CTR-MAZi For PC Free Download For Windows & Mac

CTR-MAZi For PC is software given here for checking CCTV cameras. We have given here a comprehensive analysis of this product. The link to the software is given here in the download button design. It is in a compact document.

You need to uncompress it before introducing the application. The application is given here for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

We have additionally given here the total downloading process for Windows OS. It is given in an illustrative structure. It will direct you bit by bit.

By seeing it and learning it, you can undoubtedly do it without anyone’s help. The CTR-MAZi application makes monitoring more profound by adding numerous gadgets to it.

What Is A CMS?

The Central Monitoring System is a program that permits us to screen different gadgets inducted in various locations. The CMS can associate these gadgets with IPs. It can be accessed from remote areas. It gives control to the Owner.

They can screen and guide each action. A CMS can alter, compose, record, playback, and take pictures. The application is intended to make surveillance simpler. Generally, large areas, associations, traffic regulators, and so on, resort to CMS for appropriate treatment of their electronic security.

About The CTR-MAZi For PC CMS 

MAZi organization culture

It is designed and marketed by the world-famous CCTV organization MAZi. The organization is situated in Italy. This company was started by 4 European Union nations in 2013. Since then, it has been doing wonders in the security surveillance business.

Its items are popular and latest. The organization gives a 2-year guarantee on its items and lifetime support. Its CMS is extremely simple to download and introduce. It can record, playback, edit, work, and access sounds. It can interface with over 10 gadgets all at a time.

Assume each gadget has 10 cameras appended to it. It implies this CMS Wizard can show you 100 cameras all at once from any distant area. It is exceptionally well-known among CCTV lovers.

Why Is the CTR-MAZi Application So Popular?

This application is exceptionally successful in monitoring cameras from a long way-off location. It catches exceptionally clear pictures. It has many elements that are top-class.

It can show you numerous cameras all at once. The application is given in a zipped file record. Decompress the CMS file and launch the product on the PC.

Features and Functions Of CTR-MAZi CMS Wizard

This application has many top-class highlights. Here we are giving the noticeable ones. Realizing these features are significant. When we know them, we can use them for better functions.

CTR-MAZi logo


  • It transfers live recordings. There’s no delay. The streaming gives coherence to the recognition of cameras.
  • The gadget can easily be operated by the application. This application has the class capability to watch and supervise activities.
  • It can record recordings. You can have the option to record it on the actual gadget, or the PC.
  • You conjointly record recordings in NVRs. You can likewise choose internet recording on the Cloud Server.
  • The application upholds live video capturing from any distant area
  • This application supports working PTZ cameras from your work environment
  • You can record, zoom, dish, and slant without any difficulty
  • It can record activities for you, oversee sounds for you, show playbacks for you, guard for you, and so forth
  • You can track activities by getting live perspectives and preserving recordings and sounds.
  • It upholds sensors
  • The application sends you messages and rings alarms for you to detect dubious actions
  • It can see movement and sound with the help of sensors
  • It is a two-way sound-controlled application
  • You can convey this to the individual who is on the opposite side of the cam.

Download CTR-MAZi CMS For Windows OS

The link is given in a compressed file. You need to unfasten it to stack it on your PC. Here, we have given the download button for the Windows OS. Click the connection to get the application.

We have given the total establishment process for Windows OS. It is filled with diagrams. You can do it yourself for other PCs. Get the link here.

Download CTR-MAZi Wizard For Mac OS

The download button is given below. With that button, we have given the full installation process for the application. The process is detailed for Windows. You can do it on Macintosh PC by using the same technology.

Click the connection to get it for Mac PC. The link is in a pressed state. You need to un-squeeze it for downloading and installing.

Download CTR-MAZi App For Android OS

CTR-MAZi For PC 10

If you have any desire to screen the gadget on an Android cell phone, then you need to download and introduce this application. The application is available on the google play store. Install it and after this progression, you need to check the QR code for adding the gadget.

After the scanning of the gadget, adhere to the guidelines incited by the app, and the gadget will connect. Cameras will appear on the screen. The link is given beneath.

Install The CTR-MAZi Software For Windows & Add Devices

The installation process is given exhaustively. It is done here in three steps. In the initial step, you need to introduce the application. In the subsequent step, you will sign in to the application, and in the third step, you need to add the device to the screen cameras.

Step-1 Install The App

To install the application, we have to open the zipped file given here in the form of a download link. Extract it to get the Setup file. Click it to load the content on Windows PC. The first window it opens is

menu for installing the items

The software opens the above page. It asks you to select the features you want to install on the PC. Select them by ticking the box. After that press the Install button.

The moment you click it, it begins to install. It loads all its content into the folder you have ticked in the features section

installation begins to load

The installation process is on. When it is finished, it sends you a notification page.

content downloaded and installation finished

Press the finish button. This way this application is installed.

Now, we will move to the next step. The next step is the login of the software.

Step 2- Log In Of The Software

To log in, we have to open the icon of the application which we have just installed. The following window opens.

create a username and the password

Here you have to create a username and a password. Do them. Create a strong password by using a combination of upper case, lower case, special characters, and numerical.

go for login page

Put in the Id and the password on the slot and press the Login button. This page will open.

answer these questions to get back the forgotten password

Here, it is asking a few basic questions. These questions are given, in case you forget the password, their answers help you recover the password or allow you to create a new password. Answer them and press the login button.

the homepage of the app

The Homepage of the Wizard opens. This way we log in successfully.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

On the homepage, the option for the menu is given. Click it open to get the adding of the device column. Open it. This page will open.

adding the device page

Mention the Device name, the IP address, the Port, the Username, and the Password. After that click the Add button.

The device will be added. By following the same methodology you can add many devices. The following page opens.

monitoring of the added device

This way cameras appear on a screen that is connected to the device. The addition of the device and monitoring of camera part is completed this way.


The CTR-MAZi Wizard is powerful enough to give us views of many devices at a time and that too on a single screen. We have covered here in this article how to download and install through the given link button.

For that, we have given the link for Windows, Android, and Mac. We also gave here the demonstrative installation of the software on Windows OS. The features and functions of the App are also discussed.

If you find any issues in loading the app, installing it, or adding the device, please share your queries. We would assist you in resolving them.

Thank You.

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