ZOSI App For PC Free Download On Windows 10/Mac

The trend of the wireless security camera is on the rise in recent years. With the rising demands, the surveillance industry is also ready to deliver any type of video surveillance system to their clients and customers. We have dedicated ourselves to render the ZOSI App for PC user clients to connect the ZOSI video surveillance system.

Download ZOSI View App for PC

Download ZOSI View App For MAC

Without the help of artificial intelligence it is quit hader to provide the functions such as motion detection and sound detection sensors in the surveillance products available in the global market. With artificial intelligence association along the security devices will bring new developements in the security solutions and products.

What is the AVSS Client?

Application's Logo
Application’s Logo

The ZOSI Technology has rendered the application for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS user clients to connect and control the video surveillance setup and access the live stream on PC and mobile phones. We have provided the downloads for the respective operating systems below.

The application designed with incredible software for surveillance of the clients’ premises. The software has many advanced functions to help its user to control and manage the live streaming of the camera on the PC. The article has rendered every vital detail related to this CMS. We have also elaborated the data of the installation procedure for our readers and clients.

Learn Here About The ZOSI APP For PC

The article is dedicated to providing the download of the application for the user clients. The software is available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems. We have also elaborated the details about the CMS for our readers and clients to help them learn in detail about the application without any difficulty.

We have also provided a detailed guide to install as well as connect the security surveillance system on PC using the software. Read the article thoroughly to understand the process to install the application on the PC. Get to learn the procedure to install the system for surveillance with ease.

Details About The ZOSI Technology Company

ZOSI Technology Company is a Chinese Surveillance and security products manufacturing and distribution organisation having its head office situated in Zhuhai City. The company has experience of 15 years in the manufacturing of security solutions and products. The organisation has dedicated its team to develop the latest video surveillance technology for their clients and customers across the globe.

ZOSI Technology Company annually invests 8 per cent of its annual sales revenue in the research and development for enhancing its products with the latest technology by forming a collaboration with the R&D chipset solution providers in China. The company has also cooperated with different companies across Taiwan, Japan, the USA and South Korea to develop and implement advanced technology in their security solutions and products.

Features Related To The AVSS Client Application

Here we have delivered the knowledge about the CMS in detail for our readers and clients to learn about the commands and functions that help the clients to operate their security surveillance system. By learn in detail about the function we will be able to know what function can be performed by the software.

With the help of features and functions details, the user clients will enhance their knowledge to operate and control the CMS clients and experience the output provided by it. Below we have listed the details related to the features and characteristics of the CMS:

  • Provide PTZ control.
  • Live streaming on the camera.
  • Record video manually.
  • Capture multiple pictures for the video.
  • Playback recorded video on the CMS.

System Requirement Obligated To Install The CMS

We have elaborated the details about the minimum requirement to install the application on PC and mobile phones. Learning about the system requirement to help the user clients to select the best operating system to run the application on the respective operating system.

We have listed down the requirement for every operating system in detail for our readers and clients to help them select the accurate operating system which can run the application smoothly. Learning about the minimum system requirement is very vital for the user clients and readers to understand before starting the download and installation process of the software.

The requirement for Windows OS

  • Windows 8,8.1 or above is required.
  • 3 GB RAM or above is required.
  • Intel Core i3 or later is required.
  • 124 MB of free space is required.

The requirement for Mac OS

  • OS 9.0 or later is required.
  • 3 GB RAM or above is required.
  • 124 MB of free space is required.

The requirement for Android OS

  • Android 5.0 or later is required.
  • 42 MB of free space is required.
  • Application’s Version –

Requirement for iPhone & iPad (iOS)

  • iOS 9.0 or later is required.
  • 162.8 MB of free space is required.
  • Application’s Version –

Download The Software for PC (Windows / Mac OS

We have provided the download of the application for our readers and clients to connect and operate their CCTV camera on their Windows PC. The download is provided along with the installation guidelines as well to help our clients in installing the application without any difficulty.

Download ZOSI View App for PC

Here is the software to download free on Mac OS for connecting and controlling the ZOSI security surveillance system through Mac OS. The download link of the CMS is provided below for our clients and visitors. Get the application for Mac PC now.

Download ZOSI View App For MAC

Get the Application for Android

Here we have provided the link to install the app on android smartphones as well for our clients. The users of the ZOSI surveillance system can access their devices on their smartphones without any difficulty. Download the application from the link provided below.

Install On Android Smartphone

Install The App for iPhone & iPad (iOS)

We are glad the company has taken good care of their clients by providing applications for every operating system’s smartphone. The iPhone and iPad user clients can also access their ZOSI surveillance system on their smartphone. The download link is provided below.

