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Gobbler CCTV – One of the most trusted brands in the Indian market

Gobbler CCTV security system- One of the most trusted brands in the Indian market.

Gobbler CCTV

it is a slogan is where quality matters. Gobbler CCTV is a brand of Tikmany Telesystem Pvt. Ltd, Gobbler CCTV brand have the corporate office in Kolkata (India) and have distributer in almost every state of India. Gobbler CCTV brand deals in security Cameras, Office automation, IP PBX and time attendance.

gobbler cctv


Gobbler CCTV have customer care number – + 91 33 2456 7451. If your query is not resolved you can mail on [email protected]. For any online related like online technical support means how to connected DVR online etc on mail id [email protected]  with the detail of your problem with your contact number, Gobbler will arrange a call back for help, which is very best of the company.

Goobler CCTV has the unique product

The company have a very good quality product that is the best part of the company failure rate is almost less than 5% another good thing is that  they always think as the innovative supplier,

Gobbler white light camera is an example of that, This camera give you same image as you see on the day means it does not give you black and white image as you see in most cameras.

This camera is cheap and best to remove the black and white image. You can see in the image below.

gobbler cctv

Along with white light camera Gobbler CCTV gives you every kind of camera including Analogue camera, HD camera, IP camera, DVR, NVR and PTZ Camera, this company gives you almost every kind of security camera according to market survey within the best price range. Currency counter and paper laminator is also a trademark product of this company.

As a security camera integrator you need a good technical support, usually, a multinational brand doesn’t give you that technical support which you need because they have a step for technology that you need to follow, but this company will give best technical support in India.

This is about Gobbler CCTV brand. If you have any query or suggestion please write us in the comment box below.

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TVT CCTV: The award winning CCTV Camera Company

TVT CCTV Company is ready for winning over best growing India’s security system market.

TVT CCTV Company is a 13-year-old Chinese CCTV equipment manufacturer is ready to grab one of the biggest growth markets. In last year TVT CCTV Company has changed its market strategy, they make three national distributors for selling products in India, which are as follows



1.Tikmany Telesystems  Pvt. Ltd, Kolkatta

2.Hamsa India

  • D-133 Okhla Industrial Area, Phase-I  New Delhi-110020, India
  • Phone- 011-41756969

3. TVT CCTV India

TVT CCTV product is already selling in Indian market but not in the way that any multinational company is selling. There is no doubt about its product quality. TVT has a great experience in chip level and video compression solution. TVT sold their product in almost over 100 countries. In 2016 TVT listed in SME board, Shenzen with stock code: 002835. The only Good reputed company can afford this you can check online with mention code. For Convince I will compare SME board Report,

Stock Code Stock Name Listing Date Market Capital Negotiable Capital Industry
002835 TVT 2016-12-28 216,000,000 84,088,730 Manufacturing
002415 HIKVISION 2010-05-28 9,227,270,473 7,907,065,367 Manufacturing
002236 DAHUA INC 2008-05-20 2,898,756,130 1,835,429,357 Manufacturing

TVT CCTV analysis

As you see only these companies are registered on SME Board, Shenzhen. As a project, you found that TVT CCTV camera setup on European border for custom checkpoint and many other places.

TVT is the first manufacturer to launch TVI solution. It is only providers which have both TVI and AHD Solution. TVT has more than 1000 employees who will work in a very good hierarchy which you will be seen in an image


The very important thing and the best part of the company is that TVT has a very good and innovative R&D department, the structure is given below


Like other company, TVT has very good channels partner like Huawei, Panasonic, Hisilicon, Sony, next Chip, Aptina and many more(see in below image).


TVT CCTV has nearly a production of 200k Cameras and around 100k of the recorder. The company has quality assurance cycle and TVT has a good compatibility with almost all worlds’ leading VMS provider like,

  1. Hikvision
  2. Dahua
  3. Onvif
  4. Exacq
  5. Nuuo
  6. Onsii
  7. MileStone
  8. QNAP Security
  9. SureViews Systems
  10. DigiFort
  11. VivoTek
  12. Surveon
  13. Axxon

Now as far as TVT support and service is concerned, there are many article and blog you can find on the internet, Soon you get firmware and flash file also. I also add my article for TVT CCTV camera configuration and setup.


