CCTV : 3 Major Problems That You Face In CCTV IP Camera Setup


CCTV IP Camera setup is now in Trend. Everyone has a prominent need for CCTV cameras, people want to surveillance their offices, shops, residential buildings, storerooms, malls etc. 

We have so many types of CCTV cameras but here we are going to discuss the IP camera. There are so many benefits in IP Cameras over HD setup, but it is quite difficult to set a Local Network for IP cameras. Sometimes we have to face a lot of problems to set IP cameras.

The IP camera system is different from the HD or ANALOG camera system, such different types of components are used in CCTV IP camera system like NVR in which there is a hard drive which connected to the POE switch through the CAT 6 cable.

Then you have to configure a CCTV IP camera with NVR with IP, every camera has a different IP address. Then there you faced one problem that camera is not working, then what you have to do, check step by step.

  • You must have one laptop/mobile
  • Download software of the camera you use or any software
  • Connect the camera through laptop/mobile and check IP diagnose check IP is shoeing or not which is put by you
  • If IP is showing by default then reset IP if you couldn’t find IP then may have a camera is not working
  •  May have it doesn’t connect to power

So there may have some different problems as I mention below.

Here I am trying to give you a checklist for IP Camera setup.

1.CCTV IP Camera not pinging.

Sometimes we facing the problem of ping our IP camera to the network. You are also trying to ping the camera IP from the same local network then troubleshoot it means to reboot your IP camera and then start pinging again and find the camera. If the camera is not pinging then check the following steps:

CCTV IP camera 9
  1. The cable is properly punched.
  2. The camera power is on.
  3. The camera is pinging from the same network
  4. Nvr Ip address is in the same series to camera IP
  5. Network cable properly inserted into a switch(if any)
  6. The network cable is properly inserted into Nvr.
  7. The network cable is not damaged.

Explanation of some above steps:

(2). Ensure that cable is connected properly and power is on

(3). Open any browser like chrome and type “cmd” into the search area you will reach the page of the DOS command prompt and click the ” ping” command and follow the instruction and connect the camera, every camera has an IP address like then use “ping192.168.168.1” on the command prompt to connect with the network.

(4). check the IP address of the camera and connect to the same network as NVR is connected.

2. CCTV IP Camera View Problem On Monitor

We have another problem the view of the camera is not so clear there is some imprint in the video, this is the major problem in CCTV pictures, if the camera view is not clear or the image is imprint age, that means the problem is in connection of the network though it is connected and work.

CCTV IP camera 4

It arises due to resolution is very low or high in comparison to your monitor.

There is maybe another problem is the wifi connection is too low. check all the connections properly and select the suitable resolution, if the problem is still not solved then again troubleshoot.

Then again go to the command prompt ping the IP address for the camera. If the response time is greater than 10 ms then it’s time to upgrade your router or switch to higher bandwidth.

We have some points to resolve this issue.

  • check the power supply is working or not
  • Interchange, all cable connections to confirming the cable is working properly
  • connect your IP camera to a different DVR/NVR to check it out 
  • set the appropriate resolution of the monitor as same as the CCTV IP camera 
  • 3. Can’t Find The IP Address Of The CCTV IP Camera 

Finding the IP address of the camera is also a problem if you don’t know how to check it. 

If you are unable to find the IP address of the camera then you can’t able to install it. To get the IP address of the camera, you should connect your camera to your computer and install the software which is given by the IP Camera company.

CCTV IP camera 7

 If you don’t have the software then, do not worry, there are so many IP tools available for free to find any device’s IP address. Wire Shark is one of them. just go to Google and download one of them and search for it.

  • the simple way to find the IP address check it on company software 
  • Otherwise, download any software on your computer or smartphone 
  • go to the device setting of the software then find the camera IP address 
  • you can also find the IP address of the camera through the bURL of the camera setting
  • find the IP address of the camera very easily, go to the (attached device) on the router software and check the address through the camera software
  • find the IP of your camera online, there are too,b many scanners and finders on the internet that will scan and find all the cameras connect to the internet and show your camera IP address. 

Here some Another Problem In CCTV IP Camera

  • IP cameras are quite expensive as compared to other HD cameras 
  • It takes more space in a hard drive to save footage in DVR 
  • The IP camera does not connect to some DVR due to the unsupporting format of the DVR sometimes.


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