definition Picture Quality

This YoLuke WiFi Indoor/Outdoor security PTZ dome camera with 5.0 megapixels, 2560*1920p@20fps, resolution, auto iris, 4.7~84.6mm, 20X Zoom Lens with 6 pieces infrared LED night vision, IR Distance 60m, wifi range 60~100m ( No obstacle), Two-Way Audio, IP66 Waterproof for Security Surveillance.

YoLuKe PTZ Camera 15

Wide Viewing Angle

355°Horizontal rotation and 90°vertical pan, no monitoring dead zone, capture clearer, and wider video. Almost covering 360°of view, one PTZ wireless camera is equal to 4 ordinary dome surveillance cameras, letting you experience every perfect close-up detail.

How To Install?

To install the camera, you have to mark your location. You lay the wire for connecting the cam and give power to the cam. Determine the wi-fi range to make the device online and access it remotely.


YoLuKe PTZ Camera 11

If you want to view the cam from any location then go to the google play store and download the app ‘CamHipro’. Install the app on your mobile and scan the QR Code to pair your device with the app.

Users Review

DaleC from the USA has reviewed-

  • It is a high-resolution PTZ camera with lots of features and it met all my expectations. My main reason for getting this camera was its high magnification ability at 20X optical zoom and a high-resolution 2560×1920 picture. 
  • This camera did not disappoint. And check out the night vision pictures! Super nighttime vision from my two-story house location that seems almost too good to be true when comparing the day and nighttime images.
  • It came shipped well packaged and had no damage upon arrival. The product is very well built and has the looks and feel of a commercial level device that is manufactured without compromising on quality unlike some of my residential version IP cameras made of lots of plastic. 
  • Physically the camera is larger than I thought it would be but when I saw the 20X lens itself I knew why.

Jae from the USA says

  •  Amazed at the clarity of this camera. Pretty easy setup, zero lag as a hot spot but I wanted to be able to view it from work too so when I put it on our slow satellite internet WiFi out here in the country the lag is a little annoying when moving and zooming the camera (obviously not it’s a fault). 
  • I plan on getting one for the front of the house too. The app needs some upgrades to make it more user-friendly example: maybe naming 5 main presets, also separate zooming in and out buttons x1 at a time. 
  • But if you set the presets up the way you like and memorize the numbers it’s great. All in all 5 stars.

Should I Buy IT?

If you have to monitor a very wide area and the weather condition is not very friendly then this device is for you. It will give you a wide-angled view, zooming, remote monitoring, and humanoid detection. 

The resolution of the cam is high, the body is sturdy, and night vision is super fine. You can use the device for that kind of location. You will always find your decision correct.


There are so many PTZ cameras are available around you. Some are cheap, and some are expensive. 

But some cameras are very popular and user-friendly. This device is one of them. It has all the features that any standard PTZ camera can have. The warranty is covered well and recording on the cloud gives us solace from any theft threat. It is the horse of the long race.

Here, the review article is for you. Kindly send your remarks in the comment section for further updates.

Thank You.

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