Download Mobile Camera Viewer For PC Windows [8/10] & Mac

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC is a CMS that is used for monitoring multiple devices which are at different places. It joins various cameras and DVRs/NVRs with this Application and makes CCTV monitoring very easy. The best part of this application is that it empowers us with remote access. 

Here, we are giving you the Mobile Viewer App, for viewing on Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. These are given here in an encrypted file format. When you want to load these files, then you have to decompress them. You will find them in a download button form. To get them, double-click the button.

We have also given here the complete installation process. You will find step by step guide to install it on your computers. Diagrams are also given to properly guide users for its installation. It is done here for Windows PC. By following a similar pattern you can do it for Mac OS as well.

We have given here the CMS Wizard installation process in detail.

How Is A CMS Wizard Useful For Monitoring?

A CMS Wizard Application is known as Content Management System. It is a program that helps clients view many devices from their place. You can edit a file, view it, watch playbacks, take snaps, etc. from a CCTV monitoring CMS. 

It can interface with numerous cameras all at once. Suppose you have 10 places where you have installed CCTV Cameras. At every place, 12 cameras are installed. Now, you want to view these cameras from your office on a single screen. Your office is in a faraway place.

There are 120 cameras to monitor. Here CMS plays an important part and gives you a platform where you can add all your devices. You can watch even more than 512 cameras from your place with its help.

Mobile Viewer For Windows & Mac OS

It is an application that is designed and manufactured by EXTCAM Company. It is an IT company that is designing apps for many years. This association has viable involvement with arranging and passing end-to-end IT Infrastructure and security systems.

Its work sphere encompasses corporate internet availability, telephony, CCTV apps, retail Wifi arrangements, etc. 

This application can relate to various gadgets by identifying their IPs. We can get them from far away regions. You can watch cameras on Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. The Mobile camera app is available in a squeezed file format. you have to unsqueeze them before installation.

Features Of Mobile Viewer For PC Software

This application has numerous noticeable elements. To know these attributes are important. When we know these qualities, we can use them in the operation of the App. 

  • Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 12It gives us a live view. There is no time lag. You always find devices showing in real-time
  • The application can work for PTZ cameras from any remote place. The application helps you in doing panning, tilting, and zooming. It makes the operation and monitoring easier
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You can see everything.
  • Whenever night mode is on you get clear and bright pictures
  • It can playback, record, preserve and take snaps for you
  • Records every activity. You can watch the recording, see the clippings, and take snaps. It keeps you secure by recording every movement.
  • The two-way audio makes the client all the safer. The client can talk with someone on the device end, pass a message, and even shock a gatecrasher by shouting at him or by raising alerts.
  • It can push messages and raise alarms by realizing any threat
  • The resolution of the application is okay. It gives you a clean image
  • The CMS supports sensors. With the help of these sensors, the CMS alerts us understanding any danger through sound and movement

Download Free Mobile Viewer For Windows OS

Thus app is given here free for you. You can download it. It is given here in an encrypted file format. To load it on your PC you have to unsqueeze it first. The Mobile Viewer for the Windows app installation process is given below.

You can refer to that column for a detailed analysis. There are three steps that you have to understand. Step-1 is the Installation part, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding the Device part. Follow the steps and it will take you to monitoring cameras.

Download Free Mobile Viewer For Mac OS

We are giving here the download button for getting the app. This button is specifically allocated to Mac OS. You have to tap the button to install the Mobile Camera Viewer For Mac OS. It is in a zipped file format. Unzip it to make it run on Mac PC. 

Download Free Mobile Viewer For Android OS

It is given here for the Android Application. It is free to use for every user. The download button is given below. By clicking the button you can get the link to get this application. The app is accessible on the google play store. Search the wizard and install it on your smartphone.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 11

After installing the application you have to add it to the device. for that scan the QR Code of the device. Your app will access it and connect the device after a few steps. This way you can view this gadget on your android smartphone. 

How To Install Free Viewer For Windows OS

It is not difficult to install the app on Windows PC. here we will give you step by step process to install, log in and add the cam. 

Here, we will help you in showing every step with diagrams. It is done in three straightforward steps. In the first step, you will go for installing it. in the second step, you will have to do the login part. In the third step, go for the adding and monitoring of the device. This way cameras will appear on your mobile screen.

Step-1 Installation Of Mobile viewer App For Windows OS

Double click the setup app. The following window will appear on the screen

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 1

It will ask you to select the language. Here, we select the ‘English’ language. Select it and press the OK button.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 2

Here, this window will open in the camera setup viewer. The moment we press the ‘next’ button, it will guide us to the next window.

Mobile Caamera Viewer For PC 3

This window is asking for selecting the location. Give it a path and select a folder, where you want to keep the content. After selecting the file location, press the ‘Installation’ button.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 4

The installation begins instantaneously. It takes only a few seconds to load the full content. Once it is finished, it will notify you with a message.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 5

Press the ‘Finish’ button. The installation part is over. This way we install this application.

Now, we move on to the next level. In this step, we will log in to the app.

Step-2 Log In The Application

To log in to the application, we have to double-click the icon of the app.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 6

You have to sign in to the app. You can sign in with your email id and password. You can also create a user id and password separately. After that press the ‘sign in’ button.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 7

The following window will open. It is the Homepage of the application.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 8

This way we become able to log in to the application.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

On the homepage, click the ‘Device management icon. It will open a window where you have to fill in the device Ip and other detail.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 9

Fill in the IP address. port number, device name, username, and password. After that press the ‘Finish’ button. Cameras will appear on the screen.

Mobile Camera Viewer For PC 10

This way we monitor the camera on the application. The installation process is over.


The Mobile CMS Wizard Application is explained for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. It is also demonstrated step by step on Windows OS. The links to download the app for Mac, Windows, and Android are given in the download button form.

This article has given the app explanation. Please respond in the comment section. We will try to update it from time to time.

Thank You. 

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    1. Software username, password is same as mobile app username and passwword, So you registered on mobile.
      Secondly while configuring it is ask for username and password, which is device username ans password.

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