Guard PTCAM For PC Free Download Windows 7/8/10 & MAC

Let us learn in detail regarding the Guard PTCAM App for the iBall CCTV camera users to help and assist them in learning the in-depth knowledge related to the product and its CMS Software.

Along with all the detailed information about the software we have also provided the method to get access to the live streaming from the video surveillance system.

iBall video surveillance systems are equipped with the latest advanced AI sensors to detect any kind of motion and sound.

We have elaborated the details of the method of Installation for our clients to download and install the Guard PTCAM for PC CMS software on Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

iBall is one of the famous brands in the market of electronics for providing the best quality products as well as security surveillance systems.

Read the article carefully to learn every knowledge related to this application without any difficulty along with the free download links of the software for the respective operating system.

Guard PTCAM App (Windows 11/10/8/7, Mac & Smartphones)

The link to download and install the software for respective operating systems is provided below in this article. The application is rendered to help to connect and link the CCTV cameras on a PC or smartphone.

The details of the process to install the app on the respective operating system are elaborated below in the article as well for the CCTV camera user clients. 

Guard PTCAM Logo
Guard PTCAM Logo

Information related to the minimum system requirements of the software for the respective operating system is also provided in detail.

Read carefully valuable knowledge and information about the software and process to set up the surveillance security system easily without any kind of technical difficulty.

We have also rendered the details about the functions and features of the software.

What is the Guard PTCAM App?

Guard PTCAM Application helps to access the iBall Security camera on a PC or smartphone via an internet connection.

The application is designed to provide real-time video feed from the CCTV camera on the respective operating systems. This software is one of the best software available in the international surveillance market.

Functions Available in the CMS Software

Let us learn more about the application’s functions and features along with the tasks that can be performed by the app without any difficulty while providing live video surveillance to the users.

We have provided the details in the form of the list below in this section of the article to elaborate in detail on the characteristics and functions of the software.

  • Real-time live video streaming from CCTV cameras.
  • Remote PTZ control is also provided.
  • Remote location access is also available.
  • Easy device configuration.
  • Motion detection and alarm notification.
  • Remote video playback capability.
  • Capture snapshots and images.

Minimum Requirement for Installation of Guard PTCAM For Windows

Below in this section of the article, we have provided the details related to minimum system requirements for the respective operating systems to assist the iBall CMS clients in selecting the most suitable operating system to run the application without any error or difficulty.

Learning about the details of system requirements is necessary for every software to run without any error or difficulty. This detail is very essential while installing any kind of application on a particular operating system.

Windows OS System RequirementAndroid System RequirementiOS System Requirement
Windows 7 or the latest windows is required.Android 4.2 or later is needed.iOS 8.0 or later iOS is necessary.
3 GB of RAM is necessary32 MB of free space is required on a smartphone.59 MB of free space is required.
82 MB of free space is required on a Hard diskVersion – 5.9.2A version of App – 5.9.2
Intel Core i3 Processor3 GB of RAM3 GB RAM

Guard PTCAM CMS App (Windows11/10/8/7)

Here is the link to download iBall Guard for Windows OS user clients to connect and link the iBall video surveillance system on the PC. We have also elaborated on the details related to the installation below in the article for the PC user clients. Read the article carefully to install the CMS on your PC.

Guard PTCAM App (Android)

The application is available for free to download and install on Android smartphones free to the user clients. The link to the CMS is provided below for the CCTV camera users to help them connect their security camera set up on their mobile phones.

Application for the iPhone & iPad (iOS Operating System)

The app is also available for iOS (iPhone and iPad) operating system users as well to help them gain access to the live streaming of the CCTV camera. The download link for iPhone and iPad users is provided below for free.

Is This Software Available For Macs?

Unfortunately, there is no application available in the market to connect and access the iBall video surveillance system on the Mac.

The company also does not explain whether in the future there will be any application for the Mac OS user clients. Therefore we are unable to render any help for the Mac users.

The Method To Install Guard PTCAM CMS For Windows

To start the installation procedure of the software, download the file from the link provided above in the article.

Then extract the file using the WinRAR application. After extracting the file, open the folder and click on the installation file extension. The installation wizard will start to install the software on the PC. Follow the procedure provided below.

1. Start the Installing Process

When the installer begins click on the “Next” button to proceed to the other step of installation of Guard PTCAM on a Windows OS.

Start the Installer of Guard PTCAM
Start the Installer

Enter the details about the operating system’s user. Then click on the “Next” button to proceed.

Enter the Operating System detail
Enter the Operating System detail

Here Select the destination folder to install the file of the software by clicking on the “Browse” button or leave it default. Click on the “Next” button.

Assign installation directory path
Assign installation directory path

Create a shortcut folder for the user on the operating system and click on the “Next” button.

Create a shortcut for users
Create a shortcut for users

The installation of the software is ready, click the “Next” button to start the installation.

Software is ready to install
The software is ready to install

Wait for the installation to get completed.

Installation is in progress
Installation is in progress

When the installation is completed click the “Finish” button to close the application’s installer wizard.

Finish & Close the installation
Finish & Close the installation

2. Logging into the Application

Open the software on the PC, and select the language and click the “OK” button to proceed.

Select the software language
Select the software language

Now log in using the default username and password. Remember there is only a default username i.e., “super” and there is no password. Therefore, click on the “Login” button.

Logging into the app
Logging into the app

The firewall alert will appear on the PC’s screen. Select all the options as shown in the image below then click on the “Allow access” button to provide firewall access.

Windows firewall access
Windows firewall access

3. Adding & Linking The Device to the App

The home screen of the software will appear on the screen of the PC. Click on the option at the right-bottom of the screen as “System” then click on the “Device Manager” option.

Home Screen of the CMS
Home Screen of the CMS

The device manager will open, first, create the zone by clicking on the list of “Zone” and then click on the “Add Area” option. Then enter the name for the area and click on the “OK” button.

Device Manager of Guard PTCAM
Device Manager of the software

To add the device first select the added area click on the option “Add Device” then enter the device credentials such as IP Address, port, username, and password. Then click on the “OK” button to proceed.

Add and link the devices to the software
Add and link the devices to the software

4. Live View on the Software

Go back to the Home screen the double-click on the added device to start the live streaming of the security camera. We have provided a sample live view for our readers and clients.

Guard PTCAM for Windows
Live view on Guard PTCAM


We have dealt with the subject “Guard PTCAM App Free Download Windows 7/8/10” along with its free download for the respective operating systems for the iBall CCTV camera user clients.

Along with the download of the CMS, the article has also covered in detail the information about the software’s functions and features to help the user clients get more information about the product.

We have also elaborated on the process to install and provide the details of the CMS for PC and smartphone users to help them connect their security surveillance system.

The download of the software is available for free to install for Windows, Android, and iOS operating systems.

The article hopefully describes every detail about the CMS. If the users are encountering any trouble then write the problem to us in the comment section of this article below.

Thank You.

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