Download Free QV Pro For PC For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

QV Pro for PC CMS wizard is for connecting you with the surveillance system on your computers. You have installed the system at your home, office, garage, or any other place and you to monitor that system on your PC, then you require software that makes your quest fulfilled. In this article, you will find all the links to load them. You will get it here in the form of Download buttons.

This CMS-based software works for QVIS Industries‘ products. They are mainly branded in the name of Cognitio. The organization is big and its products are durable and reliable. They produce DVRs, NVRs, Security Cameras, and many other security products for smart homes.

This article gives you the information regarding the CMS, and how you are going to install it and use it. The detailing has been given in the illustration form to make it easier for the user.

What Is The Meaning Of A CMS Wizard?

The CMS functions as a bridge between any security system and remote monitoring through PC. If you want to watch your property where you have installed the setup, but you are at a faraway place then you require the services of this CMS. It has many prominent features and functions.

With its help, you can take images, see the playback, live monitor, instruct through the microphone, get notification alerts in any threat, and many more things. We will guide you in this article about the QV Pro CMS Wizard in this article. You will know their features completely. When you know more about your system then you are in a better position to operate it.

What Is QV Pro Software For Windows OS & Mac OS?

QV Pro is the CMS for QVIS products. When QVIS setup is installed at any location, you want access to this system on your PC and you are at a remote location, then you can only receive online streaming. It is an application that makes it possible.

We have given here a detailed analysis of this software. The way it is loaded in a compressed file format, the way you decompress it, and then install it on your PC. Every step of the installation process, that makes it possible to bring cameras on your display. We also teach you to do it on the Mac OS system, play it on Android-based smartphones, and iPhones/iPad. You will get all the links through the link buttons here.

Features Of QV Pro For PC CMS Wizard App

The software has many smart features.

  • It supports all video formats.
  • You can use multiple channels through this software. You can get the display screen of 64 to 128 cams simultaneously.
  • It gives you the option to view recordings, store them, or delete them.
  • You can click images from live streaming.
  • You can make a two-way conversation. The CMS gives you the option to convey any message to someone with the help of the software to a person who is on the camera side. This feature is very useful as it gives you the power to alert someone on the camera side from any suspicious activity, remind them, or hush away the intruder. The multiple uses of this function are remarkable.
  • The software is very smart as it gives you auto-tracking, motion sensors, and audio sensors. Auto tracking keeps the track of any threat you may feel. It gives you push notifications in the form of emails, or messages on your smartphones.
  • It supports cloud-based recording.
  • You can connect multiple devices through this app. The beauty of this function is that you can see the cameras of many devices on a single screen.
  • You can operate a PTZ camera with this app. You can pan- left, right, or tilt-up & down by the software.

What Kind Of Gadgets Support This System?

You will get here the required system required to make the software run on your PC or Smartphones. When you are not sure about it, you are not going to make the device functional. It is to know that what are the systems that get the support of this CMS wizard. When the system is unsupportable and you download the software then it is of no use. As it will not make the device functional.

Below are the details are given in the form of a chart. You check your device and make it compatible with the software.


QV Pro For PC 17Download QV Pro For PC Free For Windows OS

Here, you will be guided to load it free in our article, then install it on your PC. We will give you the download button for the different software QVIS gives to us for windows. You have to click the download button and then load the file.

The loaded file is in compressed format. You have to decompress the format and make the application run on your PC. It will ask for your permission and when you give it your nod it will begin to install on your PC. Once the installation process is finished, you will be asked to log in to the system. You log in, put in the device name, device IP address, fill in Id. & Password, and add the device. The cam will appear on your display screen.

Download QV Pro For PC Free For Mac OS

To download it for your Mac OS, you have to click the link button for Mac OS and load the application file. As you have done it for Windows, you have to go through the same process and add the device for your PC. We will further illustrate it for our users in the article. You will get guidance from them.

Install The App For Android, iPhone, & iPad

The download button for each is given below. You will have to press the respective button for your smartphone and install the app. Once it is installed on your phone it will ask for adding the device. Add them and you are ready to monitor your devices.

How To Install The QV Pro For Windows OS

Here step by step process is given to download it and install it for your PC. How you are going to do it, let’s understand here.

Step 1- Surveillance Software Installation For PC

First of all, you download it. It will be loaded in a compressed file. Decompress it and the application will ask to install. Double click the setup file. A window will appear and ask you to proceed.

QV Pro For PC 1

It will ask you to select the language. Select the language and press the next button.

QV Pro For PC 2

The next step is that the setup will greet you. Click the next button to proceed.

QV Pro For PC 3

It will ask you for the location where you want the file to be stored. Select your drive and file, and press the button for the next step.

QV Pro For PC 4

It is directed to make shortcuts on the display screen for easy use. Give your nod and move on to the next stage.

QV Pro For PC 5

This stage is to confirm your path and download the file. After it, you will not be able to change the location.

QV Pro For PC 6

Now you are installing the programme on your PC. When the installation is finished you will be notified.

QV Pro For PC 7

Press the finish button. Now the software is installed on the PC.

To open the CMS software, double-click the icon that appeared on your screen in the form of a shortcut.

QV Pro For PC 8

Step 2- Log In To The CMS

To log in to the device you have to put the username and the password on the software.

QV Pro For PC 9

By default, the user name is “super” and the password option is to leave blank. Then press Login.

QV Pro For PC 10

Windows firewall alert will come on your screen. Select the options and press Allow access button.

QV Pro For PC 11

The screen will open to you. Select the device manager option to add the area and IP of the device.

Step 3- Add The Device And View cameras

Here, the window will open. Now, choose the zone location. After filling in press OK.

QV Pro For PC 12

Now you have to add the device. Fill in the IP address to connect the device. Press OK after that.

QV Pro For PC 13

The device will display the cameras on the display screen.

QV Pro For PC 14

How To Install QVIS CMS On Windows Os & Mac OS

Load the file and decompress it. Now run the file on your PC by following the below steps.

Step 1- Installation Of The QVIS

Doble clicks the setup application. The window will open to load the QVIS software.

QV Pro For PC 1A

Press the next button to proceed.

QV Pro For PC 2A

It will greet you and pay thanks that you have chosen this app for monitoring. Press the next button.

QV Pro For PC 3A

It will ask for license agreement permission. Select the I agree with option and proceed by pressing next.

QV Pro For PC 4A

Now choose where you want to store your file and proceed.

QV Pro For PC 5A

Press the next button to confirm the installation process to load the file.

QV Pro For PC 6A

The installation will begin. Once it is complete, it will inform you.

QV Pro For PC 7A

Now move on to the next step.

Step 2- Open The Software To Add The Device

When you open the CMS, the screen will open for you.

QV Pro For PC 7A

Now add the device by filling in the device name, id, password, and IP address.

QV Pro For PC 9A

The moment you put all these details the camera attached to the device appears on the screen.

QV Pro For PC 10A


Here we have learned the details of QV Pro & QVIS software. We come to know about the features and functions of. We also come to know about their operation style. A guide instructed us to install them on our PCs. It will make your task easier to access the cam from any remote location.

Enjoy the proceedings and send your remarks about the article.

Thank You.

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