Language Translator : Traveling China, Hub of CCTV, without Chinese Language problem- A personal Agent.

Meet Ili. New language translator.

Hi, friends today I come with new language translator based on latest technology gadget, the gadget is language converter. As you all know this website is all about CCTV Camera, As China is one of the major sources of production of CCTV camera and its accessories but it is quite difficult to learn Chinese. This gadget is very helpful to those who visit China regularly. it simply converts your own voice into Chinese, you simply said any word or sentence in English it will convert that word or sentence to Chinese.This language translator work on voice recognition system which converts the input voice into desired voice using a processor.

Language translator

This device is come in many other languages, apart from Chinese it will convert your English voice in Spanish and Japanese also. you can buy this from its online store. Watch video

                                                                                                                                           Third-party video

The cost of this gadget is $ 199 USD.the size of this gadget is 4.8”L X1.3”W X 0.5 “ H and weight of this device  is 42 gm, when you purchase this device you get box as enclosure, In that box device, micro USB cable, manual, ili guidebook and  neck strap. It is a chargeable device with 10 days of backup, the battery will fully charge in 3 hours. The warranty for this device is one year. If you book online company will ship only to US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong and Shipping Charge will be extra. It is a one-way communication device. This device is tested, when you visit the website you will see a lot of positive reviews. it is the best device for entrepreneur and traveller who visit lot across the country. It is one-way communication device because it is found that 80% of people prefer one-way communication. The more important thing about this device is that it is not internet dependent website. It is a very special feature of this device that makes it so unique.

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