Your CCTV Business: 5 Latest Technology Use To Step It Up

It is your cctv business is growing slowly. In every type of business, there is a need to use some more specific way to upgrade it. Similarly in the CCTV business, we have to use some advanced technology to hike our CCTV cameras business. 

For growing our business we also have very good services, presentation, leadership, advertisement offline and online both means on the social media platform with all of such ways you also have technological products. 

We all know users always want new features in the products from which they already used because technology is growing very fast and it going to its extreme level. Therefore we bring here some advanced featured products to use in CCTV business to reach it at another level. 

Now we have 5 different software and products by using which we can grow our business as below.

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1 Hikvision Face detection Technology

Hikvision already has artificial intelligence technology. This technology is used to face detection of people at the entrance point. This technology is more significantly used where the people entering in bulk like airport, cricket stadium entrance railway station entrance and wherever people coming in a huge rush. 



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The system just captures the face of the people and save it into the system and people can be tracked by their face or name.

Suppose if you want to track someone who is looking suspicious then go to the system and just start tracking that person other cameras of the system will follow the people where he is going and what is he is doing.

This system is also used in big factories it safe the face of the employees by their name and you can track where he is so I thought it is a Revolutionary technology in CCTV you should try it at least once.

Specification of face detection

  • the precision and authenticity rate of face detection is 99%
  • 0.2 sec is the speed of face recognition
  • night mode recognition easily detect in very dark
  • it secures your data and privacy

How to register and use hikvision face detection

  • very simple steps to register
  • easily run on your mobile through the app
  • user friendly in internet configuration

How can I buy it? If you want to buy it you can go through the link.

2. Face detection technology by Admobilize.

What is face detection technology and how does it works the question is may arise in the mind of everyone sometimes. Face detection is artificial intelligence (AI) which is just similar to the mobile camera laptop, computer technology that we use in our daily life. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) detect the face and convert it to a digital image same as the mobile camera works. It started its analysis with the human eyes that’s why it can differentiate the living things from other non-living things. It has very fast detection and accuracy is extremely good and also can detect in very dark in the night.


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Here we are going to talk about one other brand Admobilize who made very excellent products.

The Admobilize face detection technology is commonly used in product analysis. when you see a product your face give some reactions and the system recognise those reactions and make a report of how you feel after watching the product. means you feel happy, surprise, Sad or angry.

This data is very helpful for the company that made the product. it also differentiates the vehicle means its a motorcycle or car and also count the number of people in the crowd like schools, offices, railway stations, airports, factories etc.

It has a function called PII (personally identifiable information) its work as it never distributes your data online on any social media or business sites. that means it does not detect anyone privately ever.

the admobilize has a purpose to join the world online.

3. TVT Intelligent-video-Analysis (IVA)

TVT providing a video analysis system in their normal NVRs. by using those functions you can automatically analyse the live video and also record that analysis. Intelligent video analysis is such great technology in the CCTV camera because it can analyse any suspicious things at the time of that happening, and it can analyse the number of CCTV footage simultaneously.

So you don’t have to need any particular professional person to monitor the CCTV footage. We can manually set any motion is to be suspicious and the intelligent video analysis (IVA) detect that unreasonable motion and informs via an alarm.

If any object is missing from its place (IVA) detect. What do you think about how we get challan during the driving on the wrong side, we don’t use the helmet, crossing the road on the red light, of course with the help of intelligent video analysis(IVA). In our traffic control system, this technology is using broadly.

Your CCTV Business


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A.Smart Alarm Events

You can track an object. Alarm Will triggered When system detecting Object remove from their place.

  1. People Counting

Count the quantities of the bidirectional people flow in the detected areas by detecting, tracking and counting the head shape of the people. The counting data includes the number of entering people, exiting people and remaining people. See the following picture.

  1. Crowd Density Counting

This function detects the density of the walking people in a specified area (square, supermarket) and evaluates the level as shown below.

4. Connect Wi-Fi standalone camera to your DVR or NVR

 Everyone knows about Wi-Fi standalone cameras but few people know they can be connected with your NVR. If the camera is on ONVIF technology then the Wi-Fi camera can be connected to your existing setup to do connect this Wi-Fi camera to your router.

Then question again arises about how we connect the Wi-Fi camera to the router. These Wi-Fi cameras have an option to connect them to your Wi-Fi router. Just use this option and connect it to the router.

When it is connected to the router then connect your NVR to the same router and search local IP from the NVR and simply add this IP to your NVR IP system.

steps how to connect:

  • step 1: Use ONVIF protocol to add through your IP camera
  • step 2: access your camera with your using network connection
  • step 3: using any tool and software change the internet protocol (IP) address of your IP camera to the same IP of your router without changing IP, even you cannot connect your IP camera to the network.
  • step 4: enable the ONVIF protocol in the camera and start the video for recording.
  • step 5; add the camera to the NVR
  • step 6: permit the web interface of the NVR to open any browser like chrome, firefox enter the IP address on the NVR web login follow the step and manually add your camera to the NVR

5. Gobbler night coloured vision camera

Each and every normal IR Camera gives a black and white image at the night. Few people know some cameras are available that gives you a coloured image at night. In India Gobbler providing such cameras which give you coloured images at night. These can have a flash LED instead of a normal IR LED. These LEDs flashed at night automatically and gives you a better and coloured view.

It is very useful for the indoor and outdoor as well, for the night vision recording work through the infrared light and the body heat, it captures the motion of moving body. We know that every colour emitted the infrared light of distinct wavelengths from one another, the night vision coloured camera use that technology for detecting infrared light to making the coloured video.



  • 1.4 to 4-megapixel resolution
  • gobbler is the manufacturer of the product
  • it is very light in weight about 300 grams
  • day and night both colour vision with IR LEDs

 So this is done. We hope you like our post if you have any questions regarding those please comment on us. We will try to give you the best answer.




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