TSEYE For PC Free Download For Windows 8/10/11 & Mac OS

The TSEYE For PC App is a robust app that allows you to monitor cameras from completely different sites on a monitor. We have given you in this article a comprehensive article regarding this software. We’ve given here the transfer button for this computer CMS.

TSEYE For PC Windows

Download For Mac OS

It’s given in a zipped file format. Unfasten it before going for loading. We’ve additionally illustrated here the loading process and installation process for this Wizard. We’ve given here every step.

No step has been skipped. The installation process is illustrated for Windows OS. The load button is given for Windows OS, Android OS, and Mac

What Is Content Management System?

The full form of the CMS is the Content Management System. A CMS Wizard shares some basic set of options and functions. It becomes instrumental in indexing and modifying digital content, documents, and information. 

Any CMS can record information, index them, search and retrieve them, access them, revise them, publish them, report them, etc. It shows the usability of the Wizard. 

Its relevance in the CCTV World is very prominent. It secures you and your property. It empowers you by showing so many cameras from different sites at a time, from a single screen. CMS files are often in a compressed file form. They have to be decompressed before going for installation.  

About TSEYE CMS Application

It is a Chinese application. It is a potent software that can define many security surveillance functions. The Wizard can fix picturing sharing issues. It can improve our video resolution quality and intercom systems.

It supports cloud-based recording and does interface optimization. It adds advanced settings to provide best experience by giving advanced configuration. 

The link to the current CMS is given here in the link button. It is a squeezed kind of file. You have got to un-squeeze it to add cameras to it. This Wizard has powerful options.

It can track activity for you, record clips for you, transfer data for you, and take snaps for you. It can record sounds additionally. It will warn you sensing any suspicious activity.   

Features & Functions Of TSEYE Software 

This App has varied noticeable attributes. These functions and features are exceptional. Know these attributes to use this Wizard in a better way. 

  • TSEYE For PC 13This application can perform exceptionally good in any network condition
  • There are various video streaming modes available in this CMS
  • It relays live videos. There is no time lag
  • It shows you real-time video. 
  • The application can record activities and playback them
  • PTZ camera handling is possible with this app. It can assist you in panning, tilting, and zooming cameras from any remote position.
  • The Wizard can take snaps, show playbacks
  • It can sense activities. It can also sense motion and audio. It will send you alert messages, ring alarms for you to make you alert against suspects
  • The Wizard supports two-way audio. With its support, you’ll be able to pass any message to the person on the device side. 
  • It can support you in scaring away suspects and interlopers
  • This app can be zoomed in on objects to circumstantially mark things 
  • To add the device with this app, scan the QR Code
  • This Wizard uses advanced data functioning. It auto-corrects data in low network areas to produce seamless streaming

Download TSEYE For Windows OS

We are giving you here the loading button for Windows. The file is squeezed. To install it, you have to un-squeeze it before installation. We have also given in this article the installation of the TSEY app for Windows.

It has been guided here in this post to help our users through this process. It is done in three steps.

The starting step is regarding the installation of the App. The second step is regarding the login of the app. In the last and the third step, we try to guide you related to connecting the device and watching cameras.   

Download For PC Windows 

Load TSEYE For Mac OS

The link for the TSEYE app is given here. It is given here in a link button style. The file is encrypted. To transfer it, you have got to untangle it. After that, you’ll be able to install it.

This post suggests to you measures regarding this installation process for Windows. By following the similar pattern you’ll be able to replicate it for apple PC. 

Download For Mac OS

Install TSEYE For iPhone OS


Here, we are giving the app link for iPhone. You can load and install it for that too. Click the load button and get it. It is easy to install.

Download For iPhone

Install TSEYE For Android OS

TSEYE For PC 11If you want to transfer and install the app on your Android-based smartphone, then here is the method given. The installation button is given for Android Wizard. If you want to get the application on your cell phone get the app by pressing the link mentioned here.

It will take you to the google play store. Load the app and install it. After that, for adding the gadget from the Wizard, you have to scan the QR Code.

There are a few more steps between addition and monitoring. Follow the requisite steps and the device will be added. Cameras will appear on the screen.   

Download For Android OS 

Installation For Windows OS

To install the app on windows, you have got to get the Wizard on the Windows PC. The file is given during a compressed vogue. To install it, we’ve to decompress it. Thus we’ll extract the file initially. After that, we’ll run it. It is possible in 3 steps. 

Step-1 is regarding the installation of the app. The second step is regarding the Login of the application. The third step is regarding the addition of the device and monitoring of cameras

Step-1 Installation of the CMS

Here, we are going to guide you in the installation of TSEYE software for Windows OS. The link is given in a compressed file. De-compress the file by extricating it. Now take the set upset-up file and double click it to install on the PC.

The following page will open


This page asks us about the license agreement. If you are not satisfied with the license terms and policies, click the I don’t agree on the box and cancel it.

But if you want to install the agreement, then click the I accept circle. After that press the next button.


Select the features you want to load, and press the Install button.


The installation will begin instantaneously. It takes only a few seconds to load the file. When it is installed completely, it notifies you.


Press the finish button. the installation of the app is complete.

Now, we will go for the Login of the app.

Step-2 Login The Software

To log in to the software, double click the app icon. The following page opens


Here, you have to give a username and a password. You can choose any username and password. Select a strong password. A strong password is a combination of alphabets with upper case, lower case, special characters, and numerical value.


You can create any username and password. Press the login button.


There are a few basic questions. Remember their answers. When you forget the app password, these answers help you recover passwords.

The Homepage opens.


This way we reach the homepage of the CMS.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device, we will open the homepage. Open the Menu. Go for the device management icon and click it.


Fill in these details and press the add button.


This way we monitor cameras. We can add any number of devices by following the same device.


The TSEYE Wizard is detailed here. We have also shown the demonstration for its installation, login and adding of the devices for Windows OS.

We have given here the link button for Windows, Mac, Android, & iPhone. The features and functions are also given here for the CMS.

Please share your query about this application. We will try to resolve any questions.

Thank You. 

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