So from above article, you understand well that how big company is TVT CCTV, so if you are Security system integrator, be ready for the change in the market and training yourself for TVT CCTV.  If you have any query or suggestion please write us in the comment box.

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IP Camera POE PInout: Best way to IP Camera connector punch

IP camera POE pinout. I would like to share IP camera POE pintout technique, the concept of POE IP camera wiring and connection, how you use POE switch, which is the best POE switch for CCTV.

A POE Switch is a normal switch but it carries power also, means it carries power along with data. Now I explain by the help of picture that how you connect or how IP camera POE pintout with RJ45 Connector.

ip camera poe pintout Diagram

IP camera POE pintout

POE IP Camera Wiring Diagram by using Cat5 Cable, Cat6 Cable and RJ 45 Connector

As mention in the picture, you have to connect RJ45 Connector to cat5 or cat 6 cables and the connection is called T-568B. As I mention above that POE switch carries data and power both, so you have to find out that which colour has power. So for this, you need to read the user manual of POE switch or it is written on POE switch box. using this way you can have a look of IP camera POE pinout.

IP camera POE pintout

AS you see in above image it   1-2 have (+) and   3-6 have (-). Apart from this, you use Voltage multimeter to measure actual volt.

Now from above article, I have extracted many questions that are very useful.

Ques. Why use POE Switch?

Ans. POE has many advantages which are time-saving, less failure rate, Reliability and safety.

Ques. Can I connect IP camera directly to my computer?

Ans. Yes, you can connect IP camera directly to your computer. Earlier I wrote that how I connect TVT IP camera to the computer.

You can follow that post.

TVT IP tool

Ques. What is maximum cable length for POE?

Ans. The maximum length of POE will be 100 meters but you will find POE switch that will transmit up to 250 meters

Ques.  How far can you run a POE camera?

Ans. These answers will same as above.

Ques. When we need 10/100/1000 uplink port POE Switch?

Ans.  You need when you have to install more cameras, it will be more than 25 cameras or you have to install camera more than 2 MP.

We hope this information about IP camera POE pintout is helpful to yours. If you have any query or suggestion please write us in the comment box.


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Security Camera Cable: The most important part of CCTV camera setup.

Security camera cable is an important part of CCTV industry. Today I am going to describe very important part of CCTV camera setup which is security camera cable, I will also explain security camera cable type and security camera Cable wire colour code.

Security Camera Cable

Security camera cable is basically manufactured in such a way that it should optimize video signal quality. CCTV camera cable is composed of two  sub cables that will run simultaneously for transmitting both video and power signal, Video transmitting cable  also called RJ59 Cable, one sub cable is the central solid copper conductor core shielded by dielectric material, then further shielded by  copper or alloy braid that will transmit video signal and another is  power cables that will transmit  power and both two-part is insulated by PVC having diameter of 5.5 mm to 7.5 mm.

Now I would like to explain core means RJ59 cable, which is made up of dense copper having diameter of 0.22 to 0.28 mm. this core is very crucial and play a vital role for CCTV integrator. If use cable which have good quality solid copper which have more than 0.25mm diameter and have more than 30 shielded braid then definitely you can transmit video up to 150 meter but you should keep in mind that for 150 meter Video transmission you should also transmit power for 150 meter, for this you need good quality AWG power cable. In India this type of cable is very rare you have to make on order. General Cables comes in Indian market have 0.22mm diameter core that will transmit up to 90 meters only.  As far as security camera cable wire color code is considered generally yellow wire is used for video, Red color power wire is used for positive (+), Black color wire is used for Negative(+) and green is for ground. BNC Connector is connected to yellow wire and DC connector is connected to red and black color.

Security Camera Cable

Types of Security Camera Cable


There is 3 type of security camera cable which as is as follows.

