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TW VIEWER For Windows CMS application is security surveillance monitoring app. It associates you with totally different gadgets and permits you to screen these different devices from a remote spot. Here, we are giving you in this article the link button for TW VIEWER software. 

The application file is given in a compressed file. You have to decompress the file before going for loading and installation. This post also covers an extensive analysis of the features of this Wizard. 

You will also find the downloading and installation process given in an illustrative way. The step-by-step installation process is equipped with diagrams. The CMS is given for Windows OS and Android OS. For Mac OS this app is not given.     

What Is A CCTV CMS Wizard? 

The full form of CMS is the “Content Management System.” It can edit, record, index, transfer, relay, and retrieve data for you. It keeps the record in a compressed format, so there is no space issue.

In the world of security surveillance, it can connect devices from different locations that are far away from one another and allow you to monitor them on a single screen from a remote place

Suppose you have to monitor 10 sites. Each site has an NVR that is connected to 10 cameras. It means, there are 100 cameras in all which you have to monitor. It is possible only with the CMS.

It can connect and relay multiple devices. It has many features that make your surveillance deeper.


TW VIEWER For Windows 15

The app helps us watch multiple devices on this single application from any remote place. For this, we’ve got to connect these devices with their IPs. This software is designed and manufactured by Tecvoz Industries. It is a company that primarily deals in security surveillance products.

It has a long range of quality items. Its CCTV CMS App is also very trustworthy. Its strong features make us more secure. Its app is in a zipped file folder. To load it on the PC, you have to extricate it.  

Features & Functions Of TW VIEWER CMS Wizard

This CMS Wizard App has several quality functions. It helps us in obtaining several operation procedures. To understand these functions, please go through the below narrations. When you know them, you can use them. The following are its advantages.

  • TW VIEWER For Windows 14It offers us a live relay with unbridled speed. 
  • There is no time -lag.
  • The application also offers us the liberty to control PTZ gadgets from remote locations. 
  • The application allows to pan across, slant, and zoom the gismo. It makes the surveillance customized.
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You can see everything. 
  • The quality of night vision is bright and illuminating. You can recognize any threat and suspect in the dark easily
  • It can record, playback, and take snaps from anyplace
  • The two-way audio makes the user all the more powerful. The user can speak with someone on the opposite side of the device.  
  • You can pass any message to the person on the device end. It is also used to steer away from any threat or suspect on the cam side by raising an alarm
  • This app is intelligent and good. It sends messages, and alarms to the consumer
  • The resolution of the app is nice. It offers pellucid pictures.
  • The Sensors are supported by this CMS. 
  • With the help of those sensors, the CMS alerts us by beeping alarms, whenever it notices suspicious movements and sounds.

Download Free TW VIEWER For Windows OS

It is given here free of cost. The file is given in an exceedingly compressed file format. De-compress it and install it. Everything concerning the loading and installation has been given in the demonstration part of the article. You will find the complete installation part for Windows OS.

That is given with diagrams for the best user experience. It is given here in three steps. Step-1 is the Installation part, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding the Device and monitoring of cameras.

Download Free TW VIEWER For Mac OS

The company has not designed the TW VIEWER For Mac OS. If you wish to look at cameras from a Macintosh computer, then you have to load Windows OS over Mac OS. It can be made possible by a cross-platform application.

Bluestacks is one of them. You can also load Android OS on a Macintosh PC with any Android emulator. This way you can get your monitoring on Mac OS.  

Download Free TW VIEWER For Android OS

TW VIEWERa For Windows 13

It is given here for the Android Application. You can get here the link for it. The Wizard is also available on the google play store. Get it and install it. To add the device you have to scan the QR Code of it.

It will give you some more instructions. Follow them and the gadget will be connected to the app. Enjoy monitoring.  

Install TW VIEWER For Windows OS & Monitor Activities

To install the software on Windows, we have to unzip the folder. Extricate the file and run it on PC. Here, we have demonstrated the software installation and monitoring in three steps.

In the first step, we show you the installation part. In the second step, you get the guidance for logging in to the app. In the third step, the illustration is given for adding devices and monitoring cameras.

Step-1 Installation Of The Software 

To install the application, we double-click the setup file. It opens the following page.

TW VIEWER For Windows 1

The setup file is installing the wizard. After its installation, the file is ready to download and install the Application.

TW VIEWER For Windows 2

The app greets us and instructs us to close all other windows during the installation of the CMS. Press the next button.

TW VIEWER For Windows 3

This page asks you about the license agreement. Read the agreement carefully. If you are satisfied with it then click the ‘I accept button and after that click the next button.

TW VIEWER For Windows 4

Select the path and the folder of the application. Give it the path. The folder you have suggested for the app loading must not contain any other file. Press the next button.

TW VIEWER For Windows 5

Click the check box, if you want to install the component also. After that press the next button.

TW VIEWER For Windows 6

It is a kind of reviewing window. It shows all the components which you have selected so far. Press the next button. The installation is about to begin.

TW VIEWER For Windows 7

The installation begins and empties all its contents in no time. When it is done, it notifies a message.

TW VIEWER For Windows 8

Press the finish button. This way it installs the software on Windows PC.

Step-2 Log In to The App

To log in to the application, you have to open the icon of the Wizard by double-clicking it. It opens this page.

TW VIEWER For Windows 9

It is the login page of the App. You have to log in with a registered mail id. You can also log in by creating a username and a password. Click the Access button. It logs into the app and takes us to the homepage of the application.

TW VIEWER For Windows 10

This way we log in and access the homepage.

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

You have to come to the homepage and click the ‘Maintenance & Management’ column. It will guide you to the ‘Add Device’ option. The following page opens.

TW VIEWER For Windows 11

Fill in the Device name, IP address, username, password, and port No. After that press the Edit button. The device will be added.

When it connects to the device, the camera connected to that device appears on the screen.


The TW VIEWER App is a powerful and smart application. It is given for Windows and Android. The features are also mentioned here. You will also find here the complete installation process.

Logging in and the connection of the App with the devices are also dealt with in this article. These all are equipped with images for proper understanding.

Please share your responses to this article. If you have any issues regarding the installation of the app, please share them with us. We would love to help you resolve queries.

Thank You.

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