CCTV : Indian video surveillance market will be boomed up to us$2.4 Billion by 2020

Video surveillance growth of Indian market

Video Surveillance market growth

Video surveillance Indian market will grow  up to US$2.4 Billion. Indian government turning its focus towards making 100 smart cities. Cities will be fully equipped with all kinds of video Surveillance solutions. Digital India campaign also includes video surveillance system in their ads.  so the video surveillance market in India has a chance to be charged up. According to some blogs and news it will have a parabolic graph in its growth .

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Indian market  is turning . Its focus towards security as well as smart gadgets.  Everyone loves smart gadgets either it is related to lifestyle or security.  So according to the source these two traids will grow sharply. On the other hand government want to make smart cities but it is tough challenge to control all the equipment from a single wall of its control room.  So monitoring and controlling video surveillance systems synchronously can be a plus in growth of the market.


According to market taste video surveillance industry going to be a  one of the going industry. Indian cities demands to be safe and video surveillance industry  will be the first option.



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