CCTV tools that you must have in your tool box

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Here, We are trying to turning your focus towards some important CCTV tools, which can be useful to increase the efficiency of work.  These cctv tools are available in market. Before we start, Just think about those problems which are commonly occurs at installation site. These problem are very small but we have to spend lots of time. Using these cctv tools, you can do a smooth installation. so lets start from the first.

These are the following CCTV tools

1. CCTV Tester

CCTV tools

CCTV tester is the first name if you talk about CCTV tools. It a very useful device. If you want to have a CCTV tester in your CCTV tools, then one thing keep in mind that you have all the connecting port in it, like HDMI , AVi, VGA and also LAN port for IP camera. So if are going to install CCTV camera at a big premises then CCTV tester can save your precious time .

2. Walky Talky

CCTV tools

Everyone knows about walky talky. It can be a very useful tool for CCTV installation engineer. It can save lots of time.

3. Power Bank

CCTV tools

In completion of CCTV tool box, You must have a power bank in your CCTV tool box. You can use a 12V battery with a DC connector. There are some ready made power bank are also available. The main benefit the power bank is, you can power up your camera everywhere for sometime. No need to find power sockets just put it to camera and make your work complete.

4. LAN Tester

CCTV tools

Now the fourth one is LAN tester . As the name suggest,LAN tester is used to test LAN cable. It is very to use, just put both side of LAN wire into each unit of LAN tester and LAN tester let you know that it is proper punched or not. So i think you should have when you are installing CCTV cameras.

5. Multi Meter

CCTV tools

The most important tool that you must have in your CCTV tools, The multi meter. If you don’t know how that how to use mm then you must learn this. Multi meter tell you every thing about your CCTV wire.


So these are some CCTV tools that you should have in tool box. If you want to add some in the list then comment us in comment box.




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