5 Best CCTV Surveillance Wifi Cameras That You Should Use Once

The CCTV surveillance market growing fast and everyone needs a camera to monitor their home and working place. It is quite obvious that so many companies launching their new products day by day and wants to hold customers. Here, we are going to discuss some good quality wireless “CCTV surveillance” camera which is easy to install and affordable.

We must have used at least one time these products because nowadays CCTV surveillance is not at all a comfort product now it is a basic need of all types of business, offices, homes etc.

It decreases the risk of stealing situations everywhere in your businesses, theft of residential areas. One of the foremost concerns advantages of video surveillance is the real-time footage possible as and when required for business keepers. 

CCTV camera footage is particularly important if a crime is assigned either indoors your shops, offices, residential assumptions or around it. The existence of CCTVs in your premises is therefore not only advantageous for your representatives and your business, but also the neighbourhood.

 A surveillance cctv camera can provide sufficient evidence in such circumstances to determine the incident by providing a decent resolution.

List of some good wifi CCTV surveillance camera

1. Nest Security Camera

CCTV surveillanceCCTV surveillanceCCTV surveillance

See every detail 24/7.

Look after home 24/7 in crisp 1080p HD, day and night.

With Nest Aware: Add 24/7 continuous recording for 10 or 30 days.

Alerts on your phone.

See who’s there, listen in and speak up to get their attention.

With Nest Aware: Get person alerts. And know when someone’s there.

See what you missed.

Review photos of activity from the last three hours in Sightline for free.

With Nest Aware: Speed through days of video in seconds. And quickly find key moments.

Google launching a very new product for the home security name as nest it has a mid-range 180degree outdoor indoor camera you can use it as wireless as every place there are your wifi reaches. The nest first inbuilt floodlight camera.

The new nest camera is quite large than the older nest and upgraded some features like the magnet is much strong, you will feel very happy during attaching the camera with the magnet. It is more flexible in hanging/installation, another difference is that now you can use this camera with a battery.

cctv surveillance 1

Installing the NEST is very easy with only two hooks dill on the wall and fix the magnet of the NEST, and download the Google Gome APP instead of the older nest app and connect to the APP.

The video quality is quite better, throughout the day the updated NEST is significantly good but at the night both have the same quality of an image. The camera does perform better in all comparisons in very low light.

2. Arlo Pro 2 by NETGEAR CCTV surveillance

Best Wifi Camera

Here the next surveillance camera is Netgear Arlo Pro 2 this is the world number one selling DIY home security camera system. One of the biggest updates of this camera is now shooting on 1080p the image quality will surprise you. And also you can set the activity zone in which you can select the area that you want to detect for the motion sensor.

Lookback is one of the main features in these updates seldom miss the beginning of what’s occurring with motion. Suppose something happens that you didn’t see actually what is happening, With a lookback, it now buffers 3 seconds so when a motion is triggered it will now apprehend the motion at three-second. 

The biggest thing about these cameras is that you don’t need to run the wiring so you don’t need a professional to come and install the set-up of your camera.

cctv surveillance 2


Free and Secure Cloud Storage

The free Arlo Basic subscription plan lets you add up to 5 Arlo cameras and gives you access to recordings from the past 7 days*.

For more information on 7 days of Free Cloud Recordings, please visit the official website.

Arlo Pro 2 | Security Camera System with Siren

2 Camera Kit

  • 100% Wire-Free
  • 1080p HD
  • Rechargeable
  • Wire-Free or Plugged In
  • Weather-Resistant
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Night Vision
  • Free Cloud Recordings
  • Local Backup Storage
  • Works with Amazon Alexa

Unique Features of Arlo Pro 2

Best Wifi Camera Best Wifi Camera Best Wifi Camera Best Wifi Camera

1080p HD Resolution and Advanced Motion Detection

Watch and record crisp HD videos in more detail than ever before. Wide-angle PIR motion sensors make sure no movement goes unnoticed.

3-Second Lookback

Capture activity 3 seconds before a triggered event so you’ll always know what happened, from start to finish. Available when plugged in and used indoors.

Activity Zones

Highlight areas in your camera’s view where you want to receive motion and sound alerts. Available when plugged in and used indoors.

Optional 24/7 CVR

Upgrade to keep nonstop recordings in the cloud when the camera is plugged in and used indoors.

3. Samsung SNH-V6410PN SmartCam Pan/Tilt Full HD CCTV surveillance 

Now introducing the Samsung net smart cctv camera it very easy to install within a minutes, the camera records automatically with full HD quality you will not miss a single detail. It also has BLC (backlight compensation) technology, with it you will no longer remain in the dark. That goes anything detected automatically. 

You can also connect your smartphone and get the live notification on mobile. When the light goes off the smart camera will automatically work on night mode, using built-in infrared LED lights the smart camera provides a crystal picture all night.

It also has a micro-sd card slot, by inserting it you can store your precious picture/footage, you can see anything from anywhere through your mobile with lens distortion correction. 


4. Logitech Circle Wireless HD Video Battery Powered CCTV Surveillance Camera

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