Download Night Owl Pro for PC CMS on Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

Night Owl Pro for PC CMS provides us with remote access to Windows PCs. This application is designed for security surveillance. It is the latest and trendy App.

The Night Owl Pro for PC Software is detailed, defined and illustrated here. This post demonstrates the entire procedure in three distinct steps.

The CMS App is shared in the form of a download button. The executable files are in a squeezed format. The user has to decompress these files to install them on a Windows PC.

The Night Pro App for PC’s installation up to monitoring is taken into three steps. These steps are as follows.

Step 1 is for the installation of the Night Pro Owl Application. Step 2 deals with the login to the software part. Step 3 separately mentions the addition of the device and its monitoring part.

How to Benefit from CCTV Surveillance Apps?

The CCTV Surveillance Applications are highly useful. These are used to connect CCTV Cameras and monitor sites from far away locations. 

The surveillance software has many security features. It can sense the movement and sound. Thus, it alerts users of any dubious movements and suspicious people. It also pushes messages and rings alarm signals to warn users of threats.

The Application helps in passing messages and receiving them. The two-way audio feature is good for safety and alertness. Sensing any threat you can raise alarms and chase away them. 

You get a live view of the events, no matter how far you are from your location. It keeps you aware of activities. 

You are away but still connected with your people and property. It gives you the option to expand and move around. It saves your time and increases productivity.  

These are some of the helpful features of the security surveillance apps. 

Know About the Night Owl Pro for PC CMS


The Night Owl Pro for Windows App is designed and marketed by Night Owl Company. It is an American CCTV company that has a worldwide presence. 

The company has all the security surveillance devices like NVRs, DVRs, IP Cameras, HD Cameras, Doorbells, etc. Their durability and services are top-rated. 

This software is trendy and latest. It gives you access to your devices from anywhere in the world. You can share messages and receive conversations. Get alert signals whenever any doubtful person or activity is tracked. 

Additionally, you can take snaps and check recordings from remote locations. You are always present at your location through online existence and monitor your employees, relatives, and work.  

Features and Functions of Night Owl CMS App 

The functions are important to know to operate the application. When we know less, we do less. To use it at an optimal level, we are giving here its main characteristics.

  • It supports 3G/4G or Wi-Fi network. You can access these devices from anywhere in the world. It gives you a connection to your locations and mental peace.
  • The live view is remarkable. There is no time lag. Things are in real-time. Events taking place and you getting views have almost zero time difference. 
  • The advanced technology flows seamlessly and gives us video without any interruption.
  • You can add multiple Video Recorders and Cameras with this app and monitor them from various other platforms.
  • The 2-way audio is an interesting security feature. It allows us to communicate two-way. You can pass any message or receive them. You can also alert them sensing any threat. 
  • You can chase away any dangerous situation or person by yelling at the culprit.
  • The motion and audio are detected. You can set an alert zone against any transgression. Any unwelcome person is alerted and alarmed. 
  • The user can check playbacks and click photos from their remote areas. 
  • The user can easily operate CCTV Devices from faraway locations. They can handle PTZ cameras and zoom or tilt them. 
  • You can adjust DVR or NVR settings. You can also modify Camera settings.

Install Night Owl Pro for Windows CMS on Windows PC

The Night Owl Pro for Windows App installation process and link button are shared here. The link button is given in a button form with the compressed file format.

Click the button to get the file. The installation process is thoroughly demonstrated in three vital steps. These steps include the installation, login to the app and adding to the camera part.

The illustrative images and the to-the-point narration are defined below. It is given in an easy way to be understandable even to laymen.

Install Night Owl Pro for Mac CMS on Macintosh PC

The company has not given the CMS for Mac OS. But if you want to monitor on a Macintosh PC, then you can do it with the help of BlueStacks. It is an Android App that converts Android software into Mac PC. 

After downloading it, you can go the same way as suggested in the Windows installation system. This way you be able to load and witness Night Owl Pro for Mac OS on the Computer.

Download and Setup Night Owl Pro CMS on Windows OS

It is given in a three-step model here. These steps are defined one by one. Go through them and get the complete installation part.

Step 1- Install Night Pro on a Windows PC

Click the button and get the file. Decompress it to install on a Windows PC.

This is the first page of the CMS software. It is known as the welcome page.


Press the next button to get the next step.

This is the page where you have to give files a path and folder.


Give the files a path and select a folder. Keep in mind that the folder must be empty. It must not contain any other file. When you have selected the path and the folder, press the next button for the next action.

The new page appears on the screen.


This window is indicating that the software will use the following folder to contain its shortcut files. It will take the folder automatically. If you are satisfied with the folder, press the next button.

If you want to change the folder for the shortcut folder, then browse and select the requisite folder. Then click the next button for a new window.

This is the new page.


This page asks you about the desktop icon and additional tasks. If you want a desktop icon or to create a quick launch icon, tick the two boxes or as per your choice. After that, press the next button.

This window surfaces.


It says that the application files are ready to install. The moment you play the Install button, it will begin to load the application.

Press the ‘Install’ button for your next action.


This page shows that the app is loading its contents. When it is finished it will highlight this message.

The page shows that the app is installed successfully.

We move to the next step. It is for the login to the Night Pro App.

Step 2- Sign in to the App

When you open the installed CMS, this page surfaces. It is the login page.


To log into the app, we require the User ID and the Password.

You can create an ID and Password. By default, company has given a user ID and password. You can use them for login and if you want, you can create your own.

User ID- admin

Password- “blank” (No password)


Apply the sign-in process and move to the next step.

This step is for device addition and watching cameras from remote locations.

Step 3- Device Addition for Monitoring on Windows PC from Remote Location

This is the homepage of the CMS Software.


Add different cameras or security devices by their respective IPs or serial numbers. You can also automatically add these cameras by clicking the add button.

After that all the cams will connect with the device and you can watch them on a Windows PC screen.


This way you will connect various cameras and watch them from anywhere in the world.


The Night Owl Pro for PC CMS App is defined and demonstrated in this post. The downloading to the installation to monitoring process is shared with images.

The Night Owl Pro for Windows or Night Owl Pro for Mac Files are given in the form of a download button format for you. Press the button to get the files. Go through the installation and setup procedures.

If you have queries regarding the app or procedures, do mention them in the comment section. We love to respond to them.

Thank you.

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