Download Free Axiztron For PC [Windows 78/10] & Mac OS

Axiztron For PC is a deep CMS that is used for monitoring. It combines different gadgets and devices with this Application and gives you CCTV views from your location. Here, we are providing you with the records of Axiztron for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS.

These are given here in an encrypted file format. You need to decompress these files to get them to load on your PCs. We have given here the information about the Axiztron app free of cost. Download them for Windows, Mac, and Android.

These are given here in a download button format. Click them to get them The article will explain to you as well as communicate with you about this CMS Wizard.

We have given this clear and noteworthy CCTV camera software app to give clients access to their CCTV camera installed sites from a remote location. 

We have also given here in this post the total illustration steps to comprehend and learn how we are going to make the installation on Windows PC. Go through the whole article before going for the installation on any other PC.

 What Is A CMS Application and How Does It Function?

A CMS Wizard Application system is known as Content Management System. It is a program that assists clients with many tools. You can edit, view, playback, and operate multiple devices. The CMS is so potent that it can empower you with all these features and functions. It is in a zipped file format. It is safe to use and monitor activities.      

It is an intriguing and fundamental CMS programme that is made to monitor devices and organize our electronic security surveillance. It gives us Live View, Playback, Recording and can be accessed from any remote place. The application gives us a clear association process for the clients to run it on their PCs as well as on their smartphones.

It can connect many cameras at a time. The CMS gives us the benefit that we are accessing many gadgets from it at a time. You can see 256 cameras and even more all at once with this application.

What Is An Axiztron For PC?

It is an application that is designed by Worldtags PTE Ltd. It is an IT company, that was established in 2016. This organization has practical experience in planning and conveying end-to-end IT Infrastructure and security frameworks.

For example, Corporate Internet connectivity, Telephony, Network CCTV, offices & retail Wifi solutions, Cabling, etc. come under its purview. It is a Singapore-based company.  

This application can associate numerous gadgets by acknowledging their IPs and we can get to them from far-off areas. You can see them through Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. It is given in zipped file format. Download them and de-compress them for your PCs.

Features Of Axiztron For Windows OS & Mac OS

This application has many prominent features. To know them is important. When we know these functions, then we can use them for operation. Functions and features of the application make users powerful in tracking and monitoring.

  • Axiztron For PC 13It gives us a live view without a time lag
  • It gives you the option to select a user-defined user name and password
  • The application can work for PTZ cameras from a remote location. The application assists you in panning, tilting, and zooming the gadget. It makes the surveillance simpler.
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. You can see everything. 
  • When night mode is on you get clear and translucent images
  • It can playback, record, monitor,  and catch suspects for you.
  • Record live view genuinely. You can watch the recording, see the clippings, and take snaps. It keeps us secure by saving every movement. 
  • The two-way audio makes the client all the more secure. The client can speak with somebody on the gadget end, pass a message, and even shock an intruder by yelling at him or by raising alarms.
  • This product application has the feature that it can send pushup messages, and alarms to the client.
  • The resolution of the app is great. It gives you a very detailed image
  • The CMS governs sensors. With the assistance of these sensors, the CMS cautions us realizing any threat through sound and motion

Download Free Axiztron For Windows OS

It is given here free for you. You can download it. It is given here in a compressed file To get it on your Windows Computer extract the files first. You can easily install the app. It is given here in a comprehensive manner.

There are three stages you need to follow. Step-1 is the Installation part, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding the Device part. Follow the details and you will be able to do it for your PCs as well.

Download Free Axiztron For Mac OS

We are furnishing you with everything about this application for Mac OS. Here, a download button is given. You need to tap the download button to get the document. The document is in a crushed configuration format. You need to un-squeeze it to load and install it for your Mac PC.

Download Free Axiztron Application For Android OS

Axiztron For PC 12

It is given here for the Android Application. It is free to use for every client. Below is a download button that carries the link. The app is available on the google play store. You need to get to tap the button to open the file. Load it on your smartphone.

After loading the file, you can connect with the device by scanning the QR Code. After that, it will prompt certain instructions. Follow them to get the device to appear on your smartphone

How To Install Free Axiztron For Windows OS Application?

It is easy to do. Here, we will teach you the step-by-step guide to do it on PC. It is done in three simple steps. All these steps are demonstrated for you. The first thing you have to do is to go far loading the file. Extricate it and run the setup file.

Step-1 Installation Of Axiztron Software On Windows

When we run the setup file, the first step it asks us to do is to agree with the agreement. Read the agreement and when you are satisfied with it, press the Next button.

Axiztron For PC 1

This page will open for you.

Axiztron For PC 2

Here, you will have to give the path and select the folder. Select them and press the install button. The moment you push the button, it begins to install.

Axiztron For PC 3

Once it is finished with the installation part, press the Installation button.

Axiztron For PC 4

Now the installation step is finished.

We will move to the next step where we will do the login part.

Step-2 Log In The Application

Click the icon of the app, the following page will come.

Axiztron For PC 5

Here we have to create a user name and a password. Always try to create a password that is hard to crack.

Axiztron For PC 6

We have created ‘admin’ as User Id, and ‘Admin@123’ as password. Put them on their respective columns and press the Login button.

Axiztron For PC 7

The next window will open for you. It will ask you a few simple questions to verify your id. Reply to them and press the login button again.

Axiztron For PC 8

We reach the home page of the application. It shows all its features. Now we will go for adding the device or devices with it.

Step-3 Add The Device & monitor Cameras

In this step, we will add the device. For that, we open the Homepage of the application and select the Device Management option to view live cameras. We reach the camera monitoring page to add the device.

Axiztron For PC 10

Put in all the things here, the domain name, IP address of the device, id, and password. And then press the add button.

Axiztron For PC 11

The moment we press the add button, the device connects with the application and the camera appears on the screen.

This way we will install, add cameras and monitor the system.


The Axiztron software is explained in this article here. It is given for Windows, Mac, and Android. The download links are also furnished for them. Download links are given in the download button format.

Click them and you will get it. The installation process, logging in to the app, and adding the camera are also explained with diagrams. It is tried to make it as user-friendly as possible.

I hope that it would help you. Please suggest your opinion about the post and if it was helpful in the comment section.

Thank you.

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