  1. 4+1  CCTV Cable – This Cable is the composition of two type sub cable that will run simultaneously one part is four power cables that will transmit Power and another part is the RJ59 cable that will transmit video.
  2. 3+1  CCTV Cable – This Cable is the composition of two type sub cable that will run simultaneously one part is three power cables that will transmit Power and another part is the RJ59 cable that will transmit video.
  3. 2+1  CCTV Cable – This Cable is the composition of two type sub cable that will run simultaneously one part is two power cables that will transmit Power and another part is the RJ59 cable that will transmit video.

I have a few questions in reference to above article.

Ques. What is the maximum length for coaxial cable for CCTV?

Ans. In general, you get the length of 300 meters of CCTV Cable without any joint but it will transmit video only up to 100 meters.

Ques. What kind of cable is used for CCTV?

Ans.  You can use any among three types as mention in the article, As an expert, I recommend 3+1 CCTV cable because one wire is used as reserve wire if some natural problem arises then it would be used in future. Another reason in some cases of CCTV Camera Setup you need install audio mic in that it is very useful.

Ques. What is HSN Code of CCTV Camera Cable and import duty?

cctv camera cable

Ans.  8544-Insulated wire, cable (including co-axial cable) and other insulated electric conductors, whether or not fitted with connectors;

 Ques. How long can you run BNC Cable?

Ans. You can use BNC cable in CCTV camera cable is up to 100 meters, it mean it will transmit video signal up to 100 meters, For more than 100 Meters read above article.

 Ques. In India is there any genuine CCTV camera cable manufacturer?

Ans. Yes, In India you find CCTV camera cable manufacturer. If you need my help to find CCTV camera cable then you mail me on my email.[email protected]

Ques. How do I join cut CCTV Camera Cable or RJ59 Cable or Co-axial Cable?

Anw. It is very simple As you joint electric wire, CCTV camera cable will also joint in the same way but you need every wire separate, it means core wire and shield. The braid should be separate but if you are asking how to cut and join.

We hope this information about security camera cable is helpful for yours. If you have any query and suggestion regarding CCTV camera cable please write us in the comment box.

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how to do long distance CCTV installation help of video balun

Hello, my dear friend today I am going to explain long distance CCTV installation with the help of video balun.

What is video balun?

Video balun is basically Video signal extender, when you open a video balun you will find a small circuit that will increase video signal, in another world video balun is a replacement of traditional coaxial cable over cat5 and cat6 cable. The CCTV balun maximum distance is up to 305 metre, So it is worth for long distance CCTV video Installation. Video Balun is also useful for such condition when your video is blur due to the interference of some other signal.

log distance cctv installation

How to use video balun for long distance CCTV installation?

Now come to the point that how video balun is a solution of long distance CCTV video Installation, as we all know that traditional coaxial cable has a distance limit  Up to 90 meters. So when we use video balun then it will increase up to 305 meters. In another word CCTV maximum distance is 305 metre, Video balun installed simply by using cat5, cat6 cable and LAN RJ45  Connector. It is better that you use video balun in pair one as the sender and another as a receiver. There are several types of video balun as Add single channel 4 channels 8 channel and 16 Channel. Single channel video balloon simply transmitting video signal up to 300 meters  And it is also helpful to reduce unnecessary signal that will affect video quality. Video Balun will work on AHD/HD-TVI/HD-CVI technology.

long distance cctv installation

Multichannel long distance  CCTV installation

Now I explain 4 channel, 8channel and 16 channel video balun by example, that how easily you can handle long distance CCTV video Installation. if you need to install 16 HD camera in four Storey building then simply You install 4 camera at each storey then in that case you need to install one four-channel video balun on every storey and from top floor you simply but one cat5 or cat6 cable to DVR end, it means for every four cameras you need single cat 5 or cat 6 cable but if you do not use video balun then you get a bunch of wire at DVR and maybe you get video loss if distance is above 100 meter.  When you purchase video balun you will find for 8 channel you two cat5/cat6 Cable and for 16 channel four cat6 cables.

