CCTV BUSINESS: 10 Marketing Tricks To Increase Your CCTV Business:-

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If you want to grow the CCTV business, you have to consider factors like strategic planning, strong marketing, user-friendly products, excellent customer service etc.
This post comprises the 10 very important and effective measures to grow the CCTV business. These steps build a benchmark for your security surveillance business.

10 Marketing Tricks To Increase Your CCTV


In today’s scenario, a modern secured world is incomplete without mentioning the name of CCTV security systems, which have firmly made up space for their capabilities and designs. Safety is considered important for all aspects of our lives to keep the people, employees and property safe.

Here, I have tried to cover some points, it is a very small topic but helpful for the implementation of these things. It’s not a very big deal but certainly matters.

To increase the uniformity of the product sales we need to understand the pros and cons to lead the CCTV market segment. CCTV includes cameras, lenses, monitors, multiplexers, recorders, transmission systems and internet protocol (IP)-based systems.

CCTV system provides surveillance capabilities used in the protection of people, assets, and systems. A CCTV system mainly serves as a security force multiplier, providing feasible security personnel. 


To avoid future consequences in business, the study of the CCTV market segment is necessary to maintain healthy competition and incorporate graceful updates as per customer’s needs and demands in the CCTV segment.

The analysis of data screened from various sources proves to be useful for the decision-making information to conduct a beneficial framework for the business. This study proves the concept of increasing a company’s competitive knowledge through the use of.

STRENGTHS<WEAKNESSES<OPPORTUNITIES< THREATS (SWOT) Model by gathering qualitative data about the services provided by the company. The authors present the results to be implemented for the short-term and long-term goals.

SWOT is a methodology to indicate what social networking/media tools and strategies provide the most accurate data to be applicable informing the objectives of any business.

SWOT analysis is known to be the best tool for studying the market grounds of any particular product/segment/business.

Here we are talking about the CCTV security segment, which it comprises its strengths– as per its specifications, Weaknesses- as per the marketing plans and strategies, Opportunities- as per the loyal customers and their satisfaction and Threats- as per the high competition rate in the market

cctv business 1

 1. Through Accessories

In today’s scenario you can’t sell CCTV at a very high margin, so do not quote high prices to customers to earn a good margin instead quote a decent rate to the customers to build up their interest level on you.

Then the question is, how we can get more profit? Well in that case decrease your profit from that product which is easily available on cameras and DVRs and try to earn a good margin in accessories.

Try to install more accessories like network rack for DVR, video balun, camera cabinet electricity material etc. By this tactic, you can earn well and maintain your market value without hindering healthy competition in the market.

2. Customer is always right

If you want to get regular sales then the first basic is, to try to satisfy your customers. The only way to satisfy your customer is the ‘quality of your service’. so try to improve the level of your service by Responding to all the queries raised by the customer.

As an initial step, An immediate response to the problem will be sufficient to gain trust. By which you can build up goodwill and harmony in the customer’s minds. Therefore u can easily deal with customers’ mindsets leading to further upgrades and new purchases too.  

“THE CUSTOMER MAKES THE BUSINESS”– This is the Standard key to how important their customer is. A group of people pitching a product to deaf ears. The customer is always right because as a business you want your customers to return as well as feel welcomed and appreciated.

The backlash from displeasing just one customer can be devastating to a business model. Just one sass-filled complaint can leave a business with a poor reputation on the internet and workplace.

cctv business 2

 CCTV is the security system that clients need to feel secure in terms and conditions of what they specify before installation of cameras like:

  • The Coverage of determining areas that are most vulnerable to be covered by letting the professional know if there is any specific area, the client is willing to get installed and what type of camera the customer needs.
  • Information on the Technical Aspects.

Whatever the customer demands should never be overlapped by the seller’s point of view- because “the customer is always right”. 

3. Prioritize customer:-

The CCTV industry is a very big business platform with huge opportunities for entrepreneurs. To lead in this market segment, we should be dedicated moreover customer satisfaction and qualitative service. So If you are a wholesaler and sell CCTV camera DVR.

Try to sell other accessories to your customers like hard disks, power supplies, and even electricity tape at very low prices. Do not let your customer go to another place or shop for any related service.

So that your customer finds everything under one roof and finds it very convenient as the customer to buy the necessary product from your shop.

4. Always give freebies

Customers get attracted to what they get in addition to what they are buying. Psychologically, it gives them the satisfaction of investing their amount with a feeling of being a potential customer to the service provider.

For example: if you go to buy one pair of jeans and a shirt and the shopkeeper gives you a free belt at that moment you feel awesome.

In a similar way just try to provide some freebies to your customers so that can look up to you whenever they require any help in the CCTV segment.

5. Customer Feedback Is Important

cctv business 3

“Quality is remembered long after the prices are forgotten”      

To build up a successful business, Customer Feedback plays a vital role it. It’s an important process that should always be incorporated to enhance the business performance from better to best.

A business is said to be a roadway which is FOR THE CUSTOMERS + BY THE CUSTOMERS + TO THE CUSTOMERS.

This truly means that a product should be aligned with the customers’ needs and demands. The best option is to make sure you know and understand the services provided in the marketplace to attain qualitative and honest customer feedback.

The valuable feedback is essential to guide to making further amendments for a better decision-making process.

