CCTV Technology

Artificial intelligence CCTV

Artificial intelligence CCTV – One of the most powerful tool of CCTV.

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Artificial intelligence CCTV is a CCTV camera that can think like the human brain. The Artificial intelligence CCTV is basically a processing of the image with the help of deep…

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CCTV Surveillance systems

Top 11 CCTV Surveillance cameras and their specification

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There are so many CCTV Surveillance system supplier in the market which provides you with a specific CCTV surveillance system according to your need. Sometimes users do not know what…

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5 best cctv surveillance wifi camera that you should use once

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CCTV surveillance market growing fast and everyone need camera to monitor their home and working place. It is quite obvious that so many companies launching their new products day by…

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Language translator

Language Translator : Traveling China, Hub of CCTV, without Chinese Language problem- A personal Agent.

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Meet Ili. New language translator. Hi, friends today I come with new language translator based on latest technology gadget, the gadget is language converter. As you all know this website is…

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CCTV Camera Technical Terms, You Should Know. WDR, HLC, Mask

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CCTV Camera Technical terms Every and each industry has its own terms and some of them are technical. In similar, CCTV camera has also some technical terms. By knowing these…

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CCTV tools that you must have in your tool box

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Here, We are trying to turning your focus towards some important CCTV tools, which can be useful to increase the efficiency of work.  These cctv tools are available in market.…

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CCTV latest technology

5 Latest Technology use it Supercharge your CCTV Business

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1.Hikvision Face detection Technology   Hikvision  already has a artificial intelligence Technology.  this technology is used to face detection of people  at entrance point . this technology more significantly used…

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