Get The App for iPhone

Install The CMS for iPad

Installation Process of the Clients

We have elaborated on the details of the installation of the article. Here first download the application file and then extract the file using file compression software. Then open the folder to start the installation wizard.

1. Installation of the CMS on PC

A window will appear on the screen just click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Installation wizard of the application
The installation wizard of the application

Then user client is asked to select the destination folder by clicking on the “Browse” button or leave it as default and click on the “Install button.

Select the destination folder to install the files
Select the destination folder to install the files

The installation progress will begin, wait for the progress to get completed. Then a window will appear on the screen select the option “Run AVSS” then click on the “Finish” button.

Installation is successful
Installation is successful

2. Register & Login to the CMS

Now the login window will appear on the screen of the software. For new users click on the option “Register Immediately”.

Register/Login on the CMS
Register/Login on the CMS

Then in a web browser, a tab will open in which the user is required to enter the details. The user must enter the email ID first then click on the button get code and a verification code will send on their email ID. Now enter the code and create a password then click on the “Register” button.

Register on the CMS
Register on the CMS

3. Add devices to the Application

Then log in to the app using the email credential and the software’s home page will appear on the screen. Click on the “Add Device” option to add the devices.

Home page of the software
Home page of the software

Now a panel will appear on the screen enter the details of the device and username and password then click on the “Save” button.

Add device on the CMS
Add device on the CMS

Live Video Streaming From CCTV Camera

Now the device will appear on the left column of the window, just drag and drop the device on the live view section. We have also provided a sample of live view for our clients on ZOSI App for Windows & Mac OS.

ZOSI App for Windows Live view on ZOSI App for Windows & Mac OS

Types of Product Provided By ZOSI Technology

The company dedicated to providing the latest product with advanced technology equipped to help the clients in maintaining better surveillance over their premises and also provide better safety of their loved ones. The information is provided below for the knowledge of our clients and customers to help them in selecting and employing the best security devices.

Wire-Free Single Security Cameras

 The company provides multiple types of wire-free products for surveillance and security. This product has many additional features such as UV or weather resistance, AI human detection, in-built siren Alarms and a rechargeable battery. The products are equipped with flashlights as well. The product is also programmed to differentiate between human and Non-human objects for keeping surveillance to avoid unnecessary alarm alerts.

100% Wire Free Single Security Cameras
100% Wire Free Single Security Cameras

WiFi Surveillance Camera

 The company also deals in the products such as WiFI security cameras to provide remote access to the devices with help of the software as we have discussed in the article above about the software briefly. The devices provide 1080P High-quality video in day and night mode along with other additional features such as facial recognition, in-built alarm siren and two-way communication. They are weather proof for outdoor use as well.

WiFi Outdoor Surveillance Cameras
WiFi Outdoor Surveillance Cameras

POE Security Camera Kit

The organisation also provide some of the best POE 4K ultra HD surveillance camera for the better safety and security. The product is equipped with a DVR as well for local storage on the Hard Disk. The product provides up to 150ft Infrared Night Vision equipped with 24 Infrared LEDs which enable such long night vision in low light. 

POE Security Camera Kit
POE Security Camera Kit

Also, the security cameras are designed to render an ultra-wide view of 110° angle. Enhanced 3D-DNR filters digital noise from low-light scenes and areas for better security. The product is weatherproof with IP67 technology suitable for any climate condition along with H.265+ Video Coding to help the user clients save more bandwidth and storage space. The DVR support four types of models like TVI, CVI, AHD and CVBS. Also, set custom areas for alarm triggering for surveillance and safety.


ZOSI App for PC Free Download On Windows 10/Mac topic describes the information related to the information of the surveillance CMS software in detail along with installation procedure. The article has many vital details as well along with download links for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS operating systems.

We have elaborated the details about the features and functions related to the application to help our readers and clients learn more about the software without any difficulty. This app possesses much beneficial quality for the ZOSI CCTV camera users. It is compatible with the wireless surveillance security camera as well.

The application provides better user interface for its user clients to help them control and operate their ZOSI surveillance system without any difficulty. With the installation procedure it will be easier for the readers and clients to install and connet their devices on the application without encountering any problem.

We have also provided information about the different products rendered by the ZOSI Technology Company to help them select the best security devices for their premises and family’s safety and security. The information will be helpful for the user to get the best knowledge about the products as well.

The readers and clients can ask their queries and question related to the CMS by commenting on the comment section below. We hope that the article is helpful for the ZOSI Video Surveillance system user clients. Thank you.

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