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InVid Elevate For PC is a CMS Wizard that can connect with many security surveillance gadgets at a time. This article has given here the full detail of this Invid Elevate software. The article has been covered here with the link to load it. The link is given in a download button format.

The links are available for Windows OS, Android OS, and Mac OS. These are given in an encrypted file type. We have to un-crush them before installation. This post also covers an extensive illustration process of this software for the Windows system.

It is given step by step. No step has been missed or omitted. They are also laced with diagrams and figures. It is given most lucidly and simply for every user client.  

How Is A CCTV CMS Useful?

The CCTV Surveillance CMS Wizard is very useful for monitoring various sites and places from any remote location. A CMS software has the potential to edit the data.

You can index them, record them, retrieve them, and relay them. The software can connect devices from multiple places and relay them to a place. You can access it from any remote place. 

If you have 5 different sites and you want to get these five locations from your office, which is at a sixth location, then it can only be made possible through a CMS. This is the beauty of the Wizard. It empowers your supervision and enhances your vision.

Some Information Regarding InVid Elevate For PC

InVid Elevate For PC 12

This software is about security surveillance coverage. It can cover and monitor many devices at a time. The organization that has designed and manufactured this application is known as Innovative Video Technology. It is an organization that deals in CCTV products and CCTV accessories.

There is a long range of products InVid tech manufactures. It is situated in New York, USA. You can get here all the electronic security products with the latest technology. It also provides you with USA-based online service support.

If you have any product-related issue outside the USA, then you have to ship it to the company. They will replace the product and ship it back to you at their cost.   

Features & Functions Of InVid Elev App 

This application is world-famous. It has all the prominent functions which any top-rated software has. To know these attributes are extremely important. When you know them, you can operate them more easily and effectively.

  • logo for InVid ElevateThis app provides P2P QR code scanning to connect to any device.
  • You can add as many devices as you want. There are no limitations
  • It can show you continuous video streaming
  • There is no time-lag
  • It can relay video previews of up to 16 channels all at once
  • You can take snapshots from it and record videos
  • It can zoom the image for you digitally. 
  • You can also zoom in and out optically
  • This application supports PTZ cameras
  • You can operate PTZ devices from remote locations.
  • It can be zoomed, panned, and tilted from the remote area
  •  It supports the two-way audio
  • It allows you to communicate with the person on the device side
  • It is also very useful to horrify any suspect or intruder through this function
  • You can shout at them and horrify them
  • It can record videos, playback them, and take snaps
  • You can playback videos 4 channels at a time

Download InVid Elevate For Windows OS

This application is available for Windows. It is given here in the download button below. You have to press the button to get them. The file is in a compressed button format. You have to decompress them to install them on the PC.

You will also find here the complete installation process in an illustrative way for Windows. It is given to guide you. Every step has been explained and clubbed with diagrams. You can easily understand them.

Download InVid Elevate For Mac OS

You can get the link button for this operating system below. It is given in an encrypted file format. You have to extricate the file before loading it on the Apple PC. The downloading process is given for Windows.

By following a similar pattern, you can do it for Macintosh PC also. You will get guidance from them. Click the link to get the file.

Download InVid App For Android OS 

Android OS InVid Elevate Page

You can get the application for Android. It is given in the link button form below. The google play store has also this app available. Download the app and install it. After that, you have to add the device to monitor it on the PC.

It can be made possible by scanning the QR code. After that follow the instructions given by the app. The device will be added and you will enjoy them on the display screen.

Install The InVid For Windows, Login, Add Device & Monitor 

For it, you have to decompress the file first. After it, run the file. It is given here in three steps. In the very first step, you have to install the app, in the second step, you have to log in to the software. In the last and third steps, you have to add the device for monitoring.

Step-1 Install The App

When we go for installing the app, the first thing we do is extricate the file. We get the setup application file. Double click it to install. The following window opens.

Welcome page for the Invid Elevate

The app greets the user and welcomes them. It also suggests the user close all other windows, if you are going to load the application. Press the next button to reach the next stage.

Installation folder and location for the application

The Wizard will open a page. Here, you have to select the path of the folder and the location of the folder. You have to keep in mind that the folder must not be possessing any other application file. Give the path and the folder. After that press the next button.

The app is ready to install

The app is suggesting the folder, the folder location, and the shortcut link. If you are not satisfied and want to make certain changes, press the back button and amend. If you are satisfied with everything, press the next button. This page appears.

Installation of the app begins

The installation process begins. The item is loading its content in the selected folder. It takes very little time to load. Once the content is emptied and installed completely, it notifies you.

installation is successfully finished

Press the finish button. This way the installation is done.

Now we will move to the next step. In this step, we will log in to the app.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the app, press the icon on the display screen which is just installed.

The following window will open.

login of the app

This page is asking you to log in to the software. Then only you will get the homepage of the CMS. By default, the company has given the Id and the password.

Username- admin

Password – 1234567u

fill in the username and the password

Put them there and press the log-in button. The app will be logged in and the homepage will be accessed.

the homepage of the application

This way the CMS gets logged in. 

Now, we will move to the last step. We will add the device and monitor cameras.

Step-3 Add Device & Monitor Cameras 

To add the device you have to go to the homepage. Select the Device Manager option. Click it. It will ask you to add the device. Select the Manually add the Device option and press it. This page appears on the screen.

add the device for monitoring

Here, you have to mention the Device name, the IP address, Port number, Username, and Password. Fill in all these details and after that press the OK button.

The device will be added. This way we connect the gadget and monitor cameras.

monitoring through the app

You can add as many devices as possible.

This way we install the app, log it in and add the device to monitor cameras.


The software ‘InVid Elev’ application is described here for a better perspective. We have given here the download links for Apple PC, Android OS, and Windows OS. The links are in compressed form.

Decompress them to get them. We have also given here the installation process for Windows. It is packed with diagrams.

If you find any problem in loading the link or installing it, please let us know. We will attend to the query and try to carve out a solution for you.

Thank you.

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