So finally for understanding this topic better if you are aware with IP camera setup using Network Switch then video balun is just like the switch for HD Camera Setup. There is little difference between Network Switch and video balun, in network Switch you have an uplink port but in the video, there is no interconnection or uplink port.

One more option also available in video balun that you use both the Rj45 connector and also direct connection of every pair as you see in the image.

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Best CCTV Dealer in Kanpur and their contacts

CCTV Dealer in Kanpur. Here, It is a list of best CCTV dealer in Kanpur who can serve you the best service and their price is also very competitive. This list is based on CCTV Desk survey. These CCTV dealers deals in CCTV analogue system, CCTV HD systems and also deals in CCTV IP camera system. According to our survey, they are best CCTV dealer in Kanpur and surroundings. In this list, you can find their contact number and address. You also get them via online communication. You can also get a big discount if you choose top 5 CCTV dealer in Kanpur from this list. They can provide you with a setup at wholesale price.


cctv dealer in kanpur

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) is a system of monitoring a specific object or area. When you have a CCTV setup at your premises then it is very necessary that it has been the maintained by a professional. Without maintenance CCTV setup it is just like a showpiece. These CCTV dealers in Kanpur are very experienced and they also committed service after sales.

This is a list of Best CCTV dealer in Kanpur


1. Tecknoligent India(TVT,Gobbler,Hikvision,Dahua,CP Plus)

  • Address: 13/391 Civil Lines Kanpur, 208001
  • Contact: +91-9721898218(Zaid Rehman)/+91-8808322105
  • Website: Best CCTV dealer

2. P00ja Solution(Hikvision,CP Plus, TVT, Dahua)

  • Address: 118/75, Gumti No 5, Kanpur – 208012
  • Contact: +91-770304866

3. S K Enterprises(Hikvision)

  • Address: SHOP NO 235, Ist FLOOR, EXPRESS ROAD, Mall Road, Kanpur – 208004, OPP MAZAAR
  • Contact: +91-9415438793

4. Sweta Enterprises

  • Address: 118/240, Goel Building, Hanuman Park Lane, Kaushalpuri, Kanpur – 208012
  • Contact: +91-9839081718

5. Chandra Hitech

  • Address:133/89, O BLOCK, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur – 208011, Near South X Mall
  • Contact: +91-9532983282

6. SG Computronics

  • Address: FF A-1, 3rd Floor, SOMDUTT PLAZA KANPUR U.P.,INDIA
  • Contact: +91-98391 07873
  • Website:

7. Gemini Tech

  • Address:84/36, Near Kamla Club, Kalpi Road, Fazalganj, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208012
  • Contact: +91-7388455500

8. Network Automation

  • Address: 63/2, 3rd Floor, Shree Balaji Complex, Mall Road, Kanpur – 208004, Near Maroon A Crossing
  • Contact: +91-9935080789

9. Agies Security System

  • Address: 3, Panki Rd, Awas Vikas, Swaraj Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 208017
  • Contact: +91-97952 67079
  • Website:

10. Vohra Hi-Tech Solution

  • Address: Office 45 B/2A, Dada Nagar, Kanpur – 208022, Near Kartik Dharam Kata, Cooperative Industrial Estate, Udhyog Nagar
  • Contact: +91-9889668888

11. Shree Siddhivinayak Enterprises

12.Deepak Security Solutions

13. Wca Security

  • Address:  Ews 3001, Awas Vikas No.3, Panki Road, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017
  • Contact: +91-70810 01005
  • Website:

14. Sun Enterprises

  • Address:  Ews 2928, Awas Vikas 3, Panki Road, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017
  • Contact: +91-9152600445

15. Eureka Forbes Ltd Security System

  • Address: 113, A/3, 0, G T Road, Kanpur – 208013
  • Contact:  18602661177

16. Swarnim Enterprises

  • Address:  Ews 3001, Awas Vikas No.3, Panki Road, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017
  • Contact: +91-9152303550

17. Jmd Traders

  • Address:  81/4, Block-9, Chawla Market Road, Govind Nagar, Kanpur – 208006, In Front .Centre Bank ATM
  • Contact: +91-9152796566