6. Promotional Activities

cctv business 4

In today’s scenario, Digital promotions are the best way to communicate with customers about your offerings and new updates in the product you avail. Information related to CCTV to potential clients leads to building a good relationship with customers. Provenance believes in the good quality of service

that can meet clients’ demands. A positive word of mouth is the main promotional way of provenance in the market.

CCTV segment is a technological system where new updates are always welcomed by the seller for the customer to upgrade their services too.

So in that case all the changes and upcoming details should be shared to create a better experience in security, where the client can feel updated and much more aware of how they can improve the security level in their personal and professional space.


cctv business 5

 7. Direct Selling

To build up a flexible and low-cost business DIRECT SELLING turns out to be the best option. It avoids expenditures and promotes building healthy relationships with clients.

Direct Selling of products is a non-retailing function that does not involve any middlemen for the purchase and selling process. Products are sent directly by the manufacturer to the sales company, and then to some distributor leading towards the customer.

Direct selling eliminates the wholesalers and regional distribution centres which ends up in cost-cutting and profit generation. Direct selling Impacts improvement in sales skills as well as in organizing the sales environment to maintain your networks. 

Concerning the CCTV security system, the customer can opt for contacting the manufacturer or the distributor for fast delivery and receiving a budget-friendly CCTV appliance for experiencing a secure life. Direct selling in the CCTV segment assures TRADE ASSURANCE and cost-effectiveness. 

cctv business 6

Here, Direct selling makes it convenient for the customers to analyze which product is best suitable to their needs/demand, by having an option of DEMO SESSIONS, DOOR TO DOOR SELLING IDEA (to ensure the customer with the technique of ‘what they are seeing is what they are getting’ and no bluff.) Fewer chances of misunderstanding since it is an end-to-end encrypted purchase.

8. Through Up-Selling Strategy

cctv business 7

Up-selling is a technique of providing an upgraded and enhanced version of the product to meet the customer’s need and demands. The strategy of selling a superior and more costly variation of any product which is in the knowledge of the customer or purchasing the same to a value-added feature raises the perceived value of the offering.

Up-selling shouldn’t be a forced action but just personalized up-sell recommendations for the relevancy of the product and its best use to the customer too by availing certain offers like free shipping, convincing your customer to buy products which can be relatable with their purchase.

Example: If a customer makes a decision to get CCTV security installed in their professional place, we can suggest an offer of adding a screen to monitor the virtual activities easily by not disturbing the data on their PC.

9. Prevailing Offers And Schemes Annually

 OFFERS AND SCHEMES are known to be drawing the attention of customers as compared to the regular marketing league. The enduring offers, discounts, coupons, money savings, and extra benefits which are available for a specific period only, tend to become the key to bringing customers interest towards your product to boost up the sales immediately.

Discounts/Offers not only help the buyer but also help the sellers to earn more business opportunities. Due to increased sales the market value and reputation of the business hype profit. Becoming user-friendly acts like a super ingredient that earns loyal customers and a business expansion rate year by year.

cctv business 8


 People who are willing to secure their properties but are somehow unable to do so, since their pockets don’t allow them to purchase CCTV cameras. The offers and schemes fix their problem, by assuring a quality product at a discount.

Easy EMI offers are the most suitable for people to make a quick decision because it does not directly impact the pocket at once but make it convenient as per customers’ flexibility.

People a good percentage of the population is aware of the discounts which tend to make buying decisions for CCTV appliances as they can easily purchase additional accessories that can promote easy access to their families wherever they Travel in the world.

10. Buyback Policy

The flexibility of the CCTV seller towards customers’ needs is the key to gaining a qualitative and positive response. So proactive marketing efforts set up itself to stand differently in the market by creating its special place. Just motivate your old satisfied customer for up-gradation. For example, if the customer had an analogue CCTV system then you can motivate him to upgrade in HD or IP setup and buy his old analogue system at minimal value and then resale it to someone else. In this way, you can get the profit from both ends. One from a new customer for the old setup second one from an old customer you can set up. This technique is amazing and always works.

What makes CCTV cameras necessary for businesses and homes?

CCTV cameras monitor locations and make crimes difficult. It recognizes culprits and records activities. You can produce them as evidence. This way you are safe. That is why CCTV cameras are so important for homes and enterprises.

How do I choose the right CCTV system for my needs?

You need to check qualities like camera resolution, sensor features, two-way audio and remote access. These are important features for any good quality CCTV camera.

What are the benefits of investing in a CCTV system?

When you invest in a CCTV system, you get the proper safety and security, peace of mind, crime prevention, and live monitoring.

How can CCTV cameras help in improving business productivity?

It improves productivity by monitoring employees’ activities, checking and controlling downtime, making process improvements and keeping everyone under the blanket of organization protocol.

How can I effectively market my CCTV business to potential customers?

You need to utilize these parameters like online platforms, social media, SEO strategies, networking events, and targeted advertising to reach your target audience.

What sets your CCTV business apart from competitors?

There are many differentiating factors. Keys to them are your communication level, product quality, service standard, and specialization in security solutions.

Can you grow your profit margin by selling CCTV accessories?

Yes. The CCTV industry uses many accessories like power adapters, connectors, hard drives, cables, NVR/ DVR racks, etc. You can generate profit through all these accessories.

How can offers and freebies affect sales in CCTV?

Customers are always attracted to offers and freebies. When you offer them cameras at a concession or some other components at a reduced rate they drag towards you. A good organization or shopkeeper brings schemes to life sales and revenue.

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