Download Free AVerDiGi For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

AVerDiGi For Windows is a security surveillance CMS. It associates you with different gadgets and permits you to screen these different devices from a distant spot. Here, we are providing you with the application of AverDiGi for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

It is a great solution for monitoring many devices from a remote place on a single screen. The CMS Wizard is given in the form of files. These files are in a compressed format. You need to unsqueeze them to download and install them for your PCs.

Here, we have given the “AVerDiGi For Windows Application” information. The article will explain to you and demonstrate to you how to load and install this app for Windows as well as Macintosh PCs and Android Smartphones. It also tells you how to monitor cameras from distant areas.

We have given here a complete illustrative process. Go step by step, learn and do it yourself on other PCs. 

What Is A CMS Wizard & How Does It Help Us Viewing Surveillance Cameras?

CMS has a full form as a “Content Management System.” It is used to manage and publish web content. For security surveillance applications it is a programming that assists clients with editing, storing, showing, and playing videos.  

CMS Wizards are fascinating and essential CMS programming apps made to facilitate the observation of CCTV Cameras to give them the live view, playback, control and work on a PC or a cell. The application gives a direct linkage process for their clients to run this application on their PCs and Android-based smartphones.

It can connect many cameras with it at a time. The CMS gives this benefit that you can connect many gadgets with it. You can see more than 500 cameras on a single screen with its help all at once with this application.

What Is An AVerDiGi For Windows Software?

This software helps us view multiple devices on this single application from any remote place. For that, we have to add these devices with their IPs. The Aver Company is a reputed organization.

AVerDiGi For Windows 14

AVer was established in January 2008 in TaiwanAVer has its main products as many technology products for online education and training.

Apart from it, it has an enormous arrangement of items going from visualizers and cell phone charge carts to HD video conferencing frameworks and meeting cameras, etc. 

AVer’s items seriously affect how we discuss and instruct. The Organization gives the best arrangements that don’t simply fulfill the necessities of our clients but surpass their assumptions too.

Features & Functions Of AVerDiGi For Windows

This CMS Wizard App has many quality functions. It helps us in getting many operation styles. To know these functions are important. When we know them, we use them. When we don’t know about these attributes, we won’t be able to use this wizard fully. Following are its features.

AVerDiGi For Windows 15

  • It gives us a live view without any time lag with great speed.
  • The application can also give us the freedom to operate PTZ gadgets from remote locations. The application allows us to pan, slant, and zoom the gadget. It makes the surveillance simpler.
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You can see everything. The nature of night vision is bright and illuminating. You can recognize the threat in the dark easily.
  • Record, playback, and take snaps from anywhere
  • It can detect sound. The two-way audio makes the client all the more powerful. The client can speak with somebody on the other end, where the cam is installed, pass any message, and even frighten a gatecrasher by yelling at him or raising an alert.
  • This app is intelligent and smart. It sends pushup messages, and alarms to the client
  • The resolution of the app is great. It gives us pellucid images.
  • The Sensors are upheld by the CMS. With the assistance of these sensors, the CMS alerts us by beeping alarms Whenever find suspicious movements and sounds.

Download Free AVerDiGi For Windows OS

It is given here free of cost. You can download it. The file is given in a compressed file format. De-compress it and install it. Everything about the loading and installation has been given in the demonstration part of the article.

You can get it and gain it from them as well. It is not difficult. There are three stages you need to follow. Step-1 is the Installation part, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding the Device part.

Download Free AVerDiGi For MAC OS

The company has not designed this application for AverDiGi for Mac OS. If you want to view cameras from a Macintosh PC, then you download Windows OS on Mac PC. This way you can monitor.

Another way to monitor it on your PC is that you download Android OS with the help of Bluestacks software. This way you can also enjoy monitoring.

Download Free The AVerDiGi Application For Android OS

AVerDiGi For Windows 13

It is given here for the Android Application. You can get here the link for it. You need to get to tap the link button for it. By tapping the connection you will get this app. Load it on your Smartphone.

To add the device you have to scan the QR Code. After scanning, certain options will come on screen. Follow those instructions and the device will be connected.

Install AVerDiGi For PC For Windows OS

To load and install it we have to de-compress the file. The file is given in a crushed format. Then we will go for the following steps.

Step-1 Installation Of the Application

To install this app, the first step is that click the application icon. It opens and the following page appears.

AVerDiGi For Windows 1

The application welcomes the client and instructs him to exit all Windows programs before installing them. Do it this way, and press the next button.

AVerDiGi For Windows 2

This window asks us to give the app path to load and a folder to empty all its content in the course of installation. Select your installation folder, and click the next buttons.

AVerDiGi For Windows 3

It will tell you about icon shortcuts on the desktop. If you want a shortcut, then mark the circle and press the next button.

AVerDiGi For Windows 4

The moment you click the next button, installation begins. It takes a few minutes only to install the full content. When it emptied all the files, then it will inform you with another message.

AVerDiGi For Windows 5

It indicates that the installation is successful. Press the finish button.

Now we will move on to the next stage where we have to log in to the device.

Step-2 Login The Application

Here, when we open the application, it asks us to create a password. We can select any password of our choice. It must be of our choice. We don’t need to share it with others. A strong password is a combination of Alpha-Numeric upper case, lower case combinations.

AVerDiGi For Windows 6

Select a password for yourself. You will require it every time you want to log in to the app.

AVerDiGi For Windows 7

After password creation, press the next button.

AVerDiGi For Windows 8

The software asks you a few simple questions. These questions are given, in case you forget your password, the app will ask you the same questions for confirmation of the user before guiding them to get the password. Press the finish button.

AVerDiGi For Windows 9

By default, the Username is “admin” and the password that you have created. Put them and press the ‘Login’ button. You will reach the homepage of the CMS application.

AVerDiGi For Windows 10

This way you do the login process.

Now the next process is to add the device.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

Here, you will have to click the “Devices” button.

AVerDiGi For Windows 11

Fill in all the details. Put in the device name, IP address, user name and password. After that push the “Add” button.

AVerDiGi For Windows 12

The device will be added after that and cameras will be added to the screen. If you have to add many devices, then follow the same process with them.


This article has explained to you about AVerDiGi CMS Wizard App. It has detailed to you how you are going to install it for Windows, Mac, and Android. An exhaustive explanation has been with every step. It will make the process easier for you.

Please show your responses in the comment section. Your responses mean a lot to us.

Thank You.

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