18. Spark Enterprises

  • Address:  Ews 3001, Awas Vikas No.3, Panki Road, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017
  • Contact: 0591 232 8177

19. ARYAN Computer AND Peripherals

  • Address:  14/76 L, Civil lines, Civil Lines, Kanpur – 208001, Near Merchant Chamber
  • Contact: 0512 253 8801
  • Website:

20. A D Services

  • Address:  128/611, Y-1, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur – 208011, Near Upasna Guest House
  • Contact: +91-9152601159

21. M Squire Surveillance

  • Address:  Ews 3001, Awas Vikas No.3, Panki Road, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017
  • Contact: +91-9152823705

22. Fenxtek Solutions

  • Address:  N-27, 4th Floor Awas Vikas 1, Keshav Puram, Kalyanpur, Kanpur – 208017, Near KRB Rawail Palace
  • Contact: +91-70803 53637

23. Technomations

  • Address:  13/391, Shanti Kuteer, Civil Lines, Kanpur – 208001, near- Green Park Stadium
  • Contact: +91-8009006433

24. Feel Safe Security Solution

  • Address:  5 A, Rail Bazar, Kanpur – 208004, Near Kohli Medical Store
  • Contact: +91-93050 50999

25. Geotech Computer System

  • Address:  Somdutt plaza near land mark hotel UGC-3 2nd Floor Somdutt Plaza Kanpur Uttar Pradesh 208001 IN, 208001
  • Contact: +91-98072 51193

26. Habib Modifier

  • Address:  88/473, Habib Tower, Chamanganj, Kanpur – 208001, Opp. Noor Masjid
  • Contact: +91-70071 27911

27. P & B Industries

  • Address:  Opp.9 Num Crossing, Shop No 4 G.T Road, Sharda Nagar, Kanpur – 208006
  • Contact: +91-94157 49575

28. SSE Enterprises

  • Address:  Shop no 8 Tulsa complex, 7/118, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur – 208002, Near Axis bank
  • Contact: +91-9152601108

29. K S Computer Enterprises

  • Address:  117/N/242, Tulsi Nagar Road, Kaka Deo, Kanpur – 208025, Near Bhuneshwar Mandir Chhapera Puliya
  • Contact: +91-96705 46906

30. Rahul Electronics

  • Address:  133/51, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur – 208011, Near Site No.1 Chauraha
  • Contact: 0512 266 2129

31. S P Security Systems

  • Address:  118/190 LGA -1, Gumti Plaza, Kaushalpuri, Kanpur – 208012
  • Contact: +91-77048 22689

Comparison of Best 11 CCTV Dealers in Kanpur

Name of Dealer Client Satisfaction Service Costing  OverAll
Tecknoligent India 93% Excellent Excellent 4.8/5.0
Pooja Solution 92% Good Excellent 4.7/5.0
Sk Enterprises 93% Good Excellent 4.7/5.0
Sweta Enterprises 89% Excellent Good 4.5/5.0
Chandra Hitech 87% Good Good 4.2/5.0
SG Computronics 86% Good Good 4.1/5.0
Gemini  Tech 83% Excellent Good 4.1/5.0
Network Automation 82% Good Excellent 4.1/5.0
Agies Security System 81% Good Good 4.0/5.0
Vohra Hi-Tech Solution 81% Good Good 4.0/5.0
Shree Siddhivinayak 80% Good Good 4.0/5.0

This is the list of best CCTV dealers in Kanpur. We hope this is information is helpful. If you and query and suggestion please feel free to write us in the comment box.

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Calculate Recording Capacity of IP camera. cctv storage calculator formula

CCTV storage calculator formula. CCTV storage calculator formula is based on the bandwidth of camera. The recording capacity is mainly up to the record resolution, record stream and bitrate. Different image quality parameters decide different disk capacity occupation in equal times. The bigger the record resolution, record stream and record bitrate are, the more disk capacity is taken up in equal times. You can easily calculate how much capacity you required for a specific amount of time.  before learning CCTV storage calculator formula, first, understand the what is bitrate.

