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The Botech For Windows CMS Wizard is an application that makes monitoring security gadgets possible on a solitary screen from a distant area. We are giving here in this article comprehensive detail about this application.

We have given here the link to this application on a download button form. The load button is in a compressed file format. You need to decompress it before installing it on PCs. It is given here for Windows OS and Mac OS. We have also given here the link button for Android OS. 

We have likewise given in this article the complete illustration for  Windows OS. You can view all the CCTV cameras with its help. It is given here step by step. Every step has been covered with a diagram. You can do it yourself by simply going through the installation process given here.

What Is A CCTV CMS Software?

The CMS is also known as the Content Management System. It can alter, record, playback, file, and so forth. It can upgrade your monitoring by showing you remote locations where you have installed your devices. The product can show you numerous sites easily.

The CMS files are often zipped files. For stacking it and introducing it on the PC, you need to un-squeeze it. These CMS documents are given for Windows OS and Mac OS. The App Wizard can connect gadgets from various areas. Suppose you have 10 sites.

All these sites are at a good distance away from one another. Every site has a device to monitor activities. Every device is connected with 12 CCTV cameras. It means there are 120 cameras to monitor.

It can only be made possible with the help of CMS Applications. An application can show more than 300 cams on a single screen at a time.           

Know About Botech Software

 It is a CCTV CMS Wizard. This Wizard is designed and developed by Botech Elektronik. It is a security surveillance company that has also a lot of software to monitor its devices.

This software is a modern Application. It can view our cameras in real-time. There is no time lag. The app can serve us hundreds of cams at a time.    

Features & Functions Of Botech Software

This App has countless noticeable attributes. These functions are remarkable. Know these functions to operate the app in a better way. 

  • Botech For Windows 11This application can easily run on wifi and 3G
  • Up to 10 live video transfer modes are available. Clients have a lot of choices
  • It relays live videos. There is no time lag
  • It shows you the real-time video. Monitoring is easy because of it
  • The application can record activities and playback them
  • PTZ controlling is possible with this app. The client can pan, tilt, and zoom cameras from any remote position.
  • The Wizard can take snaps, show playbacks
  • It can sense activities. It can sense motion and audio. It can send you alert messages, ring alarms for you to keep you vigilant 
  • The app supports two-way audio. With its help, you can pass any message to the person on the device end. 
  • You can also use it to horrify intruders and suspects
  • Advanced zoom can be performed by the application.
  • To add another gadget to this application scan the QR Code

Download Botech For Windows OS

Here, we are giving the download button. It is in a compact file. De-compress the file to install it on the PC. The installation process for Windows is also given in an illustrative form here. For that, you have to refer to that segment. 

There you will find step by step process. It will guide you to do it for Windows. By following a similar pattern you can do it for Macintosh OS also.

Download Botech For Mac OS

This application is not available for Macintosh. The company has not given the CMS to run and watch cameras on Macintosh. But, if you still want to monitor cameras on it, then you have to load Windows over Mac OS.

It can be done with the help of Android Emulator Bluestacks. It is a cross-platform application that can run on Mac PC to show you cams.  

Download Botech For Android OS

Botech For Windows 10

If you want to view devices on Android OS, then you have to load and install this application. The application is available on the Google Play Store. We have also given the link here in the loading button form.

Click the link to get it. To add the device, you have to scan the QR Code. Scan it and follow instructions to add the device. 

Installation Of Botech CMS Wizard For Windows

To install the app on windows, you need to get the Wizard. The application file is given in a compressed form. To install, we have to decompress it. 

The installation process and monitoring are given here in three steps. In the first step, we have to install the app, in the second step, we will go for log in to the app, in step-3, we will add the device and monitor cameras

Step-1 Installation of the Software

Here, we have to double click the application set up file. The file is in a compressed file form. Extract the file. Now the application opens the following window.

Botech For Windows 1

Here the app is asking you to read the license agreement. If you are happy and satisfied with the agreement, tick the ‘I accept’ icon. After that press the next button.

Botech For Windows 2

Here, you have to select the destination folder and the path of it. Make sure that you are chosen the path and folder where there is enough space to load it. After that press the ‘Install Button’. The following page will open

Botech For Windows 3

The installation will begin. It takes a few minutes to load the content. Multiple smaller files load before the installation is finished. When it empties all its content, it will inform you. A window will open that gives you the information that it is finished.

Botech For Windows 4

Press the ‘Finish’ button. The installation part is over.

The next step is that we have to log in to the application.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the application we open the icon. It opens with the following page.

Botech For Windows 4A

Here, you have to give a ‘Username’ and create a password. The username and password are of your choice.

Botech For Windows 4B

After creating the username and password of your choice, press the log-in button. The following page will open.

Botech For Windows 5

The App is asking you a few basic questions here. These are easy to answer and remember. These questions will come in handy when you forget the password. Press the login button.

Botech For Windows 7

The Homepage of the software will open. This way you have to log in to the application.

Now we reach the last step of the monitoring. In this step, we will add the device and monitor cameras.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitoring Cameras

To add the device, you have to open the Homepage of the Software. There, you will find the Device Management icon. Press that icon and the following window will open. Fill in the details.

Botech For Windows 8

You will have to give here the device name, device IP, Port, username and password. After filling in all these details, press the edit button. It will add the device. the following page will open.

Botech For Windows 9

This way the device will be added and you will monitor cameras. You can add as many devices as possible by following the same methodology.


Botech CMS Wizard has been explained here for Windows, Mac, and Android OS. We have also given the complete loading process. Every step has been covered. The detailed software and its features are also expressed. They will give the user a better perspective about it.

We have given this app in this post. There are so many other CMS applications you can find on our website. They may be useful to you and your friends.

Please notify us if you have any queries regarding the application. We will try to give you the best possible solution to it.

Thank You. 

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