One of the best ever tool that must have for CCTV Integrator- CCTV video Tester

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Today I am going to describe one of the best devices that every CCTV integrator must have. The device comes with name CCTV Tester, it has a display unit which allows a camera to display image without DVR.

This device comes has various type depend on technology.

  1. Analog CCTV video Tester – which Display only analogue Camera
  2. AHD CCTV video Tester- which display only AHD camera
  3. 3 IN 1 CCTV video tester- This tester comes in the year 2017 in the market which displays AHD, Analogue, and CVI Camera
  4. 4 in 1 CCTV Video Tester- This also comes in 2017 which display AHD, Analogue, CVI and TVI camera
  5. 5 in 1 CCTV Video tester- this tester comes in the year 2018 in the market which displays AHD, Analogue, CVI /TVI and IP camera

Now let’s talk about how this device work and how useful is it. It allows you the quick and efficient setting of your cameras, you simply plug the camera on the specified port, and once a camera is connected you get the image on display. There is no need to give external power, this device has built-in power.

For Connection of IP camera- You simply connect the camera to POE Port, this device support ONVIF Camera, so please change your camera protocol to ONVIF before connecting to the tester, when you connect a camera to the POE Port and camera is on ONVIF protocol then it starts scanning and images displayed on the screen.

This device has various built-in IP tool.

  1. IP Scan tool- this automatically scan IP of Camera
  2. Network Cable TESTER- it automatically checks connection and colour sequencing of cable.
  3. POE Test- it measures POE Voltage and sees the cable pin connection means which to pin have DV power.

This Device comes with specification as follows-

  1. UTP Cable tester Port
  2. Micro SD Card Slot
  3. Audio input and Output
  4. HDMI Output
  5. Video Output
  6. Input port for Analogue/AHD/CVI/TVI Camera
  7. Output 12V 2 Amp and 5V.
  8. 2 RJ 45 Port (Test POE Switch, LAN)
  9. Built-in  Wi-Fi


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