What is bitrate?

In simple words, You can say, bitrate is a flow of data. When an image is processed then it takes the signal from a processor in the form data. The CCTV setup which gives you high quality of an image, have the high quality of processor and flow more quantity of data in comparison to others system. the higher the bit rate of a video, the higher the video quality.

The CCTV storage calculator formula of recording capacity is shown as below.

CCTV storage calculator formula

Recording Capacity(MB) = Bitrate(Kbps) ÷1024 ÷8 × 3600 × Recording hours per day ×Record Storage Days × channel numbers.

3600 means record for an hour(1TB=1024GB,1GB=1024MB,1MB=1024KB,1Byte=8bit).

For your understanding, we define a table

cctv storage calculator formula

The table below shows the recording capacity requirements for record storage in 30 days.

cctv storage calculator formula

For instance, there is a 32CH NVR recording 24 hours per day and the record stores for 30 days. The NVR adopts dual stream recording. The mainstream is 4096Kbps and the substream is 1024Kbps, then the total recording capacity is 49.45TB (39.56TB + 9.89TB). Considering the format loss of the disk is about 10%, the required disk capacity will be 55TB (49.45TB ÷(1-10%)). This table is mainly for IP camera setup but using same formula you can calculate the storage capacity for all kind of camera.

We hope this information about  CCTV storage calculator formula is helpful for yours. If you have any query or suggestion please feel free yourself to write us in the comment box.

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TVT DVR Online : How to connect TVT DVR/NVR over the internet

TVT DVR Online: How to connect TVT DVR/NVR over the internet? TVT DVR/NVR has NAT option for TVT DVR online view over your mobile. Users can access TVT DVR can be remotely accessed via a P2P connection. TVT DVR online setup is very easy. In order to do this, Follow the given steps below.

TVT Mobile software for Android and IOS? Superlive Plus is the mobile application. You can download it for free.

For Android download free 

TVT DVR online setup

Step 1. Change network setting

Go to Network Settings. Check “Obtain an IP address automatically” and “Obtain DNS automatically” to get the IP address and DNS automatically (the DHCP function of the router in the same LAN should also be enabled)

TVT IP camera connect

Step 2. Enable NAT option

Click Start->Settings->NetworkNAT to go to the interface for NAT configuration. Check “Enable” and then select the NAT server address ( by default). Click “Apply” to save the settings. You can scan the QRCode through a mobile client which is installed in the mobile phone or PAD to log in the mobile client instantly.

Note: Before enabling NAT option, You should change the DVR/NVR default password in order to secure your system.

Step 3. Setup the mobile application

Click Start->Settings->Network.Network Status to view the network status or click on the toolbar at the bottom of the live preview interface to view network status conveniently.

① Make Sure NAT is enabled in the DVR/NVR.

②Now Download and install the mobile client “SuperLive Plus” into the mobile device with the Android or iOS system.

③ Run the mobile client, go to the “Add Device” interface and then click to scan the QRCode of the NVR (Go to Start->Settings->System Information->Basic to view the QRCode of the NVR).

④ After scanning the QRCode successfully, input the login password to log in the mobile client

TVT DVR Online setup

Now you can view TVT DVR online via your mobile. Superlive Plus has so many options to operate your DVR/NVR like zoom, Playback, change picture settings etc. We hope you got some information about How to connect TVT DVR online setup. If you have some query or suggestion please feel free to write us in the comment box.

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TVT IP camera connect using TVT IP tool. Free download TVT IP tool

How to use TVT IP tool for TVT IP Camera? TVT provides a good IP tool called TVT IP tool. Using this tool you change the default IP TVT camera. This is a free tool that you can use it to the setup of TVT IP camera. Before starting how to use TVT IP tool, you should know about TVT IP camera. TVT IP camera (short for IP-CAM) is designed for high-performance CCTV solutions.TVT  It adopts state of the art video processing chips. It utilizes most advanced technologies, such as video encoding and decoding technology, complies with the TCP/IP protocol, SoC, etc to ensure this system more stable and reliable. TVT IP camera is widely used in banks, telecommunication systems, electricity power departments, law systems, factories, storehouses, uptowns, etc. In addition, it is also an ideal
the choice for surveillance sites with middle or high risks.

Download TVT IP Tool

TVT IP camera default IP address

The default IP address of this camera is

TVT camera default Username

The default username is “admin”.

TVT Camera default password

The default password is “123456”.

Step 1. Download TVT IP Tool

Before taking any step you should have to install IP camera tool. Download here. This is a secure way to download IP tool. Setup size is 14MB, so it does not take time. After downloading, Double click on the setup and install it on your computer. Now move to next step.

Step 2. Open IP tool

Make sure the PC and IP-Cam are connected to the LAN and the IP-Tool is installed in the PC.  Double click the IP-Tool icon on the desktop to run this software as shown below.

TVT IP tool

Step 3. Modify IP address 

Modify the IP address. The default IP address of this camera is Click the information of the camera listed in the above table to show the network information on the right hand. Modify the IP address and gateway of the camera and make sure its network address is in the same local network segment as the computer’s. Please modify the IP address of your device according to the practical situation

For example, the IP address of your computer is So the IP address of the camera shall be changed to 192.168.1.X. After modification, please input the password of the administrator and click “Modify” button to modify the setting.

Step 4. Open IP Camera

Double click the IP address and then the system will pop up the IE browser to connect IP-CAM. IE browser will auto download the Active X control. After downloading, a login window will pop up as shown below. Input the username and password to log in.

The default username is “admin”; the default password is “123456”.

Step 5. Finalise

After putting IP address, IE asks to install an ActiveX component. How to install ActiveX. Install it. Now put the username and password and press login button. All done, you got the live preview of the camera.

TVT ip camera tool

We hope you got some information about how to use TVT IP camera tool. If you have any question or suggestions please mention in the comment box.

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How to Connect TVT IP camera to TVT NVR

How to connect TVT IP Camera to NVRhello, here we are going to discuss how to connect TVT IP Camera with TVT NVR.  In order to make a connection between TVT IP camera and NVR, You should know about the little bit of IP network. IP address of the camera must be in the same series with TVT NVR IP can change NVR IP address directly from the screen but to change the IP address of the TVT camera you can use some kind of tools. TVT also provide a tool for modifying the IP address of the camera. Find here. Using this tool you can modify IP address of camera according to your NVR IP address.

These are the steps to connect TVT IP Camera to NVR.

TVT IP camera default IP address

Default IP address of TVT IP camera is

TVT IP camera Tool

You can download TVT IP camera tool from TVT website.Find here.

Step 1. Set the IP address of TVT NVR

Before connecting the camera to TVT NVR you should set an IP address of TVT NVR. Suppose NVR IP address is and subnet mask is This IP address should be according to your existing network gateway. Connect NVR to computer.

TVT IP camera connect

Step 2. Modify the IP address of TVT IP Camera

Now modify the IP address of Camera with the same series of NVR IP address. For example, NVR IP address is then IP camera address should be like 192.168.1.XXX. Use IP tool by TVT Find here . Note: Use different IP address for all TVT IP camera.  Connect all Camera to the NVR via switch or router. Now open setting and go to add camera.

Step 3. Add Cameras to NVR

TVT IP camera connect

Here, You find all IPs of TVT IP camera. Select cameras according to your need. You can also modify camera IP address from here by click on edit symbol of particular camera. If all ok, select camera by clicking the checkbox and click add button. Now camera will show  in the live preview.

how to connect TVT IP camera

Step 4. Add Camera Manually

how to connect TVT IP camera

You can also add camera manually. Just go to add manually tab and put the IP address of the camera.Do not forget to set other options. I.e username, password, and protocol.

Note: You can use different company cameras with the TVT NVR like Hikvision or Dahua or those IP cameras which support Onvif technology.

This is all about how to connect TVT IP camera to TVT NVR. If you like this information about IP Camera connection. Please tell us by commenting below.

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