Download mydlink Lite For PC [For Windows OS & Mac OS] Free

mydlink Lite For PC is a smart application that allows clients to oversee various cameras from remote areas. We’ve given here in this post the magnificent assessment of this CMS Wizard. The connection to the application is given here in the loading button.

It’s given in a crushed file structure. To get it on your PC, you want to un-squeeze the app file. This application is given here for Windows OS and Android OS. We have given here in this post the all-out downloading and installation process.

We have given here every step of the installation process. It has been shown here with multiple diagrams. Each step is powered by a diagram. There are three phases of loading and monitoring. These are the installation points. Installation part, Login part, and Adding of the device and observing of cameras part.

What Is A Content Management System?

The CMS is known as the Content Management System. The CMS is a trustworthy application that can modify, alter, record, playback, and take snaps. The application gives its users security and mental harmony. Any sensitive region, place, foundation, road, etc can be supervised with the help of the Wizard. 

CMS Application can connect with various cams at the same time. This is the specialty and advantage of a Wizard. Take an example that you want to screen 8 sites at a time. Each site is equipped with CCTV devices. It means that there are 8 gadgets or DVRs/NVRs.

Every device is connected with 12 cams. You want to screen this large number of cams from your office. It suggests that 8 * 12=96 cameras you want to screen from your office.

This can be made possible with the assistance of this CMS App. It can show you more than 300 cameras in no time. It can show you these cams from any remote spot.

D-Link Company & mydlink Lite For PC Software

It is manufactured and marketed by D-Link. It is a global leader in designing and developing networking and connectivity products for consumers. It is a Taiwanese association. From that place, it has spread across the entire globe.

This organization has many branches across the globe. The Incorporation is popular and it has many durable items. The items are durable and technologically strong. The product created by them is among the top.

It can see, record, playback, and recover records for you. Its CMS Wizard is fast and active.

Features & Functions Of mydlink Lite Software

This application has top-class highlights. We are giving you here the most significant attributes and components of this application. Getting them is important for users. When you know them, you can utilize them in observing.

The following are the central advantages of this application.

  • mydlink Lite For PC 12It gives you live images and videos. There is no deferral in catching the action and relaying them.
  • The streaming is smooth and monitoring the devices with the app is soothing.
  • The application is updated to get to devices from far-off areas.
  • It can record activities. You can record it on real devices or PCs.
  • You can keep the data in NVRs/Cams. You can moreover record on a web Cloud Server also.
  • The application upholds live video access from any remote region
  • This application supports managing PTZ cameras from any far-off region
  • You can record, zoom in, pan, and incline sans any issue
  • It can record for you, detects movement for you, shows playbacks for you, takes more time for you, etc
  • It supports sensors
  • The application sends you messages and rings alarms for you whenever it recognizes anything suspicious
  • It can sense and detect motion and sound with the help of sensors
  • It has two-way audio. It assists you in conveying messages to the person on the device side.
  • It saves you from gatecrashers and suspects. When you see any intruder or suspect in the cam from your app, you can shout at them and raise alarms to aware everyone

Download mydlink Lite For Windows OS

The application is given in a zipped folder. You must focus on it to stack on your Computers. Here, we’ve given the download button for Windows OS. Click the link and get it. Decompress the file and install it.

We have given a comprehensive demo of installation for Windows OS. Every progress in the installation part is depicted with diagrams. Click the link to begin the installation.

Download mydlink Lite For Mac OS

The file button for this OS is given underneath. Click the link button to stack it on the Apple PC. The file is given in a squeezed file structure. Un-crush it to introduce files on the PC.

We have given here the installation process for Windows. The process to load and install on Apple PC is almost the same. you can copy it for Mac. 

Download mydlink For Android OS

App Android page to install

Assuming you like to check cameras on Android OS, you’ve to tap the link button. The link is given below. The application is available on the google play store. Load it and introduce it.

 After the installation part is done, you have to add the gadget. To add the gadget, examine the QR Code. The application will guide you with explicit rules. Follow them and you will easily add the device for monitoring.

Install mydlink For Windows OS

To present it on a Windows PC, you want to tap the download button. The link is given in a stuffed report structure. To stack it on your PC, you want to decompress it first.

It is given here in 3 phases. The first stage is installing, the second step is logging in, and the third step is adding devices and monitoring.  

Step-1 Installation Of The App

To install the application on Windows OS, you have to double-click the setup file. The file opens on the following page.

the dlink application welcome page for setup

The window welcomes you and tells about that it will load the content and connect the camera. Press the start button. The following window opens.

Agreement page for the client

This page is about the license agreement part. Read it carefully. If you are convinced of the agreement, press the next button. This page opens for you.

go for making the setup for connection

This window is suggesting you plug in the cam ethernet cable in the following way to connect with the application and progress the installation part. Do it this way and press the next button.

connecting the cloud camera with the software

Connect it with the router. For that app am suggesting it to you with a diagram. Fix it this way and press the next button. A new window will open.

connecting all the interfaces

Here, this page helps you in connecting the power adapter. If you are making the installation setup with a PoE switch, then you have to skip this setup process. Press the next button.

LED blinks to show you connection

Now the device is ready to connect. It will show a green light when everything is correct. Press the next button.

cloud network is searching the device

It starts searching for the device and connects it with the app. This way we install the application and device both simultaneously.

Now, we move to the next step. In this step, we log in to the Application Wizard.

Step-2 Log In The Software

To log in to this CMS Wizard, we have to open the installed application file. The following window opens.

sign in the app

Here, we have to fill in the Id and the password. It is always mentioned on the box of the product. You can take it from there. It is also given here for this version.

by default password

Put in them and then press the “OK” button. The Homepage of the software opens.

app is connected with the device

This way we finish the login part. When we logged in to the software, our next target is to connect the device and monitor the camera.

Connect The Device & Monitor The Camera

To do it, open the homepage. There is a column for ‘My Device’. Open that and go for the “+” sign to connect the cam.

router is blinking green to show the connection

It connects the cam and shows you images.

the app is ready to monitor the device

This way we connect this application with the device and monitor cameras.


The D-Link application is quality software. It has so many functions to operate and surveillance. We have given the link and detailed the Wizard for users’ better understanding. Here, we gave you the complete installation of it. Go through the.

If you find any problem in loading it or installing it then please share with us. We will make a solution for you.

Thank You.

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