How to connect hikvision DVR to mobile

How to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile? Here, I am going to show to you how to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile via P2P(cloud). It is quite easy to connect Hikvision DVR remotely and access it to your mobile. By using this, you can also connect Hikvision DVR to your computer or laptop. so let’s start from step

How to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile

Step 1

hikvision dvr connect

In first step just go to the menu and find the option ‘configuration’. Click on that and you will find the next option seems as below.

At above screen you should do some work. Firstly enable the DHCP option. Second one is disable ‘DNS DHCP’  as shown in the picture above. In Preferred DNS Server just put ‘’. ‘Alternate DNS Server you can leave empty.

Step 2

Now Go to ;Plateform Access ‘

hikvision dvr connect

In next step you find the following options.

How to connect hikvision DVR to mobile

Just Enable Hik-connect option and also enable ‘Enable stream encryption’ and it will ask for verification code to make . Just put a strong verification code and remember it.

Step 3

Now its time to install the mobile app. Its named ‘HIK-CONNECT’. Just install it and register your email . After registration login it app with your registered email and password. Now click on add device icon on app screen.

Step 4

Just scan the QR code available at ‘platform access option’

Final Step

Now Just press add button to your app and now work is done.

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This is all about how to connect Hikvision DVR to mobile. If you have any kind of query please feel free to yourself to ask us. We are willing to solve your problem so just ask in comments.

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