Download Free BTGIP For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

BTGIP For Windows is a Wizard given here for actually taking a look at CCTV cameras. We have given here the full examination of this CMS. The link to the application is given here in the download button form. It is a compressed file.

You want to decompress it before installing the application. The application is given here for Windows OS and Android OS. We have also given here the complete downloading process for Windows OS. It is given in an illustrative design.

Download For PC Windows

It will guide you step by step. By seeing it and learning it, you can do it yourself without anybody’s assistance. The BTGIP application makes observing more significant by adding various devices to it.

What Is A CMS?

The Central Monitoring System is a program that can allow us to screen various devices drafted in different areas. The CMS can relate these gadgets through IPs. It can allow you to access devices from distant regions. It gives control to the Owner.

They can screen and guide each activity. A CMS can modify, edit, record, playback, and take pictures. The application is planned to simplify monitoring. It is used to monitor huge regions, factories, institutions, roads, etc. 

Know About BTGIP For PC 

It is planned and promoted by the amazingly popular CCTV association BOLIDE Technology Group. The organization is based in southern California. It is a worldwide CCTV Surveillance organization with a very high reputation.

Its market value is big and brand value is high. Its products are well known and most recent. The association gives 3 years warranty. Its CMS is incredibly easy to download and install. It can record, playback, alter, work and access sounds.

It can connect more than 15 gadgets all at a time. Suppose every gadget is connected with 12 cameras. It means that you want to access these 180 cams with this CMS Wizard. This can be facilitated by an application that can be accessed from anywhere. 

Why Is BTGIP Application So Popular?

This application is especially effective in observing cameras from far off areas. It gives splendid pictures. It has numerous components that are top class. It can show you various cameras at the same time. The application is given in a compressed folder. Decompress the CMS file and load it on the PC.

Features and Functions Of BTGIP CMS Wizard

This application has many top-class features. Here we are giving the recognizable ones. These are important to know. When we know them, we can operate them for better supervision.

  • BTGIP For Windows 14It gives a live telecast on the CMS. There’s no delay.
  •  The streaming gives seamless data transfer for continuous access of cameras
  • The gadget can be accessed without any difficulty from any far-flung area.
  • It can record activities. You can record activities on a real device, or a PC.
  • You conjointly record accounts in NVRs. You can also pick web recording on the Cloud Server.
  • The application maintains live video catching from any far-off region
  • This application supports to work PTZ cameras from your workplace
  • You can record, zoom, pan, and inclination easily
  • It can track activities for you, manage sounds for you, show playbacks for you, monitor for you, etc
  • It supports sensors
  • The application sends you messages and rings alarms for you to recognize dubious activities
  • It can see motion and sound with the assistance of sensors
  • It is a two-way audio-controlled application
  • You can pass on any message to the person on the other end of the device.

Download BTGIP For Windows OS

The connection is given in a compacted document. You have to loosen it to stack it on your PC. Here, we have given the download button for the Windows OS. Click the link to get the application.

We have given the full-length exercise of installation for Windows. It is loaded up with diagrams. You can do it by following the method from here. It is easy to do and it is given here in a guide form.

Download For PC Windows

Download BTGIP For Mac OS

The organization has not given here the link for BTGIP For Mac OS. But if we still want to access the CMS on Mac PC then we have to resort to the following techniques. 

We can use the software Bluestacks for it. It is a cross-platform application. Download Windows over Mac with its help. You can also take the benefit of an Android Emulator to load Android OS on Mac OS. This way you can monitor cams on this PC. 

Download BTGIP App For Android OS

Assuming that you want to screen cameras on an Android cellphone, then you have to download and install this application. The application is accessible on the google play store. Introduce it and after its installation, add the device.

For that, you have to scan the QR code for adding the device. The app will prompt you for a few more instructions and after that, the device is connected. Enjoy monitoring on the display screen.

Download For Android OS

Install The BTGIP For Windows OS & Monitor Cameras

The installation and monitoring process is given thoroughly. It is done here in three stages. In the first step, install it. In the second step, log in to the application. In the third step, add the device and monitor.

The software is available with a loading button. It is in a zipped file. First, we have to unzip the file by extracting it, then we can go for the installation.

Step-1 Install The Software

To install, we have to click open the setup file. The following window opens

App welcomes clients

This page greets the user client. Asks the client if they are running any other program then close them first. After that click the next button to reach the next level.

installation folder for the root file

Here, the folder and path to load the app are selected. Select them and after that press the next button. The new page will open.

select the shortcut options to install

The app is indicating that it will create a shortcut folder. Then after that, you have to give a location to the folder. Give way to it and after that press the next button. This window opens

application file is installing

The app starts loading its content on the selected folder. The software is loading and when it is finished, the Wizard will indicate us with a notification window.

installation finished successfully

Press the finish button. This way we install the application. The installation process is over. Now, we move to the second step of the installation.

Step-2 log In the Software

To log in to the application, we have to open the icon which we have just installed. The following window will open.

create a personal password

This page is about creating the password. Create a strong password with the combination of upper case, lower case, numerical, and special characters. Fill in them and press the next button.

fill in the password for log in

Create the password. After that put in here. Press the next button. The following window will open.

answer these questions to retrieve the forgotten password

There are certain questions. It would help if you answered them. You have to keep in mind that these answers are going to be useful. When you forget the password, to recover the password these answers are going to be handy. Press the finish button.

login the application file

Here the default id is ” admin” and the password is that which you have created. Press the login button.

after logging in, homepage of the app opens

This way we have done the login part.  The homepage of the app appears. We will move to the third step now.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device, we have to open the homepage of the software. There you go for the device adding. Click the icon.

manually add the device

Fill in the detail being asked here. Fill in the device name, IP address, Port, username, and password. After that click the add button. The device will be added.

monitor the added device

This way the device is added. The installation and monitoring part is done now.


The BTGIP App is given here. The load button is given here. We have given here the complete loading process. Every step has been taken care of. It is explained with diagrams to make you more resourceful. This way we do it in depth.

If you are finding any problem in loading and installing, please share it with us. We will provide you with useful insight.

Thank you.

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