Free Download XV-EYE For Windows 7/8/10 & Mac OS

XV-EYE For Windows is an application that helps us to screen cameras on PCs. Here, in this article, we will give everything about this CMS Wizard and sort out some way to make it useful for our PC.

Here, we have given everything about this CMS wizard. It is exceptionally helpful for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

With its assistance, we can screen any gadget from any distant area. This app is given in a compressed file format.

You need to download it and afterward de-compress it, to install it on your PC. To run it on your computers, you need to go through this interaction.

It is an extraordinary software that allows us to monitor cameras from any far-off area. The XV-EYE Application is a smart application with intelligent features. It upholds sensors and two-way audio.

What Is A CMS Wizard And How Does It Function?

The CMS is an application that is intended to screen cameras on PCs. It is the acronym of Content Management System(CMS). A CMS Software can file, edit, store, and remember data. Let’s think that there are 7 locations which you want to cover. You have installed multiple cameras there.

The client needs to screen these 7 devices from his home which is far away from these areas. Here comes the role of this CMS application. With the utilization of this application, the client can connect with these 7 gadgets. For that, the client needs to take the IP address of these devices and add them to the application. 

Each camera will appear on the PC screen. It is a cutting-edge technology for seamless monitoring. It can give you more than 256 cameras checking at a time.

What Is XV-EYE For Windows App?

It is a CMS application that is designed and marketed by Y3K Company. It is located in England. The company has a successful track record of more than 20 years. The company is well renowned in CCTV Surveillance items. Its technology and functions are the latest and modern. It is good for security and guarding.

This CMS app is given here in a squeezed download button form. You have to extricate files before going for the installation. Now you can run it on your PC. It is accessible for Windows OS and Mac OS. The product is likewise accessible for Android OS. It is very easy to understand. It gives incredible picture quality and stunning attributes.

Features & Functions Of XV-EYE App

This Software APP has exceptional elements. It can be easily operated by any individual. Functions are lucid and up to the mark. When you know these properties well, then you use them in a more commanding manner.

  • XV-EYE For Windows 12The application gives live-view
  • There is no time lag in the action.
  •  You will get real-time monitoring and video files
  • It has the best resolution. The image quality given by this application is sharp. It gives clear pictures.
  • The application maintains two-way audio. It is a fantastic technology for complete security. 
  • With its help, you can speak with the individual on the opposite side of the gadget. This gadget likewise enables you to scare away interlopers by yelling at them.
  • The App upholds “Sensors” Technology. These sensors look like the human mind. They can sense movements and sounds. 
  • At the moment, when the cam understands any movement and sound, it sends message pop-ups to you. It alerts you against some suspicious activity. 
  • You can set pre-defined sensitive areas to save them from transgressors. These are very delicate regions that you need to screen severely. The moment anyone enters these zones, users get push messages and alarm triggers. This way it alerts you before any intrusion takes place.
  • It can preserve recording and data for you, help you in playing playbacks, take pictures for you, and give you full practical help.
  • This application helps you in getting to the device from any far-off location. You can easily make this app online and get remote access.
  • It has the new video compression technology. That saves space for recording bandwidths.

Download XV-EYE Software For Windows OS

Here, you will get steps for this application to play on Windows OS. It is given here in a crushed setup. First and foremost, you have to de-compress the file to make it run on your PC. It is given in the configuration of the download button.

Click the button and get it. You will find here the total illustrative example also. It will give you every step to load and install the application. Users will find it useful for them. It will be proved as a guide for the installation of this software.

Download The XV-EYE CMS Wizard For Mac OS

Here company does not provide any application for Mac OS. But if still, you want to monitor it on your Macintosh PC you have to resort to the following technique

Either you have to download the Android OS on your PC with the help of Bluestacks or you can go for loading Windows OS over Mac OS. 

Download The XV-EYE Application For Android OS

XV-EYE For Windows 11

To run the CMS on your android cell phone, you need to take the assistance of the google play store. For that, you have to search for the XV-EYE application. It will give you monitoring for Android cell phones. Load it and install it on your mobile. For adding the device scan the QR Code. It will direct you to the camera monitoring. 

How To Install XV-EYE Application For Windows OS?

If you want to install this app on your Windows PC then you have to decompress the file. After decompression of it, you can run the file on your PC. It is done in three different steps.

The first step is how you have to install the application. The second step is about logging in to the device. In the third step, you have to add the device. Below you are going to get this idea figure by figure.

Step-1 Install the App

Press the application setup and it will open the following window.

XV-EYE For Windows 1

Here a menu is given. Tick the things you want to install and press the next button.

XV-EYE For Windows 2

Here, you have to give a path to the folder in which you want to install the content. Press the install button. The loading will instantaneously start.

XV-EYE For Windows 3

If you are not satisfied with the folder selection or you want any other change then select the “close” option. Otherwise, let be loaded the content. It will automatically inform you when it has finished the installation.

Step-2 Login The CMS App

In this stage when we open the app, it asks us to select the language of the application and log in.

XV-EYE For Windows 4

Select your preferred language and press OK.

XV-EYE For Windows 5

You have to create a username and password of your choice. Create a safe password for you and press the OK button.

XV-EYE For Windows 6

Here we have created username- admin, and password- Admin@123

Press “ok” after putting them on the column.

XV-EYE For Windows 7

The homepage of the CMS will open for you. Your Logging in process is over now. We will add the device.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor It On Screen

Here, on the homepage, you have to press the “Add The Device” option.

XV-EYE For Windows 8

Fill in all the details on this page. Give the IP address. After doing it, press the ‘Finish’ button.

The device will get connected and cameras attached to this gadget appear on the screen.

XV-EYE For Windows 9

If we have to add multiple devices then the same process we have to go through multiple times.


This XV-EYE app is very useful for Windows OS and Android OS. It gives you 24 hours monitoring. We have thoroughly explained this application with the installation process.

Every step has been covered. This CMS software is good whether you have to add one device or multiple devices.

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Thank You.

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