Download Free Lorex Home For PC [For Windows & Mac OS]

Lorex Home For PC is a computer-based application that allows us to monitor multiple cameras from far away locations. We have given here in the post the comprehensive analysis of this CMS. The link is given here in the download button form. It is in a compressed file.

You have got to unsqueeze it before installing the app. This app is given here for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. We have demonstrated here the full downloading and installation method for Windows OS.

We have given here every step to show you the process of installing the app. By seeing it and learning it, you’ll be able to do it yourself. The Lorex makes surveillance easier by connecting multiple devices.

What Is A CMS?

The Central Monitoring System is a program that allows us to observe numerous devices integrated at several locations. The CMS connects these devices through IPs. It may be simply monitored from remote locations. It provides the right management of the device from far-flung areas.

It provides the controlling and monitoring to the Head of the system. They can monitor and guide activities. CMS can edit, write, record, playback, and take pictures. The app is intended to give you full-fledged security.

All sensitive locations, organizations, safety points, roads, etc. are monitored by any CMS Wizards.   

Know About Lorex Home For PC

Lorex Home For PC 12

It is designed and manufactured by the globe fame CCTV company LOREX. The corporate office of the company is situated in Canada. Lorex started in Ontario, Canada. It is the first company in the world to launch 4K cameras. It is established in 1991, some 33 years back

The organization has many top-class products. This company contains a long list of network cameras. Its products are trusted and latest. This company gives 2 years warranty on their products. It also gives lifelong maintenance to its products. 

Its CMS is incredibly simple to download and install. It will record, playback, edit, operate, and access sounds. Suppose you have connected 8 devices to it. And suppose each device has 8 cameras hooked up to that.

It means that this CMS Wizard will show you 64 cameras at a time from any remote location. It’s extremely popular among CCTV users. It can show you more than 256 cams at a time.

Why Is LOREX App So Popular?

This Lorex Home For PC application is incredibly effective in the observance of cameras from remote areas. It captures great pictures. it’s several options that measure it top rated. It will show you multiple cameras at a time.

The app is given in a very compressed file. Decompress the file and install the computer code.  You can observe these cams from your workplace. It is made available by this application.

It will connect all the devices and permit you to observe on one screen. It is the wonder of this app. It will show you over three hundred cams at a time.

Features & Functions Of LOREX Wizard

This app has several top-class attributes. Here, we are giving you these distinguished functions to use this application at its best capability. It is vital to grasp these options. After we apprehend them, we will use them for the best performance.

The following are its important features

  • Lorex Home For PC 13It relays live videos. There is no time gap. 
  • The streaming provides continuity with the observance of cameras.
  • The application is capable enough to operate devices from remote areas.
  • It can record videos. You can record it on the device itself or the PCs. 
  • You jointly record videos in NVRs. You can also select the option to record videos on an online Cloud Server.
  • The app supports live video observance from any remote location
  • This app supports you to manage PTZ cameras from any remote location
  • You can record, zoom out, pan, and tilt with no issue
  • It can record activities for you, manage audio for you, show playbacks for you, take snaps for you, etc.
  • You can track the system by obtaining live views and accessing videos and audio.
  • It supports sensors
  • The app sends you messages and rings alarms for you to sense anything suspicious
  • It can trace motion and audio with the help of sensors
  • It is a two-way audio powered app
  • You can communicate to the fellow on the opposite side, thereby the cam side person.     

Download Lorex For Windows OS

The file is given in a zipped file folder. You have to unzip it to load on your Computers. Here, we have given the link button for the software for Windows OS. Click the link to get the application. 

We have got given below the complete installation method for Windows OS. It is jam-packed with diagrams. You can easily learn it from here and do it on other PCs. Click the link button to get it. 

Download LOREX For Mac OS

The link button for Mac is given below. Click the link to install LOREX on the Macintosh PC. The file is in a squeezed format. You got to un-squeeze it for the installation.

To know the installation process for Mac, you can refer to the section detailing it for Windows OS. The method is the same for Mac also.

Download LOREX For Android OS

Lorex Home For PC 11

If you would like to observe the device on an Android smartphone you have to get and install this application. The application is on the google play store. Install it. The next step is to scan the QR code for adding the device.

While scanning the device, follow the instructions prompted by the app. Therefore the device is going to be connected to the CMS. Cameras will appear on the screen. The link is given below.

Installation Of LOREX CMS Wizard For Windows OS

Here, we will install the LOREX Application. It is given here step by step. No step has been skipped. The CMS is installed and monitoring has been made possible in three steps. In the first step, we have demonstrated the installation process.

In the second step, you will learn to log in to the application. In the third step, we have illustrated adding the devices and monitoring cameras. We begin with the first step.

Step-1 Installation Of The CMS Wizard

We have the setup file in the form of a zipped format. We have to extricate the data to install the application. Double-click the application file. The window opens.

Lorex Home For PC 1

The ‘Lorex Application’ welcomes users. Press the next button. This page opens.

Lorex Home For PC 2

We have to select the path of the installation and the folder where we want to install the app. Select the path and the folder. After that press the next button.

Lorex Home For PC 3

Here, the app is ready to install. If you want to make any changes, press the back button. If everything is ok, press the ‘install’ button. The app takes only a few seconds to install the application.

Lorex Home For PC 4

When it will install completely, the new window page will notify you.

Lorex Home For PC 5

The following window opens. It indicates that the installation has been done. Press the ‘Finish’ button. the first step is completed.

Step-2 Log In The Software

To log in to the software, we have to double-click the installed app’s icon. The window opens this page.

Lorex Home For PC 6

Here, you have to give the Device’s IP address, port, username, and password. Fill in these details.

For logging in you can simply give the username and press the login. It will take you to the home page of the application.

Lorex Home For PC 7

You will reach the homepage.

Lorex Home For PC 8

Step-3 Adding Devices & Monitoring Cameras

For adding the device, go to the “Devices” icon of the application. Press the button. It will open the following window.

Lorex Home For PC 9

Here, you will have to fill in the given details. Fill them and press the ‘Add’ button. The device will connect and cameras will appear on the screen.

Lorex Home For PC 10

This way we connect the device and monitor cameras.


The Lorex Home application is given here in full detail. The link button is also given for Windows and Mac. Monitoring cams on Android smartphones is possible. The download button is given for mobile viewing also.

The complete installation process is done here to give clients an idea about it. It is done here for Windows OS. By following the same pattern we can do it for Mac also.

The Lorex software downloading, installation, and monitoring has been given to users. Please comment on your responses in the comment section.

Thank You. 

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