Uniarch For PC Download Free For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

Uniarch For PC is a CMS Wizard. It is used to connect one and more devices with this application and get them from any remote location. Uniarch For PC is used for Windows and Mac, both kinds of operating systems.

In this article, we will give you the download links for Windows and Mac. You have to click the link button and get the app for PCs. The setup application file is given in a compressed file format. You have to extricate the file to load and install it on PCs.

Download For PC Windows 32 Bit

Download For PC Windows 64 Bit

For Mac OS

The CMS Wizard is a comprehensive app that makes you vigilant about all activities.

The complete installation process is illustrated here for Windows OS. It is given here in three steps. The first step covers the installation procedure. The second step deals with logging in to the application part. The third and last step is given for the Device Addition process.

Why Is A CMS Wizard Very Useful For Monitoring?  

A CMS Wizard is useful because it gives liberty and authority to its users. If you have installed a security system at any site, it means you want protection and surveillance on that place. 

Similarly, if you have multiple sites, then you want monitoring and supervision from those places. But naturally, you can’t be present at these locations every time. You always feel that you are missing actions and control.   

The CMS application makes it possible to monitor every activity from any place. It makes surveillance powerful and serves the purpose of installing CCTV Cameras. 

It gives the owner mental peace and authority. They can operate the device from their location, instruct a person or listen to them. You can be anywhere but supervising your work and people.

What Is Uniarch For PC

play store image for Uniarch 25

Uniarch For PC is an application that is designed and manufactured by EZ Cloud. It is a CCTV monitoring company. It has many apps. It provides its users with cloud space for recording and monitoring. 

The organization is top-rated and its application is highly effective. This Wizard empowers you to operate the device from remote areas. You can zoom in on any object. You can transfer a message or listen to someone. 

It supports sensors that give it an extra edge in protection. It can sense threats and alert you. You get alert messages and alarms. Thus it awakens you in advance. 

The CMS Wizard is very popular in high-risk areas and busy places. As you can easily trace any anomaly, it protects you from many suspects and threats.

Features & Functions Of Uniarch   

This app has many functions. Here, we are giving you those attributes which are used more often. Use these characteristics to get the maximum benefits from this product.

  • logo of Uniarch 26It provides you with a live feed.
  • There is no delay in relaying the footage
  • It gives you images and videos in real-time
  • This app can be accessed from anywhere
  • You can operate the device from any location 
  • You can zoom in, see, speak, and listen at will
  • This Wizard supports PTZ cameras
  • You can operate a PTZ device from a remote area
  • The two-way audio is supported by it
  • You can communicate and listen to it
  • The two-way audio is useful in keeping you safe from threats and suspects
  • When you realize any person or activity is suspicious you can raise an alarm by shouting at them. Thus it alerts others
  • This app has smart sensors.
  • It can detect motion and audio
  • You can pre-set sensitive areas as a man zone. When anyone transgresses, it cautions you
  • The app records and takes snaps. You can also watch the playback from any location
  • It supports cloud server recordings

Download Uniarch For Windows OS

To install this file on Windows you have to click the download button given below. The setup file is given in a squeezed form. You have to decompress the file and load it on the PC.

We have given the three steps process to install the app and monitor devices. The first step begins with the installation process. The second step is given for logging in to the application. The third step is for adding the device. 

The complete illustration is given in the below section.

Download For PC Windows 32 Bit

Download For PC Windows 64 Bit

Download Uniarch For Mac OS 

This file can be loaded on Mac PC by clicking the download button given for Mac OS. Extricate the application file and then run it on Apple PC.

The process is almost the same for the Mac PC as shown for the Windows OS. Go through the installation and monitoring process given for Windows and you will get the idea to do it for Macintosh PC.

Download For Mac OS

Install, Log In & Monitor Uniarch For Windows OS

The process is in an illustrated form. You will find every step here. They are supported by images and captions. You will understand the process easily and be able to do it yourself.

Step-1 Install The CMS

Click open the setup file. This page will emerge.

welcome page of the app 1

The app is welcoming its users. It is ready to load the content. You have to make a separate folder to download the content. Make sure that there is no other application file present in the folder where you are loading the Uniarch file.

Press the next button. you will land on the following page.

terms and conditions 2

It is the page that describes the terms and conditions of the software. Read the conditions carefully. If you are satisfied with them, tick the ‘I accept the term’s in the License Agreement box and then press the next button. Another page will come.

select path and folder destination 3

Here, choose the path and the location of the folder. Select as per your discretion. After that click the next button. The next window will open.

app is ready to install 4

The app is ready to install. Check the path of the folder and its location. If you are satisfied with everything then press the install button. We will find the next page where the app file is installing the content on the given folder.

app is installing 5

The app is installed. it will take a few minutes to load the entire file. After that, it will mention that the file is installed successfully.

software installed successfully 6 

It is showing that the application file is installed successfully. This way we get the app installed on Windows PC. Press the finish button.

Now we will move to the second step. Here, we will go to log in to the software.

Step-2 Log In To The App

To log in to the software, open the installed app. You will find the following page.

log in the app 7

It is the login page. The organization has given a default id and password. Mention them here to log in to the file.

Username –  admin

Password  –  123456

Fill in and then press the login button.

go for the log in to the app 8

You will find the app logged in. When the app is logged in then you will reach the menu page or the homepage of the software.

Menu page of the application 9

This way, we log in to the file.

Now we will go to add the device.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor

For adding the device, go to the menu page of the software and click the “Device Manager” option. It will open a page that will ask you to add the camera. Click the “Add” option. This page will come in sight.

add the device 10

Fill in the IP address, Port, Username, and password. After that press the add button. This page will emerge on the screen. You will see that the device is added and cameras connected with the device are on the display.

app is ready to monitor 11

The process from installation to monitoring is illustrated thoroughly.


The Uniarch for PC is given here. You have found the download link for Windows and Mac. You have also found the features and functions section to know its features in detail. The installation process is demonstrated for Windows PC. A similar methodology will be used to install it for Mac OS.

If you find any difficulty in downloading the file or installing it, then please mention it in the comment section. We will reach out to you.

Thank You.

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