How to Connect Dvr to Computer

Guys, Here i am going to show you that how to connect DVR to computer. Well, it is very easy and basic thing to do in CCTV technical. If you want to learn that how to connect DVR to computer, then first you should learn how to connect two computer each other. CCTV DVR or NVR are quite similar to a mobile or computer device, and it also work on same networking principle as computer works.

Before we start just one thing keep in mind this task is very easy, just follow step by step and we will do it.

Step 1 .

  1. Connect a network cable Dvr network port port to computer RJ45 port.
  2. Power up the DVR.

Step 2.

Look for network setting in DVR/NVR

Generally, you got two options here. One is called ‘Obtain IP automatically’ and other one is ‘use the following IP address’. choose the second one.

after choosing this option, you have to put an IP address to your DVR. Just put a simple IP address. For example choose ‘‘. and subnet mask ‘‘. Apply the settings and let come to the computer end.

Step 3.

In Windows 7, go to control panel and go to network and sharing centre. Here you will get an option ‘change adopter setting’.

Here you will get an option ‘Local Area Connection’

double click on that and you will get following window

Now find and option ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’. Double click on that and get following window.

Now its time to put an IP address to the computer. Remember, what IP you put into DVR. Lets go by our example, DVR Ip was ‘‘. Then we have to put same series IP to computer. Just put it ‘‘. Ping the DVR’s IP from the computer and see the responce.(How to ping ip address)

Then Its all done. Congratulation DVR is now connected to computer. Its time to open DVR from the computer. Just open the Internet explorer and put the DVR IP. Now it will ask to you for username and password. just put your DVR’s username and password and enter. Now you are able to do things.

In some case internet explorer need activeX component, just install it. This is all done.

For your any query please feel free to yourself to ask any kind of technical question regarding CCTV. We have a technical team who all willing to help to others. so please ask in the comment box.

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