Download Free DVR Connect For PC Windows OS & Mac OS

DVR Connect For PC is a CMS Wizard. Here in this article, we are going to give you a complete analysis of this software. It will help you in understanding how this application functions.

It is also going to explain how you are going to view many cameras on screen. This app connects different devices with it and allows you to monitor those devices from remote locations. 

Here, we are going to provide you with this DVR Connect for Windows OS, Mac OS, and Android OS. it’s excellent software for watching several devices from any distant place on the screen. The CMS Wizard given here has files in an encrypted format.

You have to extricate them before loading and installing them on your PC. There are separate download buttons for Windows, Mac, and Android.

Here, we’ve given the detail regarding the Connect Application. The article will also give you an illustrative guide to installing the app on your Windows OS. The illustrative method is given here. Go step by step, learn it, and do it yourself on different PCs. 

What Is A CMS Wizard & What Are Its Benefits?

A CMS has a full form as a “Content Management System.” It manages and publishes web pages for you. It can search, edit, store, retrieve, index, format, publish, etc. functions for you. 

CMS Wizard for security surveillance is a fascinating and essential CMS programming app created to facilitate the monitoring of CCTV Cameras. 

It will connect several cameras with it at a time. The CMS offers this facility to connect several gadgets with it. You’ll be able to see more than 350 cameras on the screen at a time.

What Is A DVR Connect For PC Software?

DVR Connect For PC 3

This software is designed and manufactured by Clinton Electronics. It is an American Security surveillance company that has many electronic security products. The company came into existence in 1963. The company has a mission to create great products and make lives easier. 

This software is designed to add multiple devices to it. To monitor those sites where security surveillance devices are installed you have to resort to this application. It gives you a remote vision of all those sites on a single screen on your PC.

Features & Functions Of DVR Application

This CMS Wizard App has several quality functions. It helps us in obtaining many functions and as a result, operate them for seamless monitoring. When we are not sure about these attributes, we are also not able to function with them. Following are some of its important features.

  • DVR Connect For PC 2It functions in real time. There is no time lag.
  • Gives us live streaming. The app has functions that auto-correct network issues to provide us with seamless views
  • The application gives us the liberty to operate PTZ devices from remote locations. We can pan, tilt, and zoom the device by sitting in our offices. 
  • This top-class monitoring gives us maximum security
  • Night Vision is sharp and clear. you can see clearly in the darkness of the night. It empowers us by avoiding threats and ruling out dull views 
  • It can record, playback, and take snaps from anyplace
  • It can detect sound and motion with the help of sensors.
  •  The two-way audio makes the user all the more powerful. 
  • The user can speak with someone on the opposite side where the cam is integrated. This function is used even to frighten an interloper by yelling at him or raising an alert.
  • This app is intelligent and sensible. It pushes messages and plays alarms when sensing anything suspicious
  • The resolution of the app is nice. It gives clear images
  • The Sensors are active in this CMS. With the help of these sensors, the app alerts the user.

Download Free Connect For Windows OS

It is given here for free. There is a download button given. Click the button to get the setup file for Windows. The file is given in a compressed file format. De-compress it and install it on your computer. Everything regarding the loading and installation is given explicitly.

You will find here in this post that we have shown the full installation process in various diagrams. There are 3 stages you wish to follow. Step-1 is the Installation of the file, step-2 is the Login part, and Step-3 is the Adding of the device and monitoring of cameras.

Download Free DVR Connect For Mac OS

The company has not designed this application for Connect For Mac OS. If you still want to monitor cameras from a Macintosh PC, then you have to download Windows OS on a Macintosh Computer. This way you’ll be able to monitor.

Another way to view cameras on the PC is that download Android OS on Mac OS with the help of Bluestacks. This way you can surveillance devices from the Mac system.

Download the Free Connect For PC Application For Android OS

It is given here for the Android OS Application. You’ll get here the link for this app in the download button format. Click the link to get it. This application is available at the google play store. To load it and installing it on a PC is not difficult.

After the installation, you have to log in to the app and add the camera. you can log in to the app by mail id. For adding the device scan the QR Code and navigate through the functions to connect the device.

Install DVR Connect For Windows OS

To install the application on Windows PC, you have to double-click the application setup. It is given in an encrypted file format. Extract it and load it on your PC. Then after that, you have to install this application.

It is done in three steps. In the first step, you have to install the CMS. In the second step, you have to Log In to the app. In the third step, you have to add the device and monitor cameras. Let’s begin with step one.

Step-1 Installation Of The Application

To install the app, you have to open the icon. It opens the following window for us.

DVR Conn setup 1

Here the app will welcome you. The setup file is ready. Press the next button to move on.

DVR Conn setup 2

It will take a path and select a folder to install files. If you are ready with the path and folder location, then press the Next button

DVR Conn setup 3

It will further ask us to select a shortcut for the desktop and create a quick link icon. If you want to keep this icon, tick these boxes or else untick them. Press next after that.

DVR Conn setup 4

Now the new window will notify you that the CMS Wizard is ready to install the application. Press the Install button. It will automatically install the app. in a few minutes.

DVR Conn setup 5

When the installation is finished you will see that a window will open and intimate you.

DVR Conn setup 6

Press the ‘Finish’ button. This way you have to install the app.

Step-2 Log In The CMS Wizard

To log in to the CMS, the first step will ask you to create a password.

DVR Con log in 7

After creating the password, press the next button. Create a password that is a strong one.

When you press the next button the home page of the device will appear. Your created password is the login password.

DVR Con log in 8

This way we log in to it.

Step-3 Add The Device & Monitor Cameras

When you are on the home page, open the Add Device icon. The window will open where you have to fill in the detail.

Adding device 9

Put in the IP address, give it the Domain name. Fill in the username and password. By default, the username is ‘admin’.

Adding device 10

This way we monitor these cameras.

We can add as many devices as possible by following the same process.


This CMS Wizard Application is from the Clinton Electronics. It is an intelligent application. It is given here for Windows, Mac, and Android. The file was given here in a compressed file. De-compressed it to install it. This article also guides you to install it for